Who is the Master?

Who is the Master?

Good morning my friends.

Before I get to my topic, I am going to first share something very deep.  It will greatly challenge even the deepest student of the Word.   If you are not a deep student of God’s word, skip down to where it says “my true post for today” where I talk to the human side of us.

This week, since last Saturday has been one of the most powerful times on record with my walk with God in terms of powerful revelations and the unveiling of my own mind. I can’t begin to describe what he is revealing. It gets so big and beyond words that I simply sit in astounded stupor. The bigger it gets, the more I realize I can’t make others understand. I am confident this is very good because only he can reveal it to them and not me. Even though I do at times, I don’t want to take any credit for what he does as I know this is when I fall into darkness.  “Pride comes before the fall!” as they say.

Just last night I was sitting at my computer just thinking “lightly” about time and our calender. “Why does it count down and then start again once Christ is born?” I was just pondering this question in my mind. The answer very quickly “appeared” inside me like a flash of powerful “lighting of LIFE” and I once again sat in a dazed stupor.

Could God be revealing in the physical birth of Christ 2000 years ago what will TRULY OCCUR at the end of this Age when the true spiritual man-child of Christ is “born” or revealed?Continue reading