Did Jesus really erase all sin?

Did Jesus really erase all sin?

Today I am being reminded that there is one “truth” or true reality that was brought to us by God himself inside the person of Jesus.

Howeverour daily experience or “personal daily reality” doesn’t yet match or line up with it.  The Bible says we are still seeing our everyday life in a “shadow” or image of the truth, but not the actual truth itself.  This is the current state of all of mankind’s soul or daily experience.

Did you know that the Bible teaches there are actually two realities called “Covenants” that God created and forced man’s mind to be under?  It is a powerful spiritual awakening from within when we realize that our daily experience is in a DIFFERENT “realm” or location where actual TRUTH exists.  They are NOT yet one and the same but one day they will be in the “renewal of all things”.  Matthew 19:28  Currently, in our everyday human experience or “soul life” we don’t yet see the truth as the soul is still in our current “shadow” realm.  Right now, truth can only be obtained through the Spirit of God deep inside us via the invisible thing we call “faith”.Continue reading

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I have updated this powerful post about the entire creation story and Adam and Eve as God is revealing more. The story is bigger and more amazing than we can imagine or think.  Here is the post or http://kickedoutofchurch.com/adam-and-eve/

We can now determine who “Satan” is and how he became in charge of this world.  Was he one of God’s servants who was put in charge of his “vine yard” or creation while God was away?

That is what scripture says as you will see in the post.  It is also nice to finally know this and understand God is totally in charge of everything.

You may want to print this out and take some time to think about it.  We are getting a clearer picture of God’s plan for all of mankind.

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How to fix technology?

How to fix technology??? (click to visit my business website)

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The user notifications of new posts should be fixed and if you create a user account, you will be notified of new posts.  Thanks for  your patience.

Isn’t technology fun?  That is how I make my living in my “earthly” work and I know how frustrating it can be when it doesn’t work.

Also, a new Index page is online that lists all the site content in a nice, HUMAN-readable format.

YES!  Now us “humans” can find what we want in addition to all the computer robots like Google that roam around the Internet looking for content. It is on the left site of the site just below the site title and tagline “We can’t handle the truth, it’s TOO good”. Here is a link directly to it.

I have also included below a list of some of my favorite post that fed me the most encouragement from within.

One topic that I keep hinting around about is “who is the REAL God of Israel in the Old Testament“?  This is huge and when God releases this truth, I believe it is going to change Christianity entirely from its very foundational coreContinue reading

How can man who is in darkness see the light?

How can man who is in darkness see the light?

Ever wonder how man in his “fallen” state or darkness can receive the truth inside if God says he is “blind” and “deaf”?  To understand this we have to realize that in the Spirit everything is one and “separation” or parts only exist in this current realm of spiritual darkness.  The realm of darkness has to break things up into small parts called “words” and “language”.

The way I share these things you are reading is I write free-flowing as scripture seems to “speak to me” from within. In the Spirit the truth is God himself and he is ONE. Both he and truth are not divisible into pieces or parts. Anything that is truth is part of the one whole truth or God (Jesus) himself. Full truth goes far beyond what is revealed to us in the written Word as the Bible says that if “all the things that Jesus did were written down in detail, the world itself could not contain all the books”. John 21:25 It also says that “Jesus IS the truth” John 14:6, John 1:14, John 1:17, Colossians 3:11, Colossians 1:17 Do we really understand what that statement means “Jesus IS truth”?  I don’t believe we do and if we do understand it, we don’t believe it.

How big is your Jesus? Was he just a man who walked the Earth two thousand year ago?  Or is he the Omni-present (present everywhere) and all-powerful God who created the universe, holds all things together and all power and authority reports directly to him?  Do we need to get a much bigger view and understanding of him – one that lines up with scripture?Continue reading

Is God Love?

Is God Love?

Good afternoon,

I pray you are hearing the Spirit within you today and following his voice into rest regardless of circumstances.  Actually, I believe you are because his voice sounds just like our own thoughts and we often follow it instinctively without even know it.  I sat down to share more about God’s “fire” and how it is refining and purifying in a loving, disciplining way and not destructive, but he had other plans I guess.

So, I guess he wants to share about how God is “Love”.  No problem here as I am just a passenger.  I don’t even know how to drive the car and keep it on the road!

Have you ever asked yourself how God can be “love” and yet forever punish or “destroy” someone in an eternally tormenting and destructive fire for “rejecting him” or for not being “perfect”? 

It doesn’t make any sense, does it?  It didn’t for me either and I am so glad I didn’t accept the answers that I was told to believe that were then followed up with “you can’t know the things of God” if you persisted.  “Maybe we can’t, but isn’t that why Jesus came?  To reveal God to us, according to Luke 10:22?  That just doesn’t sound like the God I am reading about in the Bible”, I would think. I am so glad I listened to him from within as he revealed who he really is from his love letter to us we call the Bible.  It’s right there in his Word so you can be encouraged yourself.  Friend, it is so good and we have so much to learn about the entire Old Testament and why God often appears angry and wrathful.  I hope to share something very big and very important in the next day or so regarding this.Continue reading

(Updated 061014 8:44pm)

I hope to go much deeper into the Adam and Eve creation story than we have ever gone before.

