Good morning God’s beloved!

70 weeks of daniel

When will the 70 weeks of Daniel end?

I pray you are resting in the beautiful “son” today. For me, the son is really shining this morning both in my heart and outside my window after a couple days of “night” of both internal and external darkness. I am so glad the Lord has revealed that a complete day has both “day” and “night” and that “the day always appears when the night is done”.

So, this morning I am enjoying his peace with my two teenage sons as they play their computer games together and online with other “friends”.

Last night a close friend and I spent an hour or more on the phone talking about the amazing “beasts” of Daniel chapter 7. I am so thankful for this particular friend as she is a great “sounding board” for all my crazy, insane thoughts I find in scripture about God’s goodness and love for all mankind. Nothing is too outlandish for her. I also shared with her the darkness of the past couple days and how I believed it was fading.Continue reading

Christ set is free from all the demands of the law

Christ set us free from ALL the demands of the law

This topic is one that keeps reoccurring in my heart so much lately when I interact with others and share the powerful and amazing TRUTH of the Gospel.  Often a person is confused (like I was too) as to why God was so angry and wrathful in the Old Testament under the Law of Moses.

One of the most wonderful things that God has done to set me free from a false understanding of the Old testament, was to show me the single key that unlocks all of it.


That’s right.  First we must realize that Christ himself arrived and told us that “no one has seen the father” except the son.  This is an amazing statement considering all the people in the Old Testament who claimed to have “seen God”.   Look at these powerful scriptures:Continue reading

Yesterday while doing some research, I found Phil Drysdale in the UK who IMHO has been given deep revelation of the true Gospel.

I found his writings and teaching to be simple, profound and very powerful.  My heart rejoices in what comes through him.

However, just like everything else you hear from anyone, including me, please filter it through both the external written Word and the living Word inside you.  Christ within is our one true teacher!  1 John 2:20, 27

Please check his site out.  I believe you will be fed very well!

God bless.

God's wrath is the law

What is God’s wrath?

Isn’t God’s wrath scary!?!

The Bible is very clear that God has a single day dedicated for his vengeance and terrible wrath against his enemies.

However, strangely enough, I run into MANY people who insist on being under his wrath and there is nothing I can do to convince them otherwise.

The verses about his wrath are bone-chilling!  Let’s look at a few of them.Continue reading

tabernacle of moses

Does the tabernacle of Moses represent the 3 parts of man?

I hope to share some powerful truths that will allow us to see God’s inner and true makeup of man himself by looking at the Tabernacle of Moses in the Old Testament.

I am praying the Lord will reveal to us how the Old Covenant tabernacle along with the book of Hebrews unveils God’s amazing plan of salvation for man. It involves both the first and last Adam as they each represent all mankind.  I hope he will also show us how all of creation is “in” Adam whether it is the first or “last Adam”. This is very powerful to understand as we begin to see a deeper spiritual understanding or real truth of both the first Adam but more importantly, what God did for all mankind with the last Adam who is Christ.  Before I do that, please allow me to share something from my heart.Continue reading

Was Jesus both the first AND the last Adam?

What did Jesus mean when he said “I am the first an the last”?

I have stumbled upon something that is very big and amazing to me!  It may some take big, grandiose thinking to see so maybe you have to be a little crazy like me?  You really have to be insane enough to believe that anything really is possible with God.

Recently, I was thinking about the verse that says the “first” Adam was a living soul and the “last” Adam was a life-giving spirit.  Then immediately, I heard the whisper in my thoughts from Revelation “I AM the first AND the LAST“!  

WHAT???   Could Christ be BOTH the First Adam AND the Last Adam?Continue reading


I hope your day is going very well.  I don’t know if the Jetpack email notification system for new posts is overwhelmed or down, but I just posted the following online but an email notification didn’t go out (yet).  Sometimes if I put a small post online the notification will go through, so I am trying that here.

The words that came through my hands fed me greatly from within and I hope to share them with all.  Here is a direct link.

 “Bible Birth Pains – Are We “Sinners” or Are We Being Reborn into ETERNAL Life?”

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God bless you.


It is very intriguing to me that littered all over the Bible, and especially in the Old Testament is talk of birth “pangs” or “pains unto childbirth“.

Is the entire Bible about the rebirth of all Creation?

Is the entire Bible about the rebirth of all Creation?

Although we are all suffering in human bodies still filled with pain and darkness, could God have a MUCH bigger plan far beyond the same old story of “man breaking God’s law and being a dirty, rotten sinner” as we are so often taught?

Could we also learn about what occurred in the TRUE, hidden realm of the Spirit by the events, people and places in the physical realm?

Could God have hidden his beautiful story from man by putting it behind a veil in his mind and by calling all the things in the spiritual realm by the same names as we are used to in the physical realm? If so, could we be missing God’s true and glorious story by not seeing past the physical realm and instead focusing on sin and behavior in the natural realm?Continue reading