Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ and honest truth seekers everywhere.

Yesterday was a BIG day with a HUGE post of some revelations I am seeing.  One thing that I have to be reminded of is that this is what I believe God is revealing to ME from scripture.

When I write and share, I am usually 100% convinced in that moment it is very true.  That is the power of the Spirit working within us I believe.  It is more real than the location of my physical body when it occurs.

During that time, there is a powerful rush within of euphoria that is hard to describe.  The best way would be like drinking a large quantity of coffee and the caffeine hitting you at once.  Its a powerful surge of inner power and calmness with a sense of ultimate peace that ALL problems that exist have been totally resolved.  I feel as though I have won the lottery and just found out that you have as well.  I just need to somehow tell you and hopefully you will see you have.  That is what drives me so much. I am convinced we ALL have won the lottery, but we won’t know until the appointed time by the Father.

Friends, look at and ask the Lord to reveal the TRUE meaning of this ONE verse.Continue reading

Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ,

The Lord continues to slay me in the Spirit.    He has busted one of the seals in Revelation and I am seeing things everyday that are deeper and more powerful than ever.  He continues to build upon the revelations I gave small hints of in the last couple of writings but didn’t feel I was released to share openly yet.  Let’s go deeper.

He even has me sharing parts of them with Christians I know from the Church I used to attend.  I am sure they sound like someone who is smoking something.  They would to me I bet if someone told me those things.  God says in a verse “you wouldn’t believe it IF SOMEONE TOLD YOU” (of the awesome things he is doing) and is revealing even now.  I pray that the father would take away our stony (law-based) external heart and take the plank of wood out of our (spiritual) “eye” so the light of truth can shine into our natural man.

I believe last time I shared the most powerful thing that the Gospels may be written from the view of man only in the different realm of man’s makeup (spirit, soul and body).  For example, John is the highest level that God reveals in the Bible.  This is why he also was given the “Revelation” of Christ at the end of the Bible.  He had to tell the story from the highest level revealed to man.Continue reading

One eye in Christ

Do we have one eye or two?

Friends and brethren,

The Father continues to show me miraculous signs.  I have been continuing to write them down as they appear in my daily experience.  I would love to go into them in detail, but this format is not conducive to that.

Let me tell you that I believe yesterday was my own personal “execution on the cross”.  My natural body is still alive, but everything points to my spiritual execution.  I was very afraid approaching it, but I knew it was coming. The Lord gave me many signs.

I was “executed” by two well-dressed men in nicely pressed business suites who shined like Angels. They were very polite, respectful and “matter of fact”.  I am convinced they were from God.Continue reading

Good afternoon dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Genesis 1 creation

Let’s see what a visual of Genesis 1 looks like

The Lord has been taking me very deep into the creation of man and the Genesis 1 creation account.  We have been spending 6-10 hours a day going deep into the original words of creation between Genesis 1-3 and 5-9.  He has been revealing such powerful and amazing things that I have never before seen.  I am so grateful for this.

Still, I don’t yet see the picture as a single image.

I know this is by design from God.

It has to be “given” to me as a gift and I must have been “working” or “striving” too hard for it.  However, he has given me such tremendous gifts I can’t wait to share them with you from our time together.  They are so amazing that many will be impossible to believe or even see without him giving them to you.

I have been hearing him tell me this.  “Onto us a child is born, but a son is given“.  This has been speaking to me over and over.Continue reading

cross of death gives live

Could God’s true plan to Heaven be the cross of death for all of us?

Good morning friends,

I am stumbling upon something mighty and amazing this morning after having a very quiet (spiritually speaking) 1-2 weeks.  I have heard glimmers of this in the past and find it in my study notes, but this morning it is coming to me very strong as I study the genealogy of Abraham.  As we do so, it is always a great idea to be asking God in our hearts “what are you REALLY telling us here”?

For example, we are taught in the Christian religion that Abraham was a man who God blessed and gave great favor to.  Wherever and whatever Abraham did, it was successful.  God told him that he would bless all families and nations through him.  Also, through “his seed” would come one who would be the savior of the world.

These things are all true according to the Bible, but is God telling us more than appears on the surface?  Was Abraham a mere man in a human body or is there MUCH more that God is revealing here about creation and our future?  I believe so and when you see it, it is VERY exciting!Continue reading

Good morning beloved friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Genesis 1

Let’s find the truth of Genesis

I pray this message finds you resting in the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus.  This past week has been a week of testing and trials for me in my earthly work.  I pray the Lord finds me resting at his feet but better yet, he is the one doing it in and through me.  Our senses and bodily experience is so believable though, isn’t it?

Still, he always continues to reveal his amazing faithfulness no matter who difficult things get.  It’s simply a process of waiting and trusting.  Please pray that I will continue to hear his awesome voice of love and joy and be able to share it with others.  It feeds me such life when I can do that.

