Who is the Master?

Is the body of Christ in a prison in (spiritual) Egypt right now?

I am seeing and hearing amazing things today in the part of Genesis where Joseph get’s sold as a slave down to Egypt. Here is what I see and for me right now, it’s even more true than the chair I am sitting on.  This is the most beautiful and revealing story of Jesus being sent to the foreign country of “Egypt”, confined in the “prison” of sin but since God’s hand is always with him, he succeeds and eventually runs the country.

Here it he wild part.

I believe it actually is telling us the TRUE story of what happened to Jesus. Go back to Genesis where Joseph has the vision and he shares it with his family in Genesis 37. He is one of twelve brothers and Gods favor is with him. His brother hated (persecuted) him because of the dream and the fact that he had great favor from his father.Continue reading