13,035 ORIGINAL Scripture Words NOT translated???

God destroy Bibles?

Is man STILL crucifying God’s Word and TRUTH?

I have stumbled upon something that I have found to be absolutely astonishing and possibly even HORRIFYING.

I have been deeply studying the original, Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic words of scripture and found something that amazes me.

There are a WHOPPING 13,035ยน original words of scripture that WERE NOT TRANSLATED.

No, that’s not a type or a mistake!  (You find out yourself by downloading this powerful and free program that allows you to study the original words from the WLC “codex”.)

How could this occur? 

What is in these 13,035 completely absent original Words God gave us?

Aren’t EACH and EVERY one of God’s words important?

I believe they are and what God is revealing in the original words are very, very, powerful.



My words can’t begin to describe the magnitude of God’s awesome plan he reveals in his original words of scripture and makes known via the LIVING Word within us!

But, they also reveal something that appears dark and sinister….until he again reveal the bigger plan/truth….

Nearly all of what we have been taught and continue to be taught about God in the “Christian religion” (or ANY religion including MINE if I put you under one) is not the REAL or “highest” truth!

Religion as we know it is the “Left hand” of the law that serves death to us.  It is being “under the law” without Gods power to fulfill it.  This is TRUE death! Col 2:23

On one “hand” “Religion” means you must do to obtain from God.  It does not matter how “righteous” this “doing” appears. It can be “Bible study”, “church attendance” or even “prayer”.  Motive of the heart is the key.  An honest answer to the question of “Why do you do these things?” will reveal it.  There is one man who spoke strongly of “Religion” and that is James.  He was put to death in Acts 12:2 because he was under law and taught the fulfillment of law as works.  On the other “hand”, Pure Truth is when “you” fully “die” or fully surrender to him completely.  Then, you just “behold” him and watch him do it in and through you!  You and your life is merely a “vessel” or a container of his glorious being and POWER!  Job 4:19, Luke 10:42, 2 Cor 4:7, 1 Cor 2:5   This is DEATH to self and all forms of “religion” but also LIFE, his life flowing from within.  Through our ongoing death (surrender to him fully) both HE and our true self lives!  2 Cor 4:10   This “death” occurs both ongoing in “bits and pieces” resulting in bursts of true LIFE from within and in the end after FULL death will result in FULL LIFE.  True eternal life manifesting in us is really what we see as “death” and is very good, but none of us like it’s outer and initial process of darkness.  It’s going to hurt at times and be very dark and scary but will end in life and righteousness.  This is merely the “Eve”ning before the “dawn” (of light inside!) Remember the two “hands” both “left” and “right”? Now, how many “hands” do you have?  Both a “left” and a “right”, correct?   Do you see the mystery of God is BOTH “death” and “life” working together as a higher, unrevealed one?  This occurs personally for us in “12” (marriage of “one” and “two”) but corporately in “24” (where the two parts of his body are “married”).  So, in the words of Thomas “the twin” in John 11:16 let’s get going in our “death” with him (so we can have true life with him), shall we?

True religion is through the “right hand” of God and man alone can NOT implement.  Only Jesus, the High Priest of us all can.  Hebrews 4:14-16

And he is… inside each and everyone of us.

The Death Part

This may sound like I am crazy, but I can assure you I am not.  If you met me in person, you would not know I wrote any of this at all. Now, I need to talk about a serious matter to the “church folks”.  Mainly to the pastors and teachers but also to the ones who worship them.

(Do you know how many times I have been “corrected” by a well-meaning “mature Christian” with words like “you really need to go listen to what so-and-so idolized church teacher said or says”?  They actually want me to believe and follow what THEY say over what the Lord teaches me directly from scripture itself! I am getting better at handling this as I too am a “death (and hidden LIFE) in progress”.)

So, Bible Teachers, lets ask ourselves some HARD Questions (that may set us free!)

Have we been “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness”?  If so, we may want to pay attention to these strong words from Paul.

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them Romans 2:18-19

That little phrase “who suppress the truth in unrighteousness” is speaking to my heart right now.   Have we been suppressing the truth for thousands of years by ignoring many of God’s actual, original words he gave us?

They don’t even appear in any English Bibles at all!

