Ever ask “What does the Bible say is true RIGHT NOW in this very present moment of space and time?”

This is very interesting to me.  It is the idea and truth of where the Bible meets this exact PRESENT moment.

God destroy Bibles?

What is true right now according to the Bible?

That is what I am most fascinated about.  I believe God is with us right now this very moment doing inside us whatever it is we are doing.  The true God is in the everyday things doing them with us and AS us.  Think about that today.  It’s very powerful when it hits a person.  It will even make you shed some tears as to how the creator of all things also helps you check the air in your tires or discipline your child.

So, is the Bible an antiquated book that is no longer very relevant to our modern times?

Or is it even more relevant today as we near the end of an age?

What does the Bible say about right now, at this very present moment.  Surely there must be a Greek or Hebrew word meaning this very present moment where you are?  For me, it is Friday October 31st 2014 at 9:10am and I am sitting at my computer in my home.

There is a word for “the very present moment”.  Actually, more than one.  So, are you curious like me and want to know what it is and where God’s Word INTERSECTS with us RIGHT NOW?

This is awesome and mind-blowing to think about what it reveals.Continue reading


Do you feel overworked? Do you feel the promises of “rest for your soul” seem elusive?

Today I am digging into the specific creation and “birthing” of man as God specifically tells us from each word he uses in Genesis.  What I have been finding is very exciting to me because it reveals God’s goodness.  However, I will try to keep my excitement and emotions down.  It seems the skeptics stop listening then.  I simply want all to see what God’s Word truly reveals about who he is and we can ALL celebrate him together instead of excluding others.

I want all of us to find the promised rest for their souls.  Isn’t this life so overwhelming at times?

How do we find the promised rest for our souls?  Is this what Jesus meant when he said to “become like children”?

And He called a child to Himself and set him before them, and said, “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven Matthew 18:2-3

So, what does it mean to “become like children”?

Here are some thoughts to consider.

Does a child work for what they need? Or do they simply trust that their parents will provide for them?

Do children have very big and open minds and imaginations?  They don’t limit God and “possibility” like the “mature” grownups do, do they?

Could this be what we need to become in order to enter the Kingdom of heaven?  How do we do that when our lives seem so chaotic at times and the stresses and pressures mount?

What if we don’t?  What if it isn’t our job to “do it”?  Wouldn’t that be awesome to simply rest?Continue reading

Are you believing a true or a FALSE Gospel?

Did God reveal to us in Genesis there is more than one garden?

Friends and honest truth seekers everywhere,

I hear this SCREAMING at me again from within as I exercise to the ESV audio bible of Genesis 1-4.

God has brought me back to the beginning again studying Genesis.

As you know, we have been taught by the Christian tradition that there is a SINGLE garden where God placed “Adam”.  It’s name was the “Garden of Eden”.

However, is that what SCRIPTURE says?  Have you personally studied the original Hebrew words yourself?  Or are you going by what someone else has told you?  I know I have for years.  Now, I see something COMPLETELY different when I study the original language myself.

I hope and pray you will look at it yourself.  It’s not “rocket-science” but it does require a person to take their head out of their religion and use their God-given brain.

Would you be shocked to find that scripture actually tells us there is MORE THAN ONE garden?

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In this article and intense study, we will answer the mystery question of “Who is Satan”?  and also the question of “Who is the God of Israel in the Old Testament?”

who is satan?

Who is Satan? Is he the enemy of Jesus or his servant?

Could they be related?  Let’s see.

Dear friend and lover of the truth.

I am going to share something that I have been sitting on for more than 6 months now. Today, I sense it is time to go public and “come out of the closet” with these powerful, yet shocking truths God has been revealing through his written and living Word only and not through any external teachings of man. I truly believe we really are in the very last days and are ready for the shocking truth that scripture reveals.  I pray you are ready to stand in the TRUE faith when he appears and not shrink back.

