creation in darkness

Was the Earth perfect when Adam and Eve were created or was it already in darkness under law?

Good evening,

I am so very excited at what I believe the Lord did today!   He began unlocking much of the BIGGEST mystery I have been asking him about since becoming born again over a decade ago.

I just spent 6 HOURS with a good friend unloading all that God is sharing.  In the course of talking to her, he opened my eyes and revealed some HUGE missing pieces of THE AMAZING RIDDLE of Adam and Eve! Genesis 1-5 and much of Revelation suddenly CLICKED as this POWERFUL “ah-ha” came from within.  In a flash of “lightning”, he closed the “GAP” of understanding from Genesis to Revelation as the entire story was coming together.

The puzzle pieces that I didn’t know where they fit suddenly were fitting TOGETHER and I praise him for revealing much of the mystery of Genesis 2.  I was starting to get a clear picture of who the serpent is! It’s amazing and I will share as he leads and I pray he will show you the same things.

( I am sorry if my excitement sounds like pride or arrogance.  It’s hard to get the power of this experience across into mere words.)Continue reading