This morning the Lord has revealed something so deep and powerful again.  I must speak it out loud in a message.  I will tell this to anyone who will hear the words it is so powerful.  I want them to be SET FREE from the bondages of religion.  He is putting together a most amazing true picture inside that is beyond words.  It’s bigger than we could ever imagine. 

But, you cannot believe it.

That is if you follow the gospel of the natural man.  This is a gospel that man’s mind has made up, the gospel of religion.

Man is greatly limited in his understanding because he confined to both space and time.  This severely limits his ability to understand ANYTHING of God or the spirit realm where there is NO LIMITATION of space or time.  So, when the natural mind reads or hears God’s Word and it comes across something that it can NOT comprehend in the realm of space and time, it simply dismisses it as “impossible”.  1 Cor 2:14  This happens in an instant inside us when our outer, natural man hears truth from God.  He says in a flash “IMPOSSIBLE!” and dismisses it or argues back. 

Well, is ANYTHING impossible with God?  Matt 19:26, Mark 10:27  With this in mind, is it possible that God can give eternal life to all people?

Here is a classic example that he keeps revealing to me over and over.  It involves what God says is true right now at this exact moment.  When this occurs, the natural mind can’t understand how it is possible and thus, dismisses it in UNBELIEF.Continue reading