Are you “free”?

This is simple yet very profound. Let’s ask again “Are you free?”

Spend some time thing about this. Is there anything in your being, life or existence that is keeping you from feeling FREE and experiencing full FREEDOM?

If, like me sometimes, you feel there is something that is keeping you from being totally free then I hope you will hear this. Think about these words that Jesus said in John 8:32:

and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

Ok look at these simple yet LIFE-FREEING words and answer a couple simple questions.

What will make you free?

Answer: The truth.

How does one create or obtain the truth? What must one DO to obtain “truth”?

Trick question??? NOPE! God does not trick us. The answer is RIGHT there!

Answer: He does NOTHING! He just KNOWS it ! What does it mean when someone suddenly “knows” something? He just believes it or receives it!

The lie that we have believed TOO LONG is that we have to “DO” SOMETHING to make truth happen. We don’t! That was done by God and IS GOD. HE IS TRUTH and we do NOTHING to make it or change it. It’s impossible for man to impact or change truth.  He can only receive it.  If he believes otherwise, he is blinded by pride and arrogance. Only God alone is truth.


We can only “know” the truth. We can only finally “SEE” it and recieve it personally but it ALREADY full existed BEFORE we received it personally as our experience. This is what we call human “belief” or receiving the truth in our soul and living it. It already fully existed before we did this and is unchangeable.

Please ponder this today and this week and when you do, ask yourself “Am I already free?”

When you know the truth of this answer, it WILL FREE YOU!  IMMEDIATELY!

God bless and have a great day.


The below message is a message I wrote a short while ago to some people I know who are Pastors and teachers across the country.  It is really for the deeper Bible student, but God will reveal these powerful things to anyone who has an open heart.  This is more of my “freestyle” writing and sometimes when it gets going, it doesn’t stop.  This message came out in 9 hours over two sittings and may be rough at places.  It wanders all around all kinds of different topics.  Hang on and enjoy the ride!

Good morning,

So, I wrote this last night. This just “came to me” as I was doing something and felt I need to go write it out. About 5 hours later this is what I had.

Yesterdays message vs. todays

I bet you enjoyed yesterdays message as it was a nice change from the deeper and more difficult things of Christ to the humanity side of love and grace. I enjoyed it too as it ministered to me. However, the normal “stuff” is back and I want to share this with you. I know we are all busy, but if you get the chance to read this and think about it, I believe God will feed you life. A few things I say may initially sound offensive. Please ignore that feeling as it is the natural, outer man who gets offended when Christ gets the FULL glory. God says he is dead spiritually and MUST DIE physically. We must ignore him as he IS dead. If we want to recieve Christ who is truth and LIFE, we must ignore and bypass the natural mind, dig into the written Word on these things and wait for the living Word inside our hearts to confirm them. During this process there is tremendous spiritual battle between the inner man of Christ and the outer natural, conscious mind of Adam. The outer man is religious and self-righteous. To him Christ is a complete stumbling block as he always wants to take some credit. This is why he must die in order for us to receive Christ. He is very tricky and subtle and he blocks Christ (truth and life). Don’t let him fool you though! You have a mind much superior to his.

How truth (Christ) gets blocked by the darkness (and how Christ works secretly inside the darkness)

Please remember that even though we truly are spirtual people in our inner man (Christ), we still have to work through the outer (natural) mind of Adam when we share truth. This is very difficult as the outer man doesn’t understand them, but they have to be wrapped in words (darkess) that he will understand and be able to give to other natural men that they can understand. It’s especially difficult when they are the deeper truths of God. These true Words of life (truth) come from the very depths of Christ (from Heaven itself) which is inside us and have to be converted or “translated” into human language (written or spoken words) so we can “exchange” them with others. This breaks down the truth into chucks that have to be reassembled inside the other person’s heart. Man can NOT accept full truth directly. It is TOO much for him. This “breaking down of truth” into smaller pieces does NOT happen in the true realm of the spirit but only in the natural realm where man’s consciousness (soul) exists. When our bodies die and we are fully spirit with no natural shell, we will just fully KNOW truth. However, now while in these natural bodies and brains, we have to try to break the truth down into words and then speak them in our language as best we can. It’s a difficult (even impossible) translation or conversion process. Even if we are able to do properly convert the truth to written or spoken word, the words still have to be received and understood by the recipient in both their outer man (human intelligence) and then their inner man (hopefully Christ!). If their outer man “rejects” them due to self-righteousness (darkness), they will fall to the ground and die. If the truth manages to get past the outer man (and this is where most gets blocked), there are two more steps before the person can receive the “encoded” or “translated” truth and life. It has to be confirmed outwardly first in the written Word and then inwardly when it is unpacked by Christ in their heart. When this happens, the LIFE and TRUTH has sprung forth in the recipients heart and being. Christ has just transferred a piece of himself (truth and life!) through darkness to himself inside another person and he PASSED IT RIGHT THROUGH THE DARKNESS! They didn’t even see it happen. Now, I hope you can see a little bit how Christ works covertly from the INSIDE and darkness has no clue as to what is happening! This truly is magnficant if you think about it.

