Good evening,

Sadly, I continue to hear so many preachers and teachers of God’s Word coming down so hard on “sin” (as bad behavior).  This has to result in condemnation to others and themselves!  Pointing out others sins is always judging, isn’t it?  Only the condemned will condemn others.  There’s no doubt that sin is destructive to us and our lives.  There’s no doubt that we are all affected by it and will ALL die because of it. I get all that and I hope you do too.

However, it is also very important that we understand that sin is no longer defined as behaviors, but instead unbelief of the truth. Check out the other things I have shared if this is news for you.  This is the TRUE gospel!  If you believe Christ paid for and really REMOVING all your sins, you will not die.  Your body will, but you won’t.  You have already passed over from death and into life regardless of behavior.  Behavior is only for those under law.  We are all condemned then because NONE of us can behave PERFECT like the law REQUIRES!

When this truth hits a person that Christ removed ALL their SIN, their behavior WILL change.  That is the way it works.  That is tremendously good “news”!  News is done and over, we don’t make it happen.Continue reading