(updated 090414 5:55pm)


I have had the most powerful week on record in terms of hearing from the Spirit within.

I can’t begin to describe what I am hearing.  The time alone with the Lord is so refreshing in the life that comes from within.  It’s so beyond words.

But, to get there a person has to wade through much darkness that the Lord sends you into and through.  I have a teenager that has been struggling greatly in his life especially in the past 5 years.  He is diagnosed with bi-polar and ADD by the world standards.  He’s very creative yet does not fit into any molds that the world creates.  He is also the image of his father in many ways so he and his father are often at odds.  He is in open rebellion against the Lord and doesn’t hide it like the rest of us.  However, that is the path the Lord has him on at this time.  I pray he will release him from within soon.  I pray the darkness has done it’s work inside of him so the light can shine.

I know it has been working hard inside me through the trials and tribulations of this “death” of natural life.Continue reading