Anytime we share truth (Christ), it/he is “broken down” like this, and it is passing through enemy territory (darkness) and can be destroyed through lack of understanding or ignorance (darkness). Do you see the challenge there is to share truth? It is impossible for us as only God can do it. He can make ALL things align if he wants someone to receive a truth. He is even secretly working inside ALL darkness itself, so he controls all aspects of who receives what and when. When God wants to, he will “block” all attempts of the darkness to keep the “seed” (truth/Christ) from reaching fertile ground of another persons heart. But, there is much warfare in the process. Pretty crazy, huh?

Yet another example of how the truth gets broken down and transferred through darkness to another person

Ok, I am so sorry, but I can’t stop there. I know know of another way to explain this process using something you will know about – the human body. Think of the entire digestive process. Think of what we have to do in order to get the energy from some food into our body and converted to a way our body can use it for life. The energy in the food is life for our body, but we can also call it “truth” for our example. We “take in” the food into our mouth and “chew” it up. This is our outer man hearing words or teachings or truth. If we don’t like the food, we will spit it out and not “eat” it. However, if we continue to do this, we will die. We must eat in order to live! If we accept the “food” (truth wrapped in words) and chew it up, it goes into our stomach (heart). Our stomach (heart/Christ) will further process it and break it down. Our stomach separates the energy (life source) or “good” part (truth) from the “bad” or waste part (lies). Our body (Christ) sends the energy to an area where it can be used for life. The waste (lies) is disposed of by the body automatically! This is so cool how God made the human body to totally show us this. Do you see the amazing way this works? All we have to do is TAKE IN THE FOOD (truth) and chew it up (dig into the written Word and meditate or think about it) and then swallow it by giving it to Christ inside to further digest. HE DOES THE WORK INSIDE US! He takes the “food” or “words” we hear and meditate on via the written Word, and then separates the truth and LIFE from the lies. He feeds us the LIFE from within! One word. Wow.

Maybe you want to stop there and just think about this powerful stuff for a while? I am so amazed by these things. Sorry, I was just trying to “prep” you for the below message and I actually wrote a whole new message.

Part 2

Well, let me get to what I wrote last night.

Ok, the message already 🙂

I just had an AMAZING “POP” or flash of a powerful “ah-ha” on this verse below that I want to share. It’s really cool.

I was washing dishes ( a common place where I hear an inner “tug” to dig into something) and I heard in my thoughts “faith comes by hearing”. I dismissed it a couple times but it kept coming back. So, I knew I was supposed to go dig into it. I was going to be fed. I like to eat from both realms! 🙂 When I did, I couldn’t get past THIS verse in Romans 10, so I stopped and read it slowly and was thinking about it for a bit and looking at cross reference verses. Suddenly a NEW and dramatic understand came to me based on what I have been understanding about the spiritual realms and what happened at the cross on the spiritual side.

for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation Rom 10:10

We all know what we have been taught this verse means or what our natural (outer) man thinks it means. Somehow a person believes in their heart and they “confess it” or speak it with their mouth and they are saved. That isn’t necessarily wrong, but there is more to this, much more. It always involves motive. If this confession is simply our natural (outer) man saying a “sinners prayer”, it did NOT come from the true heart inside but the outer man or false heart. Thus, it was not “truth” because “truth” only exists in the INNER man of our true heart in the spirit. It did not come from Christ but from “self”. This is a HUGE thing as it’s the difference between us experiencing LIFE vs. DEATH! It has to come from our true heart or spirit man who is on the OTHER SIDE of the veil that separates the natural realm from the spiritual realm. I am sorry natural outer man, but man has NO CONTROL over this place where his TRUE heart exists. He can’t even SEE it, much less control it. It is all controlled by God via the Spirit of Christ.

