Are you believing a true or a FALSE Gospel?

Are you believing the true Gospel?

Did you know that religion and religious tradition often teaches us to NOT believe the truth found clearly in scripture?  At least that is what Jesus said many times.  Mark 7:13, Titus 1:14, Mark 7:9, Mark 7:3, Matthew 15:6 NASB

Could we still be missing the simple and plain truth found in scripture because of the religious traditions handed down to us?

Recently, I heard a local radio show host coming down hard on people for teaching a “watered down gospel” that does not make people feel really bad by telling them they are dirty, rotten, sinners.  This made me feel very sad and then angry because all my time spent in the Word and alone with the Lord speaks to me otherwise.  I believe that not only does scripture teach us otherwise, but people will also be very  confused about the LOVE of God if we first tell them they are sinners and “now that they believe” suddenly they are not.  What?  My belief made God NOT ANGRY!  Am I that powerful?  We also have to ask ourselves – “is confusion and condemnation is from God?” We know it is not.  In addition, I strongly hear the thoughts that we are to “not to call unholy that which God made Holy“.  Acts 10:15, 11:9, Romans 14:14Continue reading