If you have been brought up and believed all the common teachings of Christianity, (which I was) you may be GREATLY dismayed at what you begin to see as you carefully examine the scriptures yourselves instead of merely listening to other’s teachings and believing what they tell you. (Be sure to use a more literal translation like NASB or ESV and stay away from more less literal translations like NIV or the like. Biblegateway.com is a great site as is biblehub.com and blueletterbible.org.)

I know I was very shocked when I first saw the things I am going to share. I walked around in a stupor for a week or so. There was much FEAR the first few days, but after that, amazing peace settled in as the truth begins to set you free from within your heart. Fear is only in the outer man or the false self of the “flesh”. There is no fear in love and perfect love casts out fear. So, if you fear while reading this, simply stop and ask the Lord to drive the fear away. Then, go and do what he says. He will wait on you. He is VERY patient. If you have any fear, it won’t last and will be replaced by true inner peace who is Jesus himself.Continue reading

Good morning dear friend and lover of the truth.

Is it time to start your NEW life?

Were you ALREADY baptized into a NEW life free of all sin?

This morning I woke up hearing about Joshua crossing over the Jordan with the sons of Israel.  The Lord has parked me in the 4 Gospels for the past month or so and I keep getting brought back to “the Jordan” and John the Baptist.  He has been revealing powerful and deep things about both of these and now I am being led to the book of Joshua.

The Jordan is a central “anchor” for the 4 gospels.  By “anchor” I mean it is a central starting point to try to connect events, people and order of things.  “What is the Jordan really?” I ask the Lord.  By “really”, I mean in the true (but still hidden realm) of the Spirit.

We know there is a physical river named Jordan on the physical Earth.  I am not talking about that and neither is God.  I am confident that God put that there to get the outer man to miss the truth so that righteousness can come by faith only.  Faith is always hidden from our natural view.  The natural view of the outer man is the realm of the shadow where “all things are reserved for fire” according to Peter.  I mean “what is GOD REALLY saying about the Jordan?”.

What REALLY is the Jordan?   (By this I mean in the TRUE realm of the Spirit and not in the false realm of the shadow where our bodies are.)Continue reading

Freedom from sin

Do you commit sin? What if I told you that Jesus has really removed ALL your sin from you? You are free!

My dear friend. I pray you are well this cold, rainy Wednesday morning. Please know that you are greatly loved today by our Lord Jesus. His love has nothing to do with our actions or behaviors! He IS love and he gives himself to all freely and abundantly.  Scripture even goes as far to say we have “all received” his grace.  Ponder John 1:16 if you need encouragement today.

For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace John 1:16 NASB

I haven’t written in a while because or loving Father and Lord Jesus has been taking me extremely deep in the Word. It is so deep I dare not share much of it as it’s far beyond our wildest imagination in a GOOD way, but he is also doing a lot of deep burning of unbelief that I have.  The breaking of strongholds in my natural mind are painful at times and very messy from the outside, but when they break free I am more free in that area. Today I want to share something with you about something that is very heavy on my heart today.  I see so many people (myself included) in deep spiritual bondage (too) much of the time.

Friend, I want you to know how FREE you are today.  RIGHT NOW as you are reading this!Continue reading

Good morning friends and fellow seekers of truth.

I pray you are seeking and finding Christ (who is truth AND life) in the written Word and especially inside your heart.  He alone is life and peace.  If you are, I am so happy that you are one of his “sheep who know his voice”.  He puts his voice inside some of the strangest “containers” sometimes, doesn’t he?  – The foolish things of the world.

This and the next paragraph are deep spiritual words.  Feel free to skip them if you want to get to the topic at hand as these thoughts and ideas come after MUCH deep scripture reflection and thinking.  I apologize as this happens often and when it does, only the Spirit of Christ can reveal the meaning of these words he is feeding your real self inside (who is ALSO HIM!) through “me” and “you” (our outer, natural man).  To our natural, outer mind spiritual words (hidden truth) will be pure nonsense.  Just to be sure, I am not Christ, but I am inside him and he works THROUGH me AND YOU whether you realize it or not.  We are an “Image” of him and he is the “image” of the father.  The “me” and the “I” that he uses and works through is the outer man who is dying and will become FULLY one with the Lord when this happens.  This is “life swallowing up death” as Paul told us.  It is happening now in everyone of us.  The separateness of the “I” is dying and is becoming ONE with Christ.Continue reading

Isn’t this a most interesting verse?

