Good morning friends and fellow seekers of truth.

I pray you are seeking and finding Christ (who is truth AND life) in the written Word and especially inside your heart.  He alone is life and peace.  If you are, I am so happy that you are one of his “sheep who know his voice”.  He puts his voice inside some of the strangest “containers” sometimes, doesn’t he?  – The foolish things of the world.

This and the next paragraph are deep spiritual words.  Feel free to skip them if you want to get to the topic at hand as these thoughts and ideas come after MUCH deep scripture reflection and thinking.  I apologize as this happens often and when it does, only the Spirit of Christ can reveal the meaning of these words he is feeding your real self inside (who is ALSO HIM!) through “me” and “you” (our outer, natural man).  To our natural, outer mind spiritual words (hidden truth) will be pure nonsense.  Just to be sure, I am not Christ, but I am inside him and he works THROUGH me AND YOU whether you realize it or not.  We are an “Image” of him and he is the “image” of the father.  The “me” and the “I” that he uses and works through is the outer man who is dying and will become FULLY one with the Lord when this happens.  This is “life swallowing up death” as Paul told us.  It is happening now in everyone of us.  The separateness of the “I” is dying and is becoming ONE with Christ.Continue reading