Can you Imagine?


I believe I must have been dreaming. I have always been a big “dreamer” I guess.

It has fed me lots of hope during times of darkness to get me “through”. Isn’t it the hope that really keeps us getting up each day and pressing forward? Hope that things will be better and even completely “made right” one day by our loving father and Lord Jesus?

Maybe it’s just me, but I have really been enamored with the beauty of the Lord’s body called the Church. Lately, I have been seeing her through the eyes of faith. She is extremely beautiful, righteous and lovely and the whole world flocks to her for their true needs.

It’s a totally different world that is upside-down from today’s present world of darkness where unrighteousness and deception reigns. All the worlds wealth from the system of Babylon is now in her hands. She handles it with honor and dignity. Truth is the clear and open victor each and every time and righteousness (Christ) truly does reign in the life I am dreaming about. The whole world flocks to his body because there no longer is ANY judgment for anyone! There are no dividing lines between the “believer” and the “unbeliever” because they only existed in the darkness of the “flesh”. All division has been removed and everyone knows they are a true child of the most high and they did nothing to earn it. It was a gift from the biggest giver of all and he gets all the praise and glory. Truth is fully known and lived daily and we live openly and honestly with everyone. Nothing is hidden as there is no reason to hide anything.

The nations have had the blinders of their veiled minds removed and they see truth and know God clearly and directly. They flocked to his body after the veil was fully removed from it’s own mind(s) and his body is now serving them in truth and love. Everyone now clearly see’s things as they really are and themselves as they truly are with no distorted images, shadows, or reflections. No more seeing “images” or “shadows” of the true reality. They truly see for the very first time and feel loved and peaceful. Righteousness (Christ) reigns. The love of God overflows from their “cups” into all around them. No longer are relationships made out of weakness but out of the overflowing strength of God’s love and this flows through all mankind.

Can you imagine such a world?

I can. At least with God’s help.

Let’s not stop there, let’s bring it “closer to home” to make our dream a little more real.

Can you imagine if our entire salvation truly was a gift and that man played no part but really was a “passenger”?

Wouldn’t that be so amazing and truly glorify God? I believe it would. What if “repentence” is the beginning part of the “salvation gift” that God gives us to merely “change our mind” about the lies we believed about his goodness so we can start to see the truth of his goodness? What if ALL behavior change flowed out of this one change of seeing God and self correctly? What if repentance was a gift too and could only happen after he removed our spiritual blindness? What if faith is the very package that this most amazing and prescious gift we call “salvation” came wrapped in? Wouldn’t that mean that Ephesians 2:8-9 was true?

What if faith was really the very faith OF Christ and was a total gift because it is a spirtual aspect and man only operates in the natural realm? I bet that would really help us to see “unbelievers” differently.

What if this “package” had a name called Christ and he was a free gift given to all mankind, just each in his own order according to the ages and Gods plan? What if 1 Cor 15:22-23 really said this? I tell you that we would celebrate like never before! All of us both inside the building we call Church and outside would be dancing together! I wonder if this is the REAL dividing line that Paul says separates the “Jews” and “Gentiles”? What if the physical Jews of the old Testament really represented the body of Christ (Church) and the gentiles really represented the rest of the world? Can you imagine that? Let’s not stop there!

What if “Israel” in the Old testament really was a type or picture of the whole world and “Judah” is a type of the “Church” or body of Christ? Can you imagine if whenever he said he would “save all Isreal” that he really meant he was going to “save the whole world”? That would be so unbelieveable! Unless you had such a huge imagination like I do. What if Jesus really was the savior of the whole world like 1 John 4:14, 1 John 4:10, John 3:17, and John 4:42 appears to say? I think that would be so cool. I bet it would REALLY glorify Christ and the father, don’t you?

What if sin really is gone in the true reality because we have the very definition of sin wrong?  Can you imagine the pain we would experience because we simply are believing a lie when we think we still see sin? Could it be so mind blowing that there may have never been any sin as man defines it? What if the TRUE definition is really “not seeing yourself as you really are”? I think that would be so mind blowing. What if our father sent Jesus as a mirror to show us who we really are – Son’s and daughters of the most high? Could it be that we have been merely seeing an image of ourselves in the realm of the shadow (death) this whole time and not the truth? If so, I am sure he will unveil our minds to this truth and all our spiritual blindness will evaporate. If this is true, then we will really know REAL selves and we will be like him in our experience not only as in a glass dimly.

