Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ,

The Lord continues to slay me in the Spirit.    He has busted one of the seals in Revelation and I am seeing things everyday that are deeper and more powerful than ever.  He continues to build upon the revelations I gave small hints of in the last couple of writings but didn’t feel I was released to share openly yet.  Let’s go deeper.

He even has me sharing parts of them with Christians I know from the Church I used to attend.  I am sure they sound like someone who is smoking something.  They would to me I bet if someone told me those things.  God says in a verse “you wouldn’t believe it IF SOMEONE TOLD YOU” (of the awesome things he is doing) and is revealing even now.  I pray that the father would take away our stony (law-based) external heart and take the plank of wood out of our (spiritual) “eye” so the light of truth can shine into our natural man.

I believe last time I shared the most powerful thing that the Gospels may be written from the view of man only in the different realm of man’s makeup (spirit, soul and body).  For example, John is the highest level that God reveals in the Bible.  This is why he also was given the “Revelation” of Christ at the end of the Bible.  He had to tell the story from the highest level revealed to man.Continue reading