Also, did you notice where Paul says the truth is evident?

Sorry, this is going to STING when I stick the needle in

Is the truth…

In a Church building?

In or from a pulpit?

From a book?

From “more prayer”?

From more “volunteering” or “trying harder”?

(I am all for “trying hard” and “working hard”, but there comes a time when that doesn’t work and we stop and examine our motives for “trying harder”.  Are we really trusting God and living in faith?)

Or is the truth within us?  ALL of us (and not just those that “believe”) Col 3:11

Is it time we start looking there?   Aren’t we getting tired of “trying harder”?

So, what about all the words of truth that are being “suppressed in unrighteousness“?

Could this verse apply to those of us who are the teachers now, today?  (A study of Matthew 23 is a good check of our hearts)

Should we be concerned about this?  Let’s look at the words of Revelation 22:19

and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book Rev 22:19

Aren’t those strong words?  Doesn’t this sound very important?  Like something we should truly investigate thoroughly?

Didn’t we “take away” 13,035 original WORDS that God gave us?

Will we continue to hide this powerful truth of the thousands of un-translated original words of God and continue our “traditions of man”?  Mark 7:13, Matthew 15:6

If this is true and we do nothing about it, then aren’t we continuing to CRUCIFY the very Word of God ourselves?

I pray you won’t my friend.  I pray your heart will speak to you personally and see that something must be done.  God will tell us from within what that is.  He has always had a personal plan marked out for each and everyone of us before he sent us into this world of death and trials of our faith.

The Life Part

I pray you will listen to your heart.  Your true heart hidden deep within you is his Son, Jesus.  One aspect of Jesus is that he is the fathers actual soul and his “helper” who was sent “below”.  He is the “master” or head of all humanity no matter what their outer “religious” beliefs are.  (Those are all the “left” hand of death)  Additionally, Jesus is also the father himself “above”.  What a powerful and wonderful mystery he is.

Is he, from within you, telling you to dig deeper?  If so, please don’t ignore him.  This is what you were placed here to do.  Your TRUE mission that will breathe SO MUCH life into you it will be to you true ecstasy.

If your Heart (Jesus) speaks to you, what will you do?

Maybe you want to download and install that free program and start to read and consider what the actual original words say?  Maybe you will simply start with as literal version of God’s Word like the New American Standard Bible or NASB and start reading it?  (That is where he started me.) Maybe you want to contact me or a friend and start learning more about this together with someone else?

The true walk in this life is a “solitary one in the wilderness” with just you and Jesus Christ.  In-between that he wants us to be in union with his true body.  I believe a true meeting of his “body” or “Church” looks more like this.  No one single person is always the single “head” or “leader” but all take turns as he leads within and we all are servants of each other fulfilling each others needs. We all take turns leading, learning and sharing what we hear and learn from his original written Words as Jesus interprets them within us and “carries them out” in our “lives” (but really “death/life”).  We all listen and discern.  We all rejoice and cry together.  No one is afraid to share anything they are struggling with because we know we all have been placed into “prisons of disobedience” called the natural body (of death).  Thus, there is no “hiding” or “Sunday hypocrisy” needed (putting on a happy face or hiding struggles).  He is our life all day, everyday 24-7 and you realize powerfully “you are not alone” nor is there anything to be ashamed of.  You feel as though have come home.  Do you want to be part of such a family?  If so, contact me and lets see what he wants to do.

Are you ready for the powerfully good and REAL TRUTH that God’s Word tells you directly and his Son teaches to you from within?   The kind of (real) truth where all shame and guilt vanishes?  Ready to hear the TRUTH about “sin”?

(Death hidden inside of life) Don’t believe the lie that you can’t do it and you need someone else to tell you what God’s word means.  Don’t believe the lie that somehow “Satan” is as powerful as he is (or even worse – more powerful!) and that you should “protect yourself from words of deception”.  Those are the words of a religious outer man who doesn’t know how listen to Jesus inside their heart. They don’t yet know how to discern truth themselves.