What if the God of this world or Satan is not some hideous evil creature like man has thought?  Can you imagine if he really is a very powerful Angel who he himself is wrapped in the same darkness as man and he really is the mind of natural man who thinks he is separated from God? Wouldn’t that be crazy?  What if “death” is nothing more than believing in our own minds that we are separated or blinded from God and yet we aren’t or never were?  What if Satan is the one holding this power of “blindness” called death but he really reports to the “Savior of the World” – Jesus?  Could that be why Jesus said he now holds the keys to Death and Hades in Revelation 1:18?  Imagine if the only real power of “death” that he had was merely by keeping you and I believing the lie of the illusion of who we really are? He could probably make it really believeable if our bodies would really get old and die. It would be our only experience and we would have to believe death is forever and painful. What if this illusion he powered, which made us believe a lie about who we are, was the sole source of all the behavior man calls sin? Wouldn’t it be amazing if all “sin” as behavior flowed out of the lie that all of us were forced to believe? Can you imagine if that was why God called him the “father of sin” or “father of lies” in 1 John 3:8 and John 8:44? Imagine that he had NO real power to “kill” other than the ability to keep us from seeing our TRUE selves via the power of deception which created ignorance or “blindness” and this “killed” or ministered death to us via separation from God in our own minds? What if when God says “sin”, he really is talking about this person who yeilds this power of deception or “false separation” and NOT an act as man (under law or Old Covenant) defines it? So, that makes me wonder where he gets this power of “death” or deception (separation from God in our minds) from? Let’s dream on that a bit.

Can you imagine that Satan, as God of this World (including our natural body) really deceives us so cleverly and subtly by getting us to come under law or rules in our minds? Hang with me a bit on this portion of my dream. If he somehow had access to our minds and could put in thoughts that begin with “I” he could really pull a fast one over over on us, I bet! We would think these thoughts are coming from US! Wow, that would be so tricky! I bet we would be hearing thoughts like “I am simply not worthy or good enough” or even more clever and suble thoughts of “I should” and “I better” which would put us under under condemnation and guilt (of the law). He may even go so far as to convince us we have to change something about ourselves to be more “acceptable” to God. I bet he would constantly show us the PERFECT standard of God so we would be forever reminded we simply don’t measure up. That would surely cut us off from life. Maybe he would even try tactics like “If only I could stop doing that ‘sin'”, or “God please take this (behavior) away”? That would be so clever especially if God already fully loved us for who we REALLY are and we simply didn’t know who we were. Oh, I have one. What if he could actually convince us that we could stop sinning (as the law of moses defines it)? Wouldn’t that be a good joke!?! What if he is so smart and clever that he was even able to get us to receive condemnation by convincing us that we are good enough to fulfill God’s perfect law and establish our own righteousness by our deeds? That would almost be like double blindness I think. What an amazingly clever trick as he could use the law as his weapon either way to make us feel guilty and/or condemned!

I bet if he could get us to come under law or believe we can fulfill the law ourselves via righteous deeds or even as subtle as trying to change something about ourselves, then the scripture that says the law is the “ministry of death” and condemnation may actually be true? Wait, here is a FAR OUT THERE thought! What if the law of Moses or “ministry of death” as 2 Corinthians 3:7 calls it actually was the very “ministry” of Satan? What if his power of “death” really was spiritual deception/blindness and the law of Moses working together? Wouldn’t we feel duped if he was really God’s servent (willingly or unwillingly) to show us that we have no righteousness of our own? Imagine if the Angels that the law was given through really was him? I would feel so tricked.

What if Jesus meant it when he said that “no one has ever seen the father except himself” in John 6:46?  Now that I think of it, it would be really crazy if the one true God (Jesus’ father) told us that the Israelites were NOT offering up sacrifices to him during the time under law in the wilderness?  Acts 7:39-43 Imagine if the “God” that Moses and the elders saw on the top of Mt. Saini was not the one true Lord and God of all, but really Satan, the angel and “God” of this world?  Acts 7:38, 2 Corinthians 11:14,  That would be so crazy if the “God of Israel” on Mount Saini was really Satan the “God of this world”? How could that be? Isn’t Satan hideous and all “evil” and stuff? I don’t know, I can’t find that anywhere in scripture.  However, what if somehow he is really the powerful spiritual man from Genesis 1 who was cut off from Heaven and is the God of this current realm of darkness (separation from the one true God) we call “Earth”? These are just some of the things I love to dream about. I am a dreamer! Here are some more random things I love to dream about. Do you want to dream some more with me?

What if God really never does change and when he told us he is not pleased with sacrifices and offerings, he meant it?

Again, what if Christ was telling the truth when he said “no one has ever seen the father” in John 6:46? Wouldn’t that be so confusing especially given the below verses. I would wonder “Just who exactly is the God of Israel?” Is “Israel” really maybe a type of this entire “world”? Not sure.

