In this article and intense study, we will answer the mystery question of “Who is Satan”?  and also the question of “Who is the God of Israel in the Old Testament?”

who is satan?

Who is Satan? Is he the enemy of Jesus or his servant?

Could they be related?  Let’s see.

Dear friend and lover of the truth.

I am going to share something that I have been sitting on for more than 6 months now. Today, I sense it is time to go public and “come out of the closet” with these powerful, yet shocking truths God has been revealing through his written and living Word only and not through any external teachings of man. I truly believe we really are in the very last days and are ready for the shocking truth that scripture reveals.  I pray you are ready to stand in the TRUE faith when he appears and not shrink back.

If you have been brought up and believed all the common teachings of Christianity, (which I was) you may be GREATLY dismayed at what you begin to see as you carefully examine the scriptures yourselves instead of merely listening to other’s teachings and believing what they tell you. (Be sure to use a more literal translation like NASB or ESV and stay away from more less literal translations like NIV or the like. is a great site as is and

I know I was very shocked when I first saw the things I am going to share. I walked around in a stupor for a week or so. There was much FEAR the first few days, but after that, amazing peace settled in as the truth begins to set you free from within your heart. Fear is only in the outer man or the false self of the “flesh”. There is no fear in love and perfect love casts out fear. So, if you fear while reading this, simply stop and ask the Lord to drive the fear away. Then, go and do what he says. He will wait on you. He is VERY patient. If you have any fear, it won’t last and will be replaced by true inner peace who is Jesus himself.Continue reading