Good evening friends,

The Lord has been pouring SO MUCH into my mind over the weekend that I had to take a little break.

Tonight, I find myself peeking at Revelation 17 again and making a drawing of the “Wheat and the tares”.  I now know they grow together in one body but that body exists in 3 separate realms – spirit (heaven) soul (Earth spiritual) and body (Earth physical/natural).  At the end of the age, God will destroy the tares in the fire.  Matthew 13:24-30  Don’t worry. The “tares” are the fleshly part of us or the outer man.  I was going to share on that idea, but the Lord seems to want me to lay some foundation first.

Before I do that,  I want to say that I am going to share some very powerful and deep ideas to you that I have developed after hundreds of hours of intense scriptural study alone with the Lord. I have arrived at these ideas myself and they are my own conclusions from what I believe I hear him saying to me.  I believe them to be true based solely upon God’s Word and his inner voice.  No one has taught me these things. I pray you would dig into the ideas yourself by checking all of it against his Word and spirit inside you. I am growing and learning more each day and as he reveals more, I immediately update what I understand as truth.  So, some details can change as this occurs, so please don’t trust my DETAILS!   I am updating details constantly in my notes. I  am terrible with details!  Please ask yourself “can this be true?” and DIG INTO HIS WORD!  If you are revealed something more, please share. I believe we are to take in all the “food” and let the stomach (Christ) separate the life from the waste.  Enough said on that.  Let’s get onto our topic.

Have you ever wondered who the “woman” is in Genesis 3:15?

Well, we know the woman that was “Adam’s” wife was “Eve” in Genesis 3:20, but that hasn’t come yet!  Nor is that who I am talking about.  I am talking about the TRUE spiritual “woman” from Genesis 3:15 that God is talking about.  “Eve” is a soul-realm woman and God always speaks from a spiritual (true) perspective.

Ok, this is where it may get a little strange and it helps to review Genesis 1:27 and 5:1-2.  Please pay close attention to the parts I have put in red and think about what God is saying here.

This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day when God created man, He made him in the likeness of God. He created them male and female, and He blessed them and named them Man in the day when they were created  Genesis 5:1-2

God created “THEM” as male AND female and named “THEM” man.  This is one spiritual being that is split into two parts.  One is “male” and powerful and one is “female” and weaker, subordinate.  This is NOT a human like we think.  It’s purely a spiritual being without a body.  This is very important in a moment when we try to answer our question “Who is the woman?” in Genesis 3:15.

So, who is the “woman” in Genesis 3:15?

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