I am working on something that is very powerful that could change some of the foundational beliefs we have about who we are.

I have been spending many hours in Genesis and Revelation the past 6 months and what God is revealing is nothing short of astonishing.   I believe it is going to give you SUCH internal peace that you are NOT a dirty ROTTEN, FALLEN “sinner” as we are taught to think.   Unfortunately, those who teach this often don’t mention that our own will in this matter was tied up into Adam in the garden.  However, even if we blame Adam for our own brokenness, we would be wrong.  Adam did not cause us to all become sinners as we are taught.

You will be amazed at what God’s Word says on this matter and I am very excited to share what I have found.  We  have been missing the TRUTH for a LONG time and the truth is VERY GOOD.

I hope to share this soon.  Have a great day!