And He began to speak to them in parables: “A man PLANTED A VINEYARD AND PUT A WALL AROUND IT, AND DUG A VAT UNDER THE WINE PRESS AND BUILT A TOWER, and rented it out to vine-growers and went on a journey Mark 12:1

Ever wonder why Jesus began to speak to some in parables but to a select few he told them the truth plainly?

What was the difference between these two groups, one who heard parables and one who heard the truth plainly?

Is this the answer?

And He said, “To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to the rest it is in parables, so that seeing they may not see, and hearing they may not understand Luke 8:10

Was there different behavior between these two groups?

The parables start in Matthew 13, Mark 3 & 4 and Luke 8.  What causes Jesus to switch to parables for a certain group?

Something to ponder today.  It just may be the difference between having Jesus reveal the truth of the Kingdom to us vs. us hearing parables.


(Caution – this turns into a whole new topic after I started writing from the heart.  I think some of the fire of God came down from Heaven against current false teachings of the “Christian religion”.  My heart breaks as I want the common, everyday person to know the truth of the REAL gospel.  The truth that is NOT being taught in the Church.  If that statement offends you, then you don’t realize that if you speak 99.9999999999% grace (we still have “some” sin) and .0000000001 law (we need to do something about our remaining sin) then it is NOT The truth.  It may be “some” truth, but not “The” or full truth.  The real version that is 100% is powerful truth of REAL freedom that occurs INSIDE a person.  Its the actual appearance of Christ himself inside who says “you are 100% free of ALL sin no matter what your external man says, thinks or does!  Christ, The spirit of God ALONE is the truth.  My friend, my heart breaks for you to experience this.  This causes me to be very passionate both for you and at the same time AGAINST those who keep us in bondage to false religious teachings.  Its hard to write to both audiences at the same time.  I have great love for the people in the darkness, yet at times great wrath towards those who insist on keeping people under religious bondage.   Could this be what Christ was going through dealing with both the “sinners and tax collectors” who knew they were broken, imperfect people and at the same time facing the self-righteous, religious Pharisee’s who kept them in religious bondage under law?  My heart tells me “absolutely yes!”.  He had to speak STRONG words of wrath against the Pharisee before some would repent and change their mind.  Others were going to wait until the full fire came down from heaven against them before they would repent.  That is what the law and religion does.  It kills us.  Christ alone sets us free!)

I woke up this morning hearing constant thoughts as if I were dreaming.  Personally, I believe it is the Spirit talking to me.  I have mentioned this times before to try to describe it.  It’s as if you awake and others were up before you and having a discussion of which you find yourself in the middle of, listening.

What I remember now a couple hours later is “two will be in a field, one will be taken, one will be left” and “two will be grinding at the same place one will be taken one will be left”.  Once I became more alert I spoke to the Lord and told him that I believed he was telling me about Mary and Elizabeth the mothers of Jesus and John.

See, since he has revealed to me that what the Bible is REALLY teaching is NOTHING at all what we have been taught, I see everything in a totally new way.  It takes a whole new “wineskin” or way of thinking to see it.  Only the Lord can give us that, but if you will ask him, I believe he will give to anyone who asks.  See, it’s not the giving that is the problem.  It’s the ASKING!  We don’t ask because we are either too proud or we don’t have faith.  However, as soon as he takes care of these two obstacles and we finally do ask, we WILL receive. It’s only a matter of when he gives it to you.  The truth is that you already have it, but it has NOT been revealed to you.  What you define as “you” is only a tiny FRACTION of who you really are and most of that is false. Our conscious daily existence now is only the TIP of the iceberg of who we REALLY are.Continue reading