I wanted to share something very powerful the Lord has been revealing.

The importance of a name vs. a title.  They are NOT the same, but our human minds think they are.

God is VERY precise.  He can be nothing but 100% completely accurate and of the highest detail.

The Old Testament is the law-based view of man broken down into the smallest detail possible for us to understand.  The New Testament is the revelation of the TRUTH which is GRACE where God reveals the complete opposite that in Christ everything is ONE.  In-between these is the infinite firmament I have been sharing about which Hebrews calls “the veil” but also the very flesh (body) of Jesus. Once it fully dies, the TWO WILL JOIN.  Daily experience of law will meet truth and grace.

For that to occur in each of us, we must understand in the Old Testament under law how precise God is.

100% every time.

We must understand that a “name” is not the same as a classification or title.  Thus, talking about “Bob” is not the same as talking about “a man” or “the man”.   “Bob” is a specific man with specific gifts, talents, challenges and circumstances given to him by God himself.  “Man” or “mankind” is a classification of all people.  So, If I said that “Bob died” that is MUCH different from saying that “mankind died”.

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