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Warning!  These powerful things found in God’s Word may deeply offend the self-righteous, religious mind we all struggle with from time to time.  The truth always gives all the glory to God in Christ and man takes NO credit.  The truth (Christ) is a huge stumbling block for the self-righteous mind who is hideously hidden inside all of us.  These amazingly good things have NOTHING to do with any “religion” or man’s efforts to get back to God.  They just ARE (true) no matter what your beliefs are.  Man does NOT create or make truth happen, God does.  Man just enjoys the fruit’s of God’s labor (truth).   This is indeed very good!

I hope to share something soon very POWERFUL called “types and shadows” that we are rarely ever taught.  This is something you will NOT want to miss because it is the very key to unlocking what God is REALLY telling us through his Word.  Believe me, it’s very good and when you really “see” it, you will have LIFE flowing from within you.

Of course, this is all my opinion.  Or is it?

I am going to make a very bold statement.  I believe once a person begins to understand this powerful truth, they will NOT want to put God’s Word down as it will continue to feed them powerful life and energy from within.  No more FORCING you to do it because you don’t want to be condemned or feel shame and guilt.  That all disappears and it has NOTHING to do with what you do or don’t do.  It’s all in simply seeing the truth that already exists.

It all started just over 2 years ago when a friend of mine gave me a simple book after we were hanging out one weekend.  My spiritual eyes would be opened and spiritual blindness would begin to be removed.  I would see things in God’s Word that I never did before.  Very powerful things.

“Hey, check this book out if you want” he said as he handed it to me.  “It seems scriptural, but there is something different about it..”

I looked at it and was very hesitant because it looked like a “motivational” or “sales training” type of book.  Like Tony Robbins. Now, don’t get me wrong,  I have nothing against these types of books and own many of them and have read them. I just knew by now that they weren’t the full answer.  They always left me feeling unsatisfied once the emotion wore off.

However, I took the book because I have a very open mind and will check out virtually anything that I felt would bring me closer to God and the truth.

That night was when my life was changed forever.

I remember lying in my bed reading the book and I only got about 10 or so pages into it and I sat completely DUMBFOUNDED staring at the ceiling.

“Is this TRUE LORD?”  I asked him quietly in complete shocked disbelief.  I felt a growing sense inside that it was.  And, BOY, was it GOOD!  What this person was saying about a certain scripture verse was exactly what I believed in my heart for a LONG time and it showed us that God didn’t require something that man has been telling us he does.  I had been going to a non-denominational church for 8 years at this time and felt I was pretty strong scripturally, but there were many times when I felt confused by what was taught.

I have since learned that this is called “mixture”, which is mixing the old covenant of law with the new covenant of grace.  Law says “man must do it to earn it” and Grace says “God does it for you for free, you just receive it”.  Since then, I have found it is EVEN BETTER than that!  We can’t even receive it, God has to receive it for us inside our hearts.  Under the new covenant of Grace, God performs both sides – God’s AND man’s.  Wow, could this get any better?

YES!  You just wait till you see what he has in store for us.

So, the book that I read changed my internal being and for the next two weeks, I was on such a high emotional state you would have thought I had won a million dollars.  I really won MUCH more than that, we all have.  I just didn’t start to know it until then.

I couldn’t wait to tell my church leaders.  I thought they would be so excited.  I could never have been so wrong.

I hope to share more of this story and the things I have learned soon.