God's Fire in the cloud

God’s Fire in the cloud

Friends and fellow truth seekers.

I sense Big and mighty things are coming.

There is about to be a revival like we have NEVER seen before.  And it’s not from the ones we call “religious”.  Although I hope they will join.  It’s up to God.

Amongst the revival there will be a huge spiritual battle too.  God will give victory and when he does, WE WILL win!

I am about to start UNPACKING and UNLOADING things simply as I see them.  I must have balance in order to be able to continue to deliver what I hear.

Maybe you can help somehow?

Today I hear him saying “No more “tip-toeing” around so as to not offend the religion minded”.  Once again, the Earth will become divided.  The outer will be visibly divided from the “inner”.  The flesh or “outer” will be truly “circumcised” by his very shape double-edged sword of the living truth.  This is the true covenant of Abraham that WILL be fulfilled by God via his living Word.

It will divide us from each other.

And also divide us from WITHIN.

You will begin to see things like NEVER before.  Powerful truths that he will reveal.

It is going to take down THRONES and RULERS that will amazed and astound you. 

People who are worshipped and followed AS GOD will be dethroned as their true power (inner) is cut away from them who exist in the “outer”.

They are in “high and mighty places” and have taken the place of God as Lord.

They will be left “outside sitting in the dust of the Earth”.

They have violated the scriptures that say “call no man your leader” or teacher.  Matt 23:8,10.  They have taught you that you must follow and worship them instead of God directly within you.  After all, “they know much better than you do”.  They kept you from knowing the truth that you have the very anointing of Christ within you regardless of your religious beliefs.  1 John 2:20, 27.  That’s because THEY didn’t believe it themselves.

Our father just kept this hidden from us.

Until now.

God will make it very clear.  He is.

There will be HELLFIRE for many and indeed, there already is.  First WITHIN, then WITHOUT.

They taught you that you must “DO” something to actually MAKE truth occur.   You must read your Bible or even go to a building called “Church”.  Somehow this is what caused God to act on your behalf.

They forgot to teach you that you ALREADY are IN HIS BUILDING of the TRUE Church which is God’s very own spiritual BODY!

And it’s people who you NEVER suspected… and we will be shocked.   They will be FORCED to sit down in the “dust of the earth” in true repentance.

He will force deep darkness and GLOOM on them when their inner thrones are cut away.  THEY will be MADE into servants because all this time THEY were the “greatest among us“.  Matt 23:11

Unless and until THEY repent and finally agree with God’s Word and trust his Spirit instead of their own efforts.

But, don’t worry.  If you seek truth within and fully trust GOD and GOD ALONE for your righteousness, you will celebrate when you see it.  But, during the “conversion” there will be hell on Earth and in many lives as our loving father severely disciplines his own Hebrew (inner and outer) children (who are still under law).

I have been in the hellfire for 3 years now on and off.  It’s very dark and painful, yet then amazing GLORY appears within.   His voice never stops speaking to us and it is so powerful and awesome.  If you hear it today, please take heed.

Here is the SHOCKER!

Many if not all of the common teachings of “Christianity” we have all been taught since children will be UTTERLY DESTROYED!

They simply were not true.  At least not in the highest revealed sense.

They were not based on God’s (true) inner Word, but MAN’S outer word that created a following for HIM.

We will ALL BE BAPTIZED and “SALTED” with his Holy, purifying and refining FIRE.  Mark 9:49. 

None of us will escape.  He wants to make us pure so we will call on him and be WITH him.

Then, we will be SET FREE after we are baptized into the living truth.  First within, then without.  This has NOTHING to do with your outer “religion” or beliefs. Truth is not dependent on man.  That’s a lie they taught us for centuries now.  So we can “depend” on them.

Now, we are entering the “home stretch” of the 3rd generation.  The beginning of the true “marriage” between God and his people.  In the “4th” one we go home.  Gen 15:16.  God will fulfill his covenant with Abram the father of us all.  Romans 4:16

God’s true and original WRITTEN WORD and LIVING Word will destroy all the chaff after he puts his wheat in his barn.  He will severely reprimand his daughter called “The Church” who became haughty.  See Isaiah 2-10+.

Please keep posted and keep searching for him.  He is speaking to you even right now.   I will share more as I am led.

Perhaps you can help me in some way?  Please consider asking him.

Let’s listen for his voice of truth within us and in all things.  Let’s start immersing ourselves with his truth by reading a literal translation and begin asking about his original Word he gave us.  The words we read are merely pointers to the LIVING Word within you.  Only he can speak the truth to you and unveil our outer minds of Moses.

Our Daddy is coming to bring us back home.

It’s coming.  He is coming.

Are any of you hearing him speak this?  If so, please let me know.

God bless.