Well, we are entering that phase of our journey were I believe our bus driver may take us over a water fall and into some deep waters of a dark canyon or two where monsters lurk.  Just warning you as I really don’t know when this is going to happen.  I am only relaying things when he allows me to be the tour guide for a bit.

During these times where we enter into the deep waters a bit, you may see and hear monsters that may scare you a bit or even a lot.  Don’t worry, none of them can touch you and you have us to help you.  We are all together in this.  They just look and sound scary and attempt to make us fearful.  They know they can only really scare us if we run from them and jump out of the bus.  I will explain more of what this means on and off during our time together.   However, I just want to say that you want to try to remain in the safety of the bus.  Even if you do run or fall out a few times (or get afraid by the monsters in the deep) our awesome bus driver (God himself) will still be HOLDING you during the time of your walk in the darkness.  He actually allows this to happen until you and I learn to fully trust him and no longer be afraid of the monsters of the deep dark.  He is teaching us full trust in his goodness.

Once we fully trust him, we can let go of everything we have clinged to for safety. For some of us it is money, status, careers, cars, husbands, fitness, addictions, etc.  You name it, we ALL have things we cling to while we are learning to trust him.  The monsters are very scary before we know him.  Once we see how safe he is, we can give it ALL to him in his safe and STRONG hands.  Then, you will stop falling out of the bus and getting beat around by the monsters of the deep.  He may show you how they really can’t hurt you and if you are especially lucky he may show you how they actually for him but are merely a teaching tool.

Each one of us are different and he’s doing different things inside of each of us, but all of it is very good when he is done.  He wants us to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride inside his “bus of love” called Christ.  When the dragon and other monsters of the deep try to scare you, just smile and look at your bus driver.  He has a wonderful journey for you and many worlds to explore with him.


In one word… the UNEXPECTED!  Or pure craziness.  I guarantee you will have the thought at least one time, no more than one time.

“He is crazy”.

You will!  I even do often.  I often don’t fully understand the things I write, at first.  Or even second.  Sometimes it take 4 or 5 times for me to understand what I am sharing. I have to try from many different angles for our humanity to “get” at least a grasp on them. That includes me too!

So, I can’t really tell you what to expect… I don’t even know.  It is so different each day and even within the same day.

I will appear to be crazy or schizophrenic at times.   I freely admit that.  You may have to just sit back and put on your seatbelt as we may be taking this bus OVER THE WATERFALLS!  Hang on!

Some days, I will be relaxed, warm and fuzzy (like today).  Everyone will want to snuggle their hearts up together as we read a nice story and have cookies by the warm fire. I love these times together.

However, just a warning.

Tomorrow may be a bus ride over the waterfalls.  You will be very afraid and dismayed.  Truthfully, I will be too.

See, I am not driving the bus, God is.  None of us know this when we are born or most of our lives.  However, if you have been taken over enough waterfalls and didn’t have your seatbelt on, you will begin to realize you are not driving the bus!

But, don’t worry. The bus driver is the best there is.  He won’t let anyone fall out of the bus.  No one will die, at least not the way man believes and has taught us.  We will get bumps and bruises especially if we have our seatbelt off.  So, keep it on at all times if you want to avoid that and keep your eyes on him when you get afraid.  He will calm you down.

Our bus driver knows the course well.   He has driven it a million times before.  So, when things get scary and dark, you may have to remind yourself he knows what he is doing. Believe me, they will get scary and dark.  He will take you through some dark canyons and over huge waterfalls in order to get you to your destination.  Believe me, you will LOVE the destination. It’s the very place your heart has been longing for.  This place fulfills all your deepest hopes and dreams.

If you look within, you will see this.

Now, as your part-time tour guide, I will try to warn you ahead of time if a waterfall is coming or we are about to enter a canyon.  Some of these words I speak may sound harsh at times.  I believe they are so that we will wake up and stop being afraid. I will remind you to not be afraid as often as I can.   If I get afraid, you can remind me.  We really are in this together and none of us have any higher status or role than anyone else.  Sometimes, you may be the tour guide and I the passenger if I am afraid. I am still human.  God will use whoever is not afraid at the time who knows the way he is taking the bus.  Whoever is hearing and knows his words of truth.  Its these very written and spoken words of truth that will calm the rest of the passengers. They will instill peace in our hearts and remove the fear.  I need them all the time or I will fear.   They are the very warm cookies that sooth us by the fire.  But, they are also the sharp rod of discipline that wakes us up when we fall asleep.  Our father is the best daddy there is.  He always knows exactly what we need.

Such are the ways of God.  Sometimes soft and warm like warm cookies from the oven, sometimes painful like a belt on our behinds.

All are love.  True love.    And we so need them.