I took the site offline for a short while to make sure the Lord still wants me to continue this.

I believe I have been given the go ahead to continue.

Look for some deep and powerful revelations coming soon.  Please help spread the word that “Gods not dead he’s surely alive”!

God bless you my friend.


The Spirit is Free and in Color

The Spirit is Free and in Color

Today, I believe I finally “paid my taxes”.

The Lord has been working mightily in my heart the past 3 years, but especially INTENSELY in the past 3 weeks.  Today, being the day of “taxes” on the “first fruits” of the natural “land” (of our natural bodies), I believe I am hearing strongly from him.  Scripture has come together in a way that you can’t imagine from Genesis all the way to Revelation as ONE.  I am feeling a sense of tremendous freedom like never before inside.

I am absolutely and 100% convinced that great and MIGHTY things are coming that we can not fathom in our natural outer person.

At the same time he has been correcting “me” – Duane, the person you know me as in my outer, natural person.  The things I write and share are NOT for the public.  Sorry Lord.  You know how zealous I am for all to know and see the truth of your grace.

These things are to remain hidden as they are for his own body (at this time) and not ALL is to be revealed … YET.  Only those who are part of his body right now have been given the understanding of the (spiritual) parables he speaks in the Word and inside us.  Mark 4:11, Luke 8:10, Matt 13:11.  The rest who are under law still (as Pharisees and Sadducees) will only persecute his body as they haven’t been given the “keys to the kingdom” yet and will be offended and threatened.

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I hope your day is going very well.  I don’t know if the Jetpack email notification system for new posts is overwhelmed or down, but I just posted the following online but an email notification didn’t go out (yet).  Sometimes if I put a small post online the notification will go through, so I am trying that here.

The words that came through my hands fed me greatly from within and I hope to share them with all.  Here is a direct link.

 “Bible Birth Pains – Are We “Sinners” or Are We Being Reborn into ETERNAL Life?”

I hope everyone who is subscribing will be notified.

God bless you.


How to fix technology?

How to fix technology??? (click to visit my business website)

Good morning,

The user notifications of new posts should be fixed and if you create a user account, you will be notified of new posts.  Thanks for  your patience.

Isn’t technology fun?  That is how I make my living in my “earthly” work and I know how frustrating it can be when it doesn’t work.

Also, a new Index page is online that lists all the site content in a nice, HUMAN-readable format.

YES!  Now us “humans” can find what we want in addition to all the computer robots like Google that roam around the Internet looking for content. It is on the left site of the site just below the site title and tagline “We can’t handle the truth, it’s TOO good”. Here is a link directly to it.

I have also included below a list of some of my favorite post that fed me the most encouragement from within.

One topic that I keep hinting around about is “who is the REAL God of Israel in the Old Testament“?  This is huge and when God releases this truth, I believe it is going to change Christianity entirely from its very foundational coreContinue reading