Books of Magic of Acts 19:19

Is the translated Bible a "book of magic"?

Is the translated Bible a “book of magic”?

The following verse has fascinated me since I first read it.

Acts19_19The original words say:

Enough YET of-the-ones THE about-acts practicing together-carry THE SCROLLS they-down-burned in-view of-all and they-together-pebble the values of-them and they-found of-silver MYRIADS(10,000) FIVE Acts 19:19 Westminster-Leningrad Codex

The King James version says:

Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver Acts 19:19 KJV

The New American Standard says:

And many of those who practiced magic brought their books together and began burning them in the sight of everyone; and they counted up the price of them and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver Acts 19:19

First, please notice the verse numbers.  19:19.  Interesting numbers, wouldn’t you think?

What is the hour that Jesus died on the cross?  Is the Lord “one”?  Mark 12:29   Could this verse possibly be a very important one to find the true meaning of?

What are the “books of magic” that (I surmise) hold much power over the people?

Is it possible they are inaccurate translations and versions of the very Word of God (or what we know of as the “Bible” or the tower of “Babel” or confusion)?

I have already pointed out many times how the Bible contains hundreds of contradictions and hundreds of translations or “interpretations” by man.

After all, did God give us this – “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth“?

Or did he give us this?  – Gen1_1

We know that he gave us the Old Testament in Biblical Hebrew (with a small part in Aramaic) which is the type just above that looks like “signs”.  It is man who gave us the English words.  Thus, if you are reading the English version only, you are trusting in man’s interpretation of God’s Word.

I think that is VERY shaky ground.   I am even finding spots where man reveals his unbelief of God’s word and purposely MIS-translates words.  I call this “crucifying the Word of God”.  Yes, it’s still occurring each and every day.  Revelation 22:18-19 has some very stern warnings for those who change or misinterpret the Word of God.

Man does all kinds of strange things with the Word of God because he doesn’t understand it.  He changes the order of the words, misinterprets words, ignores words totally and adds words that are not there.  He does this so he can make the words fit his own understand rather than reading the words as they are and CHANGING his understanding to fit the words.  I pray you won’t change the words or believe someone who does.  I pray you will go directly to the original words and then ask the “engrafted Word inside your heart to interpret for you”.  James 1:21

What is the TRUTH then?

I am convinced the truth who is the LIVING Word of God exists inside of all of us and is our very life.  Please notice that Jesus didn’t say he is “life”, but that the is THE (single, whole) life.  John 14:6   Thus, there exists but ONE life for all living creatures.  However, for most, it (life) is still in “seed” or natural form not yet been broken open under the trials and tribulations of life.  So many people are taught that their heart is “evil” and thus they shouldn’t “follow their heart”.  I believe this is teaching deception.  A person who teaches these things wants you to be THEIR disciple.   They are building their kingdom, not the Lords.

Btw, the closest interpretation of Genesis 1:1 in English is closest to:

In-beginning HE-created ELOHIM with the-heavens and-with the-Earth  Gen 1:1 WLC

So, who did the “creating” (spiritual birthing)?

HE” did.

What did “he” create?

ELOHIM with the-heavens and-with the-Earth.

Was “Elohim” (God) created or spiritually “birthed”?

According to the original words, YES!

John 3:16 confirms this.

Thus for LOVES the GOD the System as-besides THE SON of-him the ONLY-GENERATED He-gives that EVERY the one-believing into him NO should-be-being-destroyed but may-be-having LIFE ENOIAN John 3:16 WLC

Do you see the words “only-generated”?  Sometimes, this is translated as “only-begotten” or “spiritually birthed”.  Most human translators do NOT know what to do with this word.

So, can we conclude that Genesis 1:1 is the spiritual birth (called “begotten”) of the SON of God called “Elohim”?

I believe so.   We know that one of the names for God is “EL” and we know what “him” (male) is.  We can very safely say that Elohim is the “Son of God”.  We can also see John 1:3 and Col 1:16 to confirm this.

This is also confirmed in Psalms 2:7.  Most theologians don’t know what to do with the word “begotten” as they can’t reconcile that God (Elohim) was begotten.  Many translations remove it altogether.  This is very shaky ground IMHO.

These things are what my heart is speaking to me.  What about you?

What is your heart (the implanted Word) saying right now about this?  That is all that matters for you.  I pray you are able to hear from your heart on these things and be fed via the “rivers of living waters”.

Back to the Books of Magic

What prompted me to write this article was a word I saw in Joshua 5:8.  As soon as I saw it, I knew that no English translator had the BALLS to give it’s true definition.   It’s also very clear to me that they pretty much followed good ole “King James”.  Let’s check out Josh 5:8 in the original words.




Do you see the last word?

It says “to-live-of-them”.  As soon as I read this word, I knew that NO ENGLISH translator would translate it that way.   Read the whole verse and see what we are truly being told here.  The way that it is stated destroys many things that most Christians believe about life and birth.  It says they stay in the “camp” until to live of them or until they are ALIVE!

Thus, this verse is mostly speaking of what occurred BEFORE the nation was even BORN.

Now, go to this page and see what man tells us the last word says.  This really irritates me as I believe we are being purposely deceived by our “teachers”.   They try every way possible to come up with a word that is NOT what the original word says.

We can confirm this word by looking at a very similar word in Josh 9:5.




Compare this word with the last word of Joshua 5:8 and you will see how similar they are.  This is speaking of LIFE and living and not “recovery” or “wholeness”.

So, why does man do this?

I have my own reasons, what do you think?   Feel free to comment.