“7 Churches of Asia”

Have you ever wondered what the “7 Churches of Asia” (also called seven lampstands) are in the book of Revelation?

Are the “7 Churches of Asia” the “7 Chakras of the spiritual body”?

They can be found in Rev 1:11 (<–“wholesome” numbers), 1:20 and 2:1-3:22.

The “7 Churches” are (in order given in Revelation):

1) “Ephesus”
2) “Smyrna”
3) “Pergamos”
4) “Thyatira”
5) “Sardis”
6) “Philadelphia”
7) “Laodicea”

The order can also reversed depending on how one views them.

These names all have amazing clues in them.  Just look for sub-words within them.  For example, do you see “us”, “my”, “os”, “thy”, “tira”, “is”, “phil”, “delphi”, and “lao” (people) in them?  All of these are “signs and symbols” as all words are.

One Body

Now, imagine there is ONE body like EPHESIANS 4:4 says.  Using our and YOUR current single human body (and it’s “parts”) for reference, what body regions do you think these groups are part of or referring to?

All of these have the word “and” in front of them except “Ephesus”.  Thus, Ephesus is special and it comes first.  Acts 19:1 says Paul was traveling though the “upper parts” to be entering into “Ephesus”.

What part of the body is the “most upper part”?  Is this the upper part of the head or the region just above the head where your “crown” is?

Why does this one not have “and” in front of it and the others do?

Could it be because the others only see the 6 lower, fleshly partitions (“and”) of the body while “Ephesus” sees the highest (single) spiritual view?

Now, go all the way through the rest of the “Out-calleds” (what man calls “Churches”) from 2 to 7 (or 7 to 2) and see if you can find the regions of the single, spiritual body these groups are part of.


What I am about to share next will blow your mind if you are open to see it.  It didn’t come from me, but from within.

Compare these “7 Churches/Lampstands to the “7 Chakras” (wheels of energy/light).  Once you study both of them with an open mind and heart, you will see they are speaking of the same thing.  Don’t worry if any fear comes up as fear is not real and is not from God.  I, too, experienced fear in many of the revelations I first saw.

These both are referring to the 7 energy seats and spiritual portals to the true hidden SPIRITUAL body.

One in Midst of the Lampstands

Now, who is the one in the “midst of the seven lampstands”?

If we go to Rev 1:13, the original “transliterated” (each Greek letter translated to English equivalent) words say the one in the “midst of the seven lampstands” is “HOMOion huiO anthrOpou” or “likeness son of-human”.  “HOMO” capital emphasis mine.

Are you and I “HOMO-sapiens” made in the “likeness of (a) son-of human” in the “midst of the 7 lampstands” (energy circles) of the spiritual body?

Please remember, the kingdom of God is in your midst (within you) not without (outside).  Luke 17:21.