Warning:  This is a very in-depth and complicated post that I have been working on putting together for nearly two years now and it is constantly changing.  The content in here could be taught nonstop for months if not years as it is deep spiritual material.  I am not a trained theologian, but I don’t believe we need to be.  We have the very teacher inside us and “all knowledge” according to 1 John 2:20 & 1 John 2:27.  If something doesn’t make sense and feel free to skip it for now as the Spirit will teach us what we need to know when we need it.  This is not “intro” material by any stretch of the imagination as I have been working on this for more than a year now as God reveals more.  His plan is extremely rich and deep and these conclusions are my own and will test the religious mind for sure.  If you are new here, I would recommend reading some of the other posts first before this one to get more of a foundation first. My writing can be confusing and complex to follow as I make an attempt to unpack the enormous content of the Spirit.

This is my latest ongoing working theory on Genesis 1 and 2 and the creation of man.  I am sure that most people have not have heard these ideas before and I freely admit there are still a lot of loose ends.  If none of this lines up with what you believe, please just skip it.  However, if you don’t mind some new, fresh and powerful ideas that incorporate more of scripture and are always being updated, please consider it and see what your own heart says to you.  Quite frankly, for me if scripture confirms something and it makes God look bigger and more loving, I will accept it and believe it.  I can’t always “reconcile it” into what I currently know, but I leave that to God to do.  He has not let me down yet and his beauty and amazing love keeps getting bigger and bigger as this occurs.Continue reading

Happy Birthday old guy

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday I posted an article called “The Best Birthday Gift Ever” and I am sorry to report that the Spirit led me off into the wilderness and I never actually got to share what the gift was!  🙂 I kept getting taken down side roads to more powerful thoughts and ideas. As the ideas unpacked, my original “plan” of sharing this amazing gift was pushed by the wayside. To keep this post from being 10-20 pages, I left it out and I hope to be able to deliver on my promise soon.  Actually, as I read my posts since then, God has already integrated it into the things being shared!  His ways are amazing and he just “does it” without me even have to think consciously about it.  Additionally, I also shared some radical ideas I have from Genesis 1 and 2 on the creation of man in that post yesterday.  I removed those and will work them into a separate post.  I am still learning here and I appreciate your patience and grace. I simply don’t yet know how to keep these things I am sharing to a small and manageable size as my heart gets so excited and runs off like a wild stallion.

Today, I hear thoughts that I have shared before about how man communicates and more importantly, how he receives truth.  As you can see, I am just learning how to do this myself!  🙂  I believe this will greatly bless you as you ponder these ideas.  If I can help at all, please contact me.  I would love to help in any way I can.  I will share my ponderings in a separate post of how man communicates in this realm of darkness and how he receives truth.

Have a great day.

*** Updated 06/08/14 3:27pm ****  I have removed and created a separate post where I share my latest ongoing theory of Adam and Genesis 1 and mankind.  This can be found here but I strongly suggest you read the “intro” below first under “Old Creation Vs. New (true) Creation” to prep your mind for my radical ideas.  🙂

Yesterday was my birthday and I have received the most absolutely BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER. God revealed a huge missing piece of the creation story that I have been digging for a long time, and I want to share with you. They will bless you beyond belief and absolutely boggle your human mind when it sinks into your heart! Two nights ago a good friend came over and allowed me to “dump” the latest things that I am seeing and hearing.  This “bubbles up” from from hundreds of hours of deep and intense study and quiet pondering of God’s powerful Word while drastically reducing all worldly forms of media.Continue reading

Are you believing a true or a FALSE Gospel?

Are you believing the true Gospel?

Did you know that religion and religious tradition often teaches us to NOT believe the truth found clearly in scripture?  At least that is what Jesus said many times.  Mark 7:13, Titus 1:14, Mark 7:9, Mark 7:3, Matthew 15:6 NASB

Could we still be missing the simple and plain truth found in scripture because of the religious traditions handed down to us?

Recently, I heard a local radio show host coming down hard on people for teaching a “watered down gospel” that does not make people feel really bad by telling them they are dirty, rotten, sinners.  This made me feel very sad and then angry because all my time spent in the Word and alone with the Lord speaks to me otherwise.  I believe that not only does scripture teach us otherwise, but people will also be very  confused about the LOVE of God if we first tell them they are sinners and “now that they believe” suddenly they are not.  What?  My belief made God NOT ANGRY!  Am I that powerful?  We also have to ask ourselves – “is confusion and condemnation is from God?” We know it is not.  In addition, I strongly hear the thoughts that we are to “not to call unholy that which God made Holy“.  Acts 10:15, 11:9, Romans 14:14Continue reading