Today, I hope to share as best the Lord allows, a visual representation of what is happening or has happened in Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.  IMHO, Genesis 1:2 is one of the most powerful verses in the entire old Testament and the Bible itself.  It reveals the state of creation BEFORE God even makes (remakes?) anything.  I wrote about these verses in the post titled “The Earth was Formless and Void” and “Time Gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?”  Please check them out if you haven’t already as they give an interesting perspective and background.Continue reading

Good morning friends,

My earthly work has been picking up lately and I haven’t been able to spend as much time in the Word or share anything in the last week.  I can definitely feel the fire die down inside when this occurs as my outer man is much more active and he lives only by what he sees.   However, God is at work even in the darkness and yesterday while working I could hear thoughts that I believe were God telling me something amazing.

I was setting up a client’s computers and working quietly waiting for something to finish and as I sat there at the client’s desk, I looked at his pictures of his beautiful family.  As I looked at the features of the human face I started to think “I wonder if God made the human face like he did on purpose to show us something?”.  My mind is so curious to find more and more about God all the time.  It’s the words of Paul that come to mind so often that cause me to do this:

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse  Romans 1:18-20

These verses always astound me.  Paul is telling us that we can see God all around and WITHIN US if we will just look.  Even though he is hidden from our view, we can see the image and shadow “pointers” or signs that he has created that point to an aspect of himself.  For example, “tree’s” mean something different than a large wooden plant that grows in the ground.  Look at Ezekiel 31and you will see what God is referring to when he speaks of “tree’s”.  Same for “rivers”.  To find more about them, go to Ezekiel 29 and you will find out what God really means when tells us about “rivers”.Continue reading

God destroy Bibles?

Will God destroy all Bibles at some point?

Good morning friends,

This week has been a busy week in my natural, earthly work so I haven’t been able to share much.  The Lord has taken me back to the Old Testament studying the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.   There is so much to be revealed about the giving of the law and the Ten Commandments and I am still waiting for much of it.  What I am seeing so far is amazing and awesome.    It reveals just how much we are deceived in human bodies.

I did attempt to write and share three times, but they were not able to be completed so I am still waiting.  I highly recommend that a person study the giving of the law and Ten commandments to the Israelites starting in Exodus 19 through 34.  There is something very strange going on here and I know that when I see this, a powerful revelation is about to come.  Pay very close attention to where Moses is and where it says God is in their interactions.  Is Moses on the mountain?  Which mountain?  Also, pay close attention to the “tablets of stone” and what is one them.

Could we have the very “Ten Commandments” wrong?  Could there actually be two versions of them with one being the truth and one being the “shadow” reality?Continue reading

true God of Israel

Who was the “God of Israel” that gave Moses the law?


I have been sitting on this one since April 12th of this year.  This revelation is one of the biggest and most powerful that I believe the Lord has given me.  I feel it is time to share and I hope he will use this to begin to set people free.

Thus, I am going to ask and answer this question:

Who is the REAL “God of Israel” in the Old Testament?

This is the God who gave Moses and the Israelites the Law and Commandments at Mt. Sinai in  Exodus.  Then, Moses and the 70 Elders went up on the mountain to see the “God of Israel”.  Let’s look at the verse.

Moses and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and the seventy elders of Israel went up, 10 and they saw the God of Israel. Under his feet there was something like a pavement made of sapphire, clear like the sky itself. 11 But he did not lay a hand on the leaders of the Israelites, so they saw God, and they ate and they drank. Exod 24:9-11

The “God of Israel” is the God who is the giver and administer of the Law of Moses and the Ten Commandments written on the tablets of stone.  First of all, isn’t it interesting that it says “he did not lay a hand on the leaders of the Israelites”?  What does that mean?

Doesn’t that sound strange about a God who defines himself as “Love”?

Is God a bully?  In my mind, this doesn’t sound like the Jesus who was revealed in the New Testament does it?  Remember, we are told that Jesus the exact image and representation of the one true God, the Father.  See Colossians 1:15, John 1:1, and Hebrews 1:3

So, who is the “God of Israel” on Mt. Sinai that Moses and the elders definitely saw and described?Continue reading

Who is the Master?

Who is the Master?

Good morning my friends.

Before I get to my topic, I am going to first share something very deep.  It will greatly challenge even the deepest student of the Word.   If you are not a deep student of God’s word, skip down to where it says “my true post for today” where I talk to the human side of us.

This week, since last Saturday has been one of the most powerful times on record with my walk with God in terms of powerful revelations and the unveiling of my own mind. I can’t begin to describe what he is revealing. It gets so big and beyond words that I simply sit in astounded stupor. The bigger it gets, the more I realize I can’t make others understand. I am confident this is very good because only he can reveal it to them and not me. Even though I do at times, I don’t want to take any credit for what he does as I know this is when I fall into darkness.  “Pride comes before the fall!” as they say.

Just last night I was sitting at my computer just thinking “lightly” about time and our calender. “Why does it count down and then start again once Christ is born?” I was just pondering this question in my mind. The answer very quickly “appeared” inside me like a flash of powerful “lighting of LIFE” and I once again sat in a dazed stupor.

Could God be revealing in the physical birth of Christ 2000 years ago what will TRULY OCCUR at the end of this Age when the true spiritual man-child of Christ is “born” or revealed?Continue reading