Freedom from sin

Do you commit sin? What if I told you that Jesus has really removed ALL your sin from you? You are free!

My dear friend. I pray you are well this cold, rainy Wednesday morning. Please know that you are greatly loved today by our Lord Jesus. His love has nothing to do with our actions or behaviors! He IS love and he gives himself to all freely and abundantly.  Scripture even goes as far to say we have “all received” his grace.  Ponder John 1:16 if you need encouragement today.

For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace John 1:16 NASB

I haven’t written in a while because or loving Father and Lord Jesus has been taking me extremely deep in the Word. It is so deep I dare not share much of it as it’s far beyond our wildest imagination in a GOOD way, but he is also doing a lot of deep burning of unbelief that I have.  The breaking of strongholds in my natural mind are painful at times and very messy from the outside, but when they break free I am more free in that area. Today I want to share something with you about something that is very heavy on my heart today.  I see so many people (myself included) in deep spiritual bondage (too) much of the time.

Friend, I want you to know how FREE you are today.  RIGHT NOW as you are reading this!Continue reading