(Caution – this turns into a whole new topic after I started writing from the heart.  I think some of the fire of God came down from Heaven against current false teachings of the “Christian religion”.  My heart breaks as I want the common, everyday person to know the truth of the REAL gospel.  The truth that is NOT being taught in the Church.  If that statement offends you, then you don’t realize that if you speak 99.9999999999% grace (we still have “some” sin) and .0000000001 law (we need to do something about our remaining sin) then it is NOT The truth.  It may be “some” truth, but not “The” or full truth.  The real version that is 100% is powerful truth of REAL freedom that occurs INSIDE a person.  Its the actual appearance of Christ himself inside who says “you are 100% free of ALL sin no matter what your external man says, thinks or does!  Christ, The spirit of God ALONE is the truth.  My friend, my heart breaks for you to experience this.  This causes me to be very passionate both for you and at the same time AGAINST those who keep us in bondage to false religious teachings.  Its hard to write to both audiences at the same time.  I have great love for the people in the darkness, yet at times great wrath towards those who insist on keeping people under religious bondage.   Could this be what Christ was going through dealing with both the “sinners and tax collectors” who knew they were broken, imperfect people and at the same time facing the self-righteous, religious Pharisee’s who kept them in religious bondage under law?  My heart tells me “absolutely yes!”.  He had to speak STRONG words of wrath against the Pharisee before some would repent and change their mind.  Others were going to wait until the full fire came down from heaven against them before they would repent.  That is what the law and religion does.  It kills us.  Christ alone sets us free!)

I woke up this morning hearing constant thoughts as if I were dreaming.  Personally, I believe it is the Spirit talking to me.  I have mentioned this times before to try to describe it.  It’s as if you awake and others were up before you and having a discussion of which you find yourself in the middle of, listening.

What I remember now a couple hours later is “two will be in a field, one will be taken, one will be left” and “two will be grinding at the same place one will be taken one will be left”.  Once I became more alert I spoke to the Lord and told him that I believed he was telling me about Mary and Elizabeth the mothers of Jesus and John.

See, since he has revealed to me that what the Bible is REALLY teaching is NOTHING at all what we have been taught, I see everything in a totally new way.  It takes a whole new “wineskin” or way of thinking to see it.  Only the Lord can give us that, but if you will ask him, I believe he will give to anyone who asks.  See, it’s not the giving that is the problem.  It’s the ASKING!  We don’t ask because we are either too proud or we don’t have faith.  However, as soon as he takes care of these two obstacles and we finally do ask, we WILL receive. It’s only a matter of when he gives it to you.  The truth is that you already have it, but it has NOT been revealed to you.  What you define as “you” is only a tiny FRACTION of who you really are and most of that is false. Our conscious daily existence now is only the TIP of the iceberg of who we REALLY are.Continue reading