Moses and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and the seventy elders of Israel went up, 10 and they saw the God of Israel. Under his feet there was something like a pavement made of sapphire, clear like the sky itself. 11 But he did not lay a hand on the leaders of the Israelites, so they saw God, and they ate and they drank. Exod 24:9-11

Whoever this God is that gave the Israelites the Law I hope we find out soon because we have been worshipping him for centuries in all Churches that teach the Law and the Commandments.

What if the sting of “death” (separation from God) really is sin and that that law actually gave “sin” or Satan his power? Maybe Paul was telling the truth in Romans 7:9 and 7:11 where he said sin (Satan) “deceived me” through the commandment and “killed me”?

Oh, I know. What if the “veil” that is over the minds of unbelievers or the natural mind is really strengthened by the law and everytime we teach or preach law or the 10 commandments we are veiling their minds? But their minds were made dull, for to this day the same veil remains when the old covenant is read. It has not been removed, because only in Christ is it taken away. 2 Cor 3:14.  Could that be what those verses mean?

Would that also mean that to cleanse our conscience of all sin (Satan’s power) and guilt that we would need to remove all law-based thinking? Is that what Hebrews 10 is REALLY talking about?  Could we go so far as to imagine that this is the true key to activating the true freedom and life of Christ inside our hearts and “walk in the Spirit? Maybe this is the true “rest” or sabbath we would enter into? A spiritual rest of our hearts. Maybe the “Sabbath” is not a day, but a spirtual rest from within? What if EVERY day were a Sabbath or a day of rest inside? That would be awesome. What if this reality of Christ caused us to be perfectly content with who we are right now not desiring to change a thing because we knew we are totally loved and accepted by God our father as is? That if we are to change in any way, it’s his job as God to do it?  What if knowing this and entering into this rest is what really caused Christ to live through us?   I think I would love that and want to share it with everyone no matter how much they would persecute me or separate from me. I would do anything I could to get them to see this, I think. If it were true. For now, lets just dream and imagine.

So, if the law really did minister death via condemnation and guilt, how would we break this news to the current Church who still teaches people to come under law and rules to change themselves? I bet they would have a very hard time believing this news. It would be a RADICAL change or departure from current teachings that is for sure. The focus may even go away from man and sin to God and his son Jesus. If this were true, I suspect they may say or think “how can we just release everyone to sin?” What if the Church doesn’t see these things and they still think the law actually keeps “people in line”? What if they don’t see it is Christ inside a person who manages a person’s life and it’s time to take off the “training wheels” of the law? I bet they would be shocked that they were actually ministering death and condemnation (via the law) to the very people they were trying to help save. That would probably sting in the beginning during the time of conviction, but once truth settled in and started to breathe life, then we all would celebrate together, wouldn’t we? I know I would!

Here are some more “random dreams” to dream about.

What if man really doesn’t affect or impact truth in ANY way and it’s all the Work of God? What if ALL of creation really WAS put into Christ and Christ was also in ALL creation like Col 3:11 says? What if God really is everywhere and Christ really is “one with the father”? Wouldn’t that mean that Christ really is “in all“? What if God and Christ have been with us the WHOLE time and we simply were deceived or “blinded” and didn’t know it? What if all the separation in the world and man’s mind such as religions and denominations are really the work of Satan’s power of deception that blinds us from the truth?

What if man is behind a veil and really does NOT affect the truth and ONLY God is truth?  What if man can only experience the truth, but not change or impact it?  Wouldn’t that be a GOOD thing?  I think it would because I do not trust myself, but I do trust God.  I feel much safer if “I” am taken out of the equation, but maybe that’s just me.

I know these are some very insanely crazy dreams that maybe only I have? I do believe that one day, maybe soon, we will see the truth and know him face to face. I believe we are already to some extent, as if looking into a mirror dimly but he wants to take us deeper, much deeper.  It’s almost like we are living in a shadow or an illusion right now, but one day we will know the truth fully.  I bet we will experience him like never before. I am sure he will unveil or reveal himself to us by simply removing the veil from our own minds. Maybe we will truly see ourselves then as we really are because we will see him as he really is?  It would be awesome to worship him directly, openly and honestly instead of indirectly or even a false image as we do now. That will be one amazing dream come true!

Do you think he will really “return” like people say?  Or could the last book called “The Revelation” which means “unveiling” really mean that he is really here now but just hidden from our view?  I am not sure, but the words of Jesus seem to give us a clue.

teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  Matthew 28:20

A guy can dream can’t he?  I hope you will join me in my dreaming.

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