Happy 4th of July to you my friend!  I pray you are enjoying your freedom today.

Did Christ make us all free?

Did Christ make us all free?

I find myself very grateful for the freedom I am allowed to experience this day in this country.  I am grateful for those who have given their very lives so that could happen.  I am especially grateful to the one who gave his life for ALL people whether they realize it or not.

Did Christ really provide true freedom for all like the Bible says?

I have something else on my mind  when I woke up today that I want to share, but as usual, God has other plans.  His are SO much better than mine!  Below you will find me attempting to share “my” plan about the “Generations of Adam”, but you will quickly see the Spirit take over.  He is much more relevant as he brings us to Gods glorious plan of freedom and salvation for ALL people in Christ!  I guess that is fitting to discuss freedom on the 4th of July.  What was “I” thinking???

So, you may want to put on your seatbelt as we read what I begin to say because it seems that we are going “off-roading” or off-topic quickly.  However, I now realize that he want to speak about other things.Continue reading

Is God Love?

Is God Love?

Good afternoon,

I pray you are hearing the Spirit within you today and following his voice into rest regardless of circumstances.  Actually, I believe you are because his voice sounds just like our own thoughts and we often follow it instinctively without even know it.  I sat down to share more about God’s “fire” and how it is refining and purifying in a loving, disciplining way and not destructive, but he had other plans I guess.

So, I guess he wants to share about how God is “Love”.  No problem here as I am just a passenger.  I don’t even know how to drive the car and keep it on the road!

Have you ever asked yourself how God can be “love” and yet forever punish or “destroy” someone in an eternally tormenting and destructive fire for “rejecting him” or for not being “perfect”? 

It doesn’t make any sense, does it?  It didn’t for me either and I am so glad I didn’t accept the answers that I was told to believe that were then followed up with “you can’t know the things of God” if you persisted.  “Maybe we can’t, but isn’t that why Jesus came?  To reveal God to us, according to Luke 10:22?  That just doesn’t sound like the God I am reading about in the Bible”, I would think. I am so glad I listened to him from within as he revealed who he really is from his love letter to us we call the Bible.  It’s right there in his Word so you can be encouraged yourself.  Friend, it is so good and we have so much to learn about the entire Old Testament and why God often appears angry and wrathful.  I hope to share something very big and very important in the next day or so regarding this.Continue reading


I believe I must have been dreaming. I have always been a big “dreamer” I guess.

It has fed me lots of hope during times of darkness to get me “through”. Isn’t it the hope that really keeps us getting up each day and pressing forward? Hope that things will be better and even completely “made right” one day by our loving father and Lord Jesus?

Maybe it’s just me, but I have really been enamored with the beauty of the Lord’s body called the Church. Lately, I have been seeing her through the eyes of faith. She is extremely beautiful, righteous and lovely and the whole world flocks to her for their true needs.Continue reading