God destroy Bibles?

Will God destroy all Bibles at some point?

Good morning friends,

This week has been a busy week in my natural, earthly work so I haven’t been able to share much.  The Lord has taken me back to the Old Testament studying the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.   There is so much to be revealed about the giving of the law and the Ten Commandments and I am still waiting for much of it.  What I am seeing so far is amazing and awesome.    It reveals just how much we are deceived in human bodies.

I did attempt to write and share three times, but they were not able to be completed so I am still waiting.  I highly recommend that a person study the giving of the law and Ten commandments to the Israelites starting in Exodus 19 through 34.  There is something very strange going on here and I know that when I see this, a powerful revelation is about to come.  Pay very close attention to where Moses is and where it says God is in their interactions.  Is Moses on the mountain?  Which mountain?  Also, pay close attention to the “tablets of stone” and what is one them.

Could we have the very “Ten Commandments” wrong?  Could there actually be two versions of them with one being the truth and one being the “shadow” reality?Continue reading