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 “Bible Birth Pains – Are We “Sinners” or Are We Being Reborn into ETERNAL Life?”

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It is very intriguing to me that littered all over the Bible, and especially in the Old Testament is talk of birth “pangs” or “pains unto childbirth“.

Is the entire Bible about the rebirth of all Creation?

Is the entire Bible about the rebirth of all Creation?

Although we are all suffering in human bodies still filled with pain and darkness, could God have a MUCH bigger plan far beyond the same old story of “man breaking God’s law and being a dirty, rotten sinner” as we are so often taught?

Could we also learn about what occurred in the TRUE, hidden realm of the Spirit by the events, people and places in the physical realm?

Could God have hidden his beautiful story from man by putting it behind a veil in his mind and by calling all the things in the spiritual realm by the same names as we are used to in the physical realm? If so, could we be missing God’s true and glorious story by not seeing past the physical realm and instead focusing on sin and behavior in the natural realm?Continue reading