Good morning dear friend and lover of the truth.

Is it time to start your NEW life?

Were you ALREADY baptized into a NEW life free of all sin?

This morning I woke up hearing about Joshua crossing over the Jordan with the sons of Israel.  The Lord has parked me in the 4 Gospels for the past month or so and I keep getting brought back to “the Jordan” and John the Baptist.  He has been revealing powerful and deep things about both of these and now I am being led to the book of Joshua.

The Jordan is a central “anchor” for the 4 gospels.  By “anchor” I mean it is a central starting point to try to connect events, people and order of things.  “What is the Jordan really?” I ask the Lord.  By “really”, I mean in the true (but still hidden realm) of the Spirit.

We know there is a physical river named Jordan on the physical Earth.  I am not talking about that and neither is God.  I am confident that God put that there to get the outer man to miss the truth so that righteousness can come by faith only.  Faith is always hidden from our natural view.  The natural view of the outer man is the realm of the shadow where “all things are reserved for fire” according to Peter.  I mean “what is GOD REALLY saying about the Jordan?”.

What REALLY is the Jordan?   (By this I mean in the TRUE realm of the Spirit and not in the false realm of the shadow where our bodies are.)Continue reading