Are you believing a true or a FALSE Gospel?

Did God reveal to us in Genesis there is more than one garden?

Friends and honest truth seekers everywhere,

I hear this SCREAMING at me again from within as I exercise to the ESV audio bible of Genesis 1-4.

God has brought me back to the beginning again studying Genesis.

As you know, we have been taught by the Christian tradition that there is a SINGLE garden where God placed “Adam”.  It’s name was the “Garden of Eden”.

However, is that what SCRIPTURE says?  Have you personally studied the original Hebrew words yourself?  Or are you going by what someone else has told you?  I know I have for years.  Now, I see something COMPLETELY different when I study the original language myself.

I hope and pray you will look at it yourself.  It’s not “rocket-science” but it does require a person to take their head out of their religion and use their God-given brain.

Would you be shocked to find that scripture actually tells us there is MORE THAN ONE garden?

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