Now, to be fair, and address the arguments our natural minds will come up with, natural man does have a heart too. However, it is a very incomplete heart based on the shadow and not the truth. We know a part of this false heart as it is based on the law and is called our “conscience”. The conscience was created in man when Adam took in the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil which is the law of God. Adam ate the perfect law of God and knew immediately he was NOT perfect. He knew he was “naked” and unable to fulfill the law as God’s perfect law demands. This created the conscience and it has the law seared on it. It’s only purpose is to condemn fallen man and accuse him. If man is perfect, it will just shut up, but it will NEVER praise him or give him anything positive. That is not it’s purpose. Just accuse/condemn when man is not perfect or shut up if man is doing “good”. This false heart is not based on the truth or true reality and it must be destroyed and replaced by the true heart in a deeper and more powerful realm inside us – our spiritual hearts or “true” hearts who is in union with Christ and the father. This heart that is on the other side of he veil knows all truth and knows who we REALLY ARE! The false heart simply accuses us and feeds us guilt and condemnation. It create a set of strong and powerful beliefs (lies!) about who we are based on all the ways we have been hurt or not perfectly loved by man (parents, siblings, friends, etc). They are ALL LIES however and we must learn to ignore them and listen for Christ who is deeper and knows the real us! Christ will always feed us words of LIFE and LOVE and TRUTH in EACH SITUATION!

Do you see how destructive it is when we listen to or believe the false heart of the outer man?

It is very important for us to begin to see that everything that comes from the outer man is false and based on a lie of the flesh or fallen world system. Everything that is true comes from Christ who is our inner heart or one (married) to our inner man or spirit man. The way we can tell which heart something came from is ask ourselves this question:

Who does this think (idea or thought, truth, etc) glorify?

If it gives man any glory or credit at all, it is being poluted via lies by the outer man’s heart.

If it gives all glory and honor to Christ and Christ alone, it is pure and unadulterated truth from the INNER MAN or CHRIST HIMSELF! This will greatly humble (kill) the outer man who is very self-righteous and very tricky and suble. He can twist things in such a clever way that gives man credit in the confusion. Darkness uses confusion as that’s one of it’s main tools.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. Let’s ask ourselves “What is the source of man’s faith that saves him?” The natural mind will fight to the bitter end (death) to say “it is ALL CHRIST and man plays no part”. The natural mind has no way to wiggle out of that. There are no loopholes to exploid. However, if you word it in any weaker way that has any type of a “loophole” (to give man or self SOME credit) HE WILL POUNCE on that and EXPLOIT IT via confusion in order to give “self” some credit! Thus, he has to be continually and precisely further CORNERED with more precisely worded truth until he finally SHUTS UP and “dies”. Until he shuts up (dies) the truth will not get past him to our real hearts and we will not receive life. He wants to kill life because life is always going to glorify Christ and never self. Self get’s no credit or glory. Do you see how sneaky and subtle he is right inside our own minds and thoughts?

So, we run into him all the time INSIDE of our thoughts when we are trying to understand the truth of the Word. He will put a natural, carnal twist on all things that will try to give “self” some credit. He is very tricky and deceptive and highly intelligent as he is highly trained by all the worlds best thinkers and teaching institutions. He is powered by the enemy himself. The enemy is the spiritual power behind the natural mind of the outer man. However, he is NO match for Christ who has ALL truth and IS all truth! Christ will SLAY him with the breath of his mouth which is simply the truth spoken to him. This is what happens when he gets “cornered” and is “shut up”. Then, we can hear Christ or truth.

So, let’s get back to the true source of faith. I am praying that you will (or maybe have) seen it is Christ himself and NOT man. Man is natural and plays NO part whatsoever other than being a vessel or carrier of the spoken Word.

Thus, without rehashing the whole “it’s his faith” vs. “it’s my faith” argument again, I hope to show you something amazing. I truly want you to leap for joy. Let’s build some background first.

Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ Rom 5:1

Ok, so who has peace? Who did Christ die for? Who’s sins did he wash away? Everyone or just believers?

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Rom 5:8

For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly Rom 5:6

Christ died for the ungodly. When he died, who was “ungodly” and “yet sinners”? Believers? Unbelievers?

All of us were… the whole world was.

He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world 1 John 2:2

EVERYONE WAS a “sinner” regardless of what label we give them now as no one could perfectly fulfill God’s law. Our natural conscience will confirm this (and condemn us if we allow it to). Christ died for all mankind – the whole world’s sins. Christ died for all the ungodly “sinners” (as the law of Moses defined it) and justified them by faith, his very own faith. If it is ever “our” faith that we need to rely on to be justified, that is ONE SCARY PROSPECT! We are TOAST! However, praise God it’s not! It is HIS faith that justified ALL mankind and it happened 2000 years ago at the cross in a realm we can’t see or understand!

