Who is the Master?

Is the body of Christ in a prison in (spiritual) Egypt right now?

I am seeing and hearing amazing things today in the part of Genesis where Joseph get’s sold as a slave down to Egypt. Here is what I see and for me right now, it’s even more true than the chair I am sitting on.  This is the most beautiful and revealing story of Jesus being sent to the foreign country of “Egypt”, confined in the “prison” of sin but since God’s hand is always with him, he succeeds and eventually runs the country.

Here it he wild part.

I believe it actually is telling us the TRUE story of what happened to Jesus. Go back to Genesis where Joseph has the vision and he shares it with his family in Genesis 37. He is one of twelve brothers and Gods favor is with him. His brother hated (persecuted) him because of the dream and the fact that he had great favor from his father.Continue reading

Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ and honest truth seekers everywhere.

Yesterday was a BIG day with a HUGE post of some revelations I am seeing.  One thing that I have to be reminded of is that this is what I believe God is revealing to ME from scripture.

When I write and share, I am usually 100% convinced in that moment it is very true.  That is the power of the Spirit working within us I believe.  It is more real than the location of my physical body when it occurs.

During that time, there is a powerful rush within of euphoria that is hard to describe.  The best way would be like drinking a large quantity of coffee and the caffeine hitting you at once.  Its a powerful surge of inner power and calmness with a sense of ultimate peace that ALL problems that exist have been totally resolved.  I feel as though I have won the lottery and just found out that you have as well.  I just need to somehow tell you and hopefully you will see you have.  That is what drives me so much. I am convinced we ALL have won the lottery, but we won’t know until the appointed time by the Father.

Friends, look at and ask the Lord to reveal the TRUE meaning of this ONE verse.Continue reading

I wanted to share something very powerful the Lord has been revealing.

The importance of a name vs. a title.  They are NOT the same, but our human minds think they are.

God is VERY precise.  He can be nothing but 100% completely accurate and of the highest detail.

The Old Testament is the law-based view of man broken down into the smallest detail possible for us to understand.  The New Testament is the revelation of the TRUTH which is GRACE where God reveals the complete opposite that in Christ everything is ONE.  In-between these is the infinite firmament I have been sharing about which Hebrews calls “the veil” but also the very flesh (body) of Jesus. Once it fully dies, the TWO WILL JOIN.  Daily experience of law will meet truth and grace.

For that to occur in each of us, we must understand in the Old Testament under law how precise God is.

100% every time.

We must understand that a “name” is not the same as a classification or title.  Thus, talking about “Bob” is not the same as talking about “a man” or “the man”.   “Bob” is a specific man with specific gifts, talents, challenges and circumstances given to him by God himself.  “Man” or “mankind” is a classification of all people.  So, If I said that “Bob died” that is MUCH different from saying that “mankind died”.

Do you see the difference here?Continue reading

Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ,

The Lord continues to slay me in the Spirit.    He has busted one of the seals in Revelation and I am seeing things everyday that are deeper and more powerful than ever.  He continues to build upon the revelations I gave small hints of in the last couple of writings but didn’t feel I was released to share openly yet.  Let’s go deeper.

He even has me sharing parts of them with Christians I know from the Church I used to attend.  I am sure they sound like someone who is smoking something.  They would to me I bet if someone told me those things.  God says in a verse “you wouldn’t believe it IF SOMEONE TOLD YOU” (of the awesome things he is doing) and is revealing even now.  I pray that the father would take away our stony (law-based) external heart and take the plank of wood out of our (spiritual) “eye” so the light of truth can shine into our natural man.

I believe last time I shared the most powerful thing that the Gospels may be written from the view of man only in the different realm of man’s makeup (spirit, soul and body).  For example, John is the highest level that God reveals in the Bible.  This is why he also was given the “Revelation” of Christ at the end of the Bible.  He had to tell the story from the highest level revealed to man.Continue reading

Good afternoon friends,

I want to share something very powerful God has revealed to me after many, many hours of intense study, prayer and deep thought.

But, most of all…

Listening…to what I hear in my thoughts after deep Bible study and questions.

I have via the Lord’s guiding drawn out a verse by verse and word by word “illustration” of the mystery of Genesis 2:4-2:9 and “The Garden”.  Sometimes I even got to one original language “word” and waited on the meaning to “appear”.

I can’t begin to describe the powerful revelations that this has unlocked from Genesis to Revelation!

Now, we can begin to see what is really happening in Genesis 3!Continue reading

Good morning friend,

I woke up hearing very many thoughts about where the Father and Son hide themselves.  I believe the mystery is in the firmament and made a “simple” (my simple always ends up complex, sorry!) illustration based on this below to see if he wants to reveal this to anyone else.  I am quickly learning, however, that a direct search for God will never find him.  He just “shows up”.


In our weakness and struggles of daily life.

This is where we see his “image” or reflection….  Inside the darkness.

Inside the pain and heartache.

The “night” will pass and the day will appear as I shared yesterday.  In an astonishing way that only he knows, he gives us darkness so we can see him.  Without darkness, he can not be seen at all.  He dwells in unapproachable (perfectly pure) light that no man can look upon and live.

who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see. To Him be honor and eternal dominion! Amen 1 Timothy 6:16

This is why he gives us his image who is his Son.  This is why he sent his Son into the darkness to die.

So, we can see him.  He loves us and wants us to see him and receive eternal life.

His life.Continue reading

One eye in Christ

Do we have one eye or two?

Friends and brethren,

The Father continues to show me miraculous signs.  I have been continuing to write them down as they appear in my daily experience.  I would love to go into them in detail, but this format is not conducive to that.

Let me tell you that I believe yesterday was my own personal “execution on the cross”.  My natural body is still alive, but everything points to my spiritual execution.  I was very afraid approaching it, but I knew it was coming. The Lord gave me many signs.

I was “executed” by two well-dressed men in nicely pressed business suites who shined like Angels. They were very polite, respectful and “matter of fact”.  I am convinced they were from God.Continue reading

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I have had the most powerful week on record in terms of hearing from the Spirit within.

I can’t begin to describe what I am hearing.  The time alone with the Lord is so refreshing in the life that comes from within.  It’s so beyond words.

But, to get there a person has to wade through much darkness that the Lord sends you into and through.  I have a teenager that has been struggling greatly in his life especially in the past 5 years.  He is diagnosed with bi-polar and ADD by the world standards.  He’s very creative yet does not fit into any molds that the world creates.  He is also the image of his father in many ways so he and his father are often at odds.  He is in open rebellion against the Lord and doesn’t hide it like the rest of us.  However, that is the path the Lord has him on at this time.  I pray he will release him from within soon.  I pray the darkness has done it’s work inside of him so the light can shine.

I know it has been working hard inside me through the trials and tribulations of this “death” of natural life.Continue reading