You don’t need me either, but we all DO need to HEAR the words of truth spoken to us.  Romans 10:17

The words are not ours and we can NOT take any credit for them.  If we do, then we could end up being part of Herod in Acts 12:23-23  If the words I and you share are his truth from within us, then they will resonate with our own hearts.  As we get better and better at “listening with our hearts” we will become better at “discerning the truth”.  This is the true spiritual maturity.  1 Thes 5:21, Acts 17:11  However, if you are taught to be “afraid” of some words, you will miss the whole and real truth.  You will miss the part of God himself hidden and wrapped in “Death” and “darkness”.  Psalm 18:11, Psalm 104:2, 1 Kings 18:12, Psalm 97:2  Don’t be afraid of darkness and death.  Stare it in the face and know it’s HIM HIDDEN.  But start just by reading his original words (of immense love) to you, thinking about them and ask him ANY question you want.  He LOVES you asking him anything.  He gave you that VERY question to ask him!  Then, move toward what you hear him telling you.  God will do the rest and it will be IMMENSE life after he pulls away thing things that are not for you.  All the things you thought were life but aren’t.  He will reveal it to you as you sit, read, ponder, listen and do.  When you TRULY hear him you WILL share and speak truth to others but it is God himself within us who is actually doing it.  We are (in this life) merely a passenger.

Did you know that you (regardless of your religious beliefs) have the anointing of God WITHIN you and HE teaches  you all things?

As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him 1 John 2:27

The Death Part

Did you know that the Church teaches that Christ is NOT in all (people and things) like Col 3:11 clearly says?  It says unless you first “believe in him” before you have “Christ in you”.

Please look at what Col 3:11 really says, especially at the end.

a renewal in which there is no distinction between Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and freeman, but Christ is all, and in all Col 3:11

Does your Church allow you to believe that:

1) There is no distinction between a “Greek” and a “Jew” and

2) that Christ is IN all (things and people)?

(Mine didn’t, that’s why I was asked to leave.  However, I love the people there, and continue to risk a lot to help them to see these things.)

Or does it teach that 1) Jews are special and 2) Christ is NOT in an “unbeliever“?  Is it possible that we really don’t understand what a true “Jew” is?  Maybe a study of Romans 2:28-29, Ezekiel 47:22, Col 3:11 and Col 2:10-11 would reveal what a real and true “Jew” is?  Along the same lines, could the true “circumcision” be that of the “cutting off” of the natural, fleshly, outer man or ALL people?  Some things to ponder my friend.

BOTH Life AND Death are placed BEFORE and INSIDE YOU as ONE (Deut 30:15)

So, who are you going to believe? 

Your pastor or God’s word?

My friend, isn’t it time to start digging into the truth yourself?  Isn’t it time to start “destroying the strongholds” that have been planted and reinforced for centuries and start finding out what God’s word really says.  It’s really good once you go through the “cleansing of the old”.  I sense strongly within the time is at hand that we need to begin to see what God’s original scripture words actually say and reveal.

We don’t want God’s wrath upon us, do we?  I don’t.  Let’s find out FREE we already are and how much he loves us.  Let’s stop idolizing and worshipping a man-made book and religion and start seeing the powerful TRUE God who revealed himself as Jesus Christ and is within us all.

If you need any help or want to share the things you begin to see, let me know.  I am waiting for him to bring other parts of his body out of the “woodwork” and want to meet with them to connect with them.  They are the real truth seekers who are willing to risk it all for the truth as they despise religion knowing its all God’s work.  Time is getting short.

If you live near the Fox Cities area or Green Bay area of Wisconsin and any of these things resonate with you, let’s get together.   Send me a contact me form and let’s connect.

Or would you at least consider sending this message to anyone who comes to mind when you are reading it?  Or sharing it in your social media network?

Let’s find the truth (him) together.  I am willing to be 100% wrong in my search for the truth, but he keeps confirming it more and more each day in powerful, very personal ways.

I am convinced that… Religion is dying and truth is appearing…. from within.  Man does religion.  God does and IS truth.

Which one are you following?

Stay posted as I share what I have been hearing and seeing in the ORIGINAL scripture words about who Jacob REALLY is.  God is going to BLOW OUR MINDS!


1  I originally put 13,335 original words but the actual number is 13,035.  One group was missed.  My apologies for that.  I updated the numbers, but kept the link for this post the same.