Do you see what this means? REALLY SEE IT? All the worlds sins are paid for and gone! The WHOLE WORLD IS JUSTIFIED (if you can believe it is Jesus faith that saves us)! This is why God told Peter “don’t call unholy that which I made Holy”. Peter was not to call an unbeliever (spiritual “gentile”) unholy. GOD was the one who made us HOLY, not us or even our “belief” as even that was his given to us to simply “receive” as a “vessel”. This is HUGE for all of us to see, especially the current Church. Once the church sees this, they will begin to change and unveil the TRUE bride that the WHOLE world will flock to! The truth is that the whole world was justified at the cross and made righteous. (Don’t hear me say they have received his life yet!) All the world is righteous because under the new covenant of grace, righteousness is no longer defined at all by works or what we “do” or DON’T “do”. True righteousness, which is HIS righteousness, is ONLY by faith, HIS faith that is freely given to us. We can’t believe anything spiritual or “of God” unless he gives us the faith to believe it. Becasue works play no part, we trust only in the blood that was shed and not anything we do or don’t do. It is only by faith that he freely gives us. And if we don’t yet have it, just wait, read his written Word and listen for him to love you. Ignore all condeming thoughts and voices. Faith will come. Actually, if a person begins to do any of this, they ALREADY HAVE IT! Without his faith, they will NOT EVEN LOOK for him! Isn’t this GREAT NEWS to SHARE! IT TRULY IS GOOD! The whole world is justified and righteous! We are so FREE from trying to be someone different than who we are right now. We don’t “finish the work”. It’s done! HE completes us even if we don’t yet see it, especially then as that is very definition faith (believing that which you do not yet see with your physical eyes). He really DID set the captives free. The whole world was captive by sin and death. This is true freedom to see behavior and mans will plays no part in our righteousnes. This is true rest, God’s rest of the 7th day. It’s a spiritual (true) rest.

Wait a minute! Does this mean everyone is saved?

(Add in the verse that “no one can build on any foundation except the one that is already there – christ)

I did not say they have yet experienced this salvation in their outer man or natural being. This is because the inner justification and righteousness behind the veil has not yet broken though to the outer man (or Christ has not yet revealed it to their spirit man) Thus, they have not yet received his life in their outer man where the “experience” takes place. However, to be “justified” or “righteous” it is “just as if I never sinned”. This is every person that ever lived whether they currently believe or not. If our “believing” plays a part, then the outer man (the flesh) controls our destiny in ETERNITY! Do you really believe that? I don’t think you do if you are honest. Do you trust you or Christ for your very eternity? I don’t trust “me”, but I do trust Christ. I believe you do too.

When God says “because of the blood” he takes “YOU” out of it. You are asleep and in deep darkness (dead) like ABRAHAM and he calls the new and REAL person you are “JUSTIFIED” or “righteous”. The truth is that we are only justified by his blood, all of us. (Ponder this statement “the lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world”!) Our own “belief” has nothing to do with this. Thank God because we really don’t want it to! Thus, even an unbeliever is completely forgiven and justified, they simply do NOT know it yet! Think about what this amazing statement really means “The whole world has peace with God, they just don’t know it.” The only separation between us and GOD, EVER, is in our OWN MINDS or outer man!

being darkened in their understanding, excluded from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart Eph 4:18

Do you see how powerful this is? Do you see how this will change the very way we minister and LOVE the world? God has NO separation from them. They are only separated in their OWN MINDS (the outer man). This was due to the law working to condemn them in their natural or false heart called the “conscience”. This condemnation is the ONLY thing that blocks them from receiving the very life of Christ in their outer man. They are NOT separated in the TRUE mind who is their real heart in the spiritual realm. We must stop condeming the world and calling them “sinners”! This is what is keeping them from receiving and living the very justification and LIFE that Christ died to give them! We are killing them over and over by doing this and blocking them from Christ. This is not the REAL us doing this, it’s the false outer man doing it. He is administering LAW and death. The World knows it and they will NOT come back until the outer man fully dies! Please church, wake up and see this.

Remember the outer man doesn’t believe and NEVER WILL. He will only “shut up” to the faith (truth) as he has NO argument to the truth of faith as we discussed already. “Faith” (truth) is living and he is dead – kept under “custody” of law. He only knows fear and uses fear to motivate others. The very power of the law is fear (of death). He doesn’t know what to do against the truth (which is life!) as he is powerless, but he will try to fight to retain some sense of self glory or self-righteousness. Christ (truth) will KILL him though. If there is any truth in these things I share and you are convicted, Christ has KILLED him in that area of your being. YES! Praise the lord!

