Today I received a response from one of my long-time customers because I took a risk sharing some things related to God and not computer or business related.  I don’t think they knew any of my beliefs before this point.

I know this is risky as I could lose clients, but I am not as concerned about this as I used to be. I believe God will replace anyone who leaves with someone who will be open to hear. I was told basically “is it wise for business to use your customers as a platform for your religious dogma?”. As I was pondering this, I kept hearing the question rephrased in my mind as “perhaps you need to keep God out of your work?”. Then, I was quickly made aware of the idea of how the entire system of business and work does not want God in it. That system is to make the guy at the top richer. The guy below him does the work. My intention is not to get political here. I just want to mention that God’s system is SO BACKWARD from the system of the World.

God tells us his Kingdom is not like the Worlds Kingdom.  In God’s kingdom, it will be the guy at the BOTTOM now who will be the RICHEST and most powerful there. The first will be last and the last will be first. To me, this brings great comfort because we can do the “lower” things that need to be done and even have great joy that we are “counted worthy” to do them. Also, I kept going back to this thought of how we put God in a “box” and only bring him out at the prescribed times.

We don’t want him at our work or our schools, in our government or other places. We really don’t want him to appear at all unless WE decide. “God, I’ll see you again next Sunday at 11:30 and we will sing together and read your Word a bit, but after the hour is up I will have to leave you again”. Do we really think we get that privelage? I don’t think so. I think God is the very life inside us that makes our body move and do EVERTHING we do. We simply do not know it as our minds are veiled so we can’t see him. One day we will however and I bet we will be convicted of this truth if we aren’t already. That is the Holy Spirits job – to convict of unbelief (one remaining sin). So, I don’t say this to make us fear because he KNOWS our current state of blindness. We simply do not know we are blind. He is really right there with us. I think he is typing this message right along with me or doing whatever you are doing right now with you.

So, my response back to my client was basically “That is a great question. I am also wondering – Is it wise for business to shut God out? I am very concerned about God returning and what scripture says he will do with those (out of his disciplining love) who are ashamed of him?”

Maybe we should rethink this who idea of keeping God out of our daily work and everyday lives? 

Something to think about…