But before faith came, we were kept in custody under the law, being shut up to the faith which was later to be revealed Gal 3:23

This is so powerful to see that even as a born again “believer” we are still wrapped in the flesh (darkness) of our old unbeliever or natural man. He will always try to bring us back under the law which is unbelief or “disobedience” (under new covenant) and the only sin that now exists. He is “shut up” to the faith , but more importantly, he must be shut up or “killed”. He is a lie and the truth (Christ) will kill him. Christ won’t allow him to put us back under law or Christ can not use us as a vessel to administor the truth and life to others. We will only condemn them.

So, does this mean that an unbeliever is saved?

That is a great question. To be honest, it is very difficult to answer depending on if you mean the outer man (natural life) or the true inner man (Christ). Also, it depends if you are speaking to a carnal person who is natural. They will not believe the truth and fight against it. They will not give full glory to Christ. It’s a different answer for each type of man, spirit man and natural man and it can be very confusing (darkness working) to discuss. I will even say things that are contradictory at times because my natural mind will word things in a way contrary to the spirit. It’s important to note if we are talking from God’s perspective or mans. I do believe that all mankind’s spirits were redeemed or ransomed at the cross. It was one “Adam” and one “Adam” was redeemed. We in our humanity see the world as individual people, but really it is one “body”. I can waiver myself and you have to go and see what God tells you personally and believe him and not me. But, we can all (and should) listen and learn from each other! So, today I believe that all spirits of man were saved, but either the veil has not yet been removed so the outer man begins to seek Christ (faith) outwardly or Christ has not yet quickened his life into their spirit. His spirit is in his hands in Heaven however. All creation is in him now.

Even if they don’t yet have his life in their spirit man, I do know they will be “saved” when God the Father, determines it is time. So, since he is completely 100% reliable, we can say they are saved even if it didn’t yet manifest. When God says something will occur it is impossible for it to NOT happen. This is really faith if you think about it, believing in things hoped for (that God says is true or will happen). So, one way we could look at an unbeliever is by saying they are “saved” in the true realm of the Spirit because it is JESUS who saves them and HE IS 100% RELIABLE, but they have not yet RECEIVED or “EXPERIENCED” that salvation in their outer man who is Soul and body. When they experience or KNOW they are justified (or have been made righteous) we “humans” call this “salvation” or being “saved”. But, does God call this salvation? We don’t know. Personally, I think God calls it salvation with what happened at the cross 2000 years ago for ALL mankind! He knows HE will manifest it or make it happen according to each person’s time. Now, think about this verse. I bet you will never see it the same!

who gave Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony given at the proper time. 1 Tim 2:6

Please don’t think about this the way the natural man would. He will wiggle out of giving Christ all glory. This truth is NOT talking about the outer man, but that is when we “experience” our new birth and “salvation”. The real truth is SPIRITUAL and this is referring to our inner man or spirit man being GIVEN the testimony (forgiveness of all sins & salvation) of Christ. This true, inner man is in Christ’s hands in Heaven after the cross. Whether you believe (like I do) that Christ may have already given the testimony to all or that it will be given at a specific time for each person, it doesn’t matter. It’s in Christ hands and HE IS the SUPREME AUTHORITY and COMMANDER. HE IS 100% trustworthy and reliable.

IT WILL HAPPEN! (but, maybe it already has?) 🙂

Think about it this way. Adam was one body and he died and was kicked out of the garden (which I believe was a metaphor for “heaven”). Did Jesus go “out” (down from Heaven) and rescue just PART of Adam? Maybe Jesus brought back his head, torso, and an arm? Or did he go out and rescue (save) ALL of Adam? I believe he did save ALL of Adam which would be all of mankind whether they “believe” or not. See, this is the way God thinks and we need to let go of our (natural) thinking and go with his true spiritual thinking. Ours is natural based on shadows and illusion, his is spiritual which is truth and “true reality”. I say we go with his. I hope you will too.

My main point is this. This is GREAT news for ALL THE PEOPLE we know, even those who are not yet “saved”! There are no mores “sin’s” or even “sinners”! All are justified and righteous. The new covenant reveals the true meaning of “sin” is unbelief (of Christ or believing our natural minds) and even “believers” do this sin all the time when they are not living Christ (faith) perfectly 100% each day! Do you see this? It’s extremely powerful! We can tell everyone that no matter what you believe, you are justified or completely forgiven. He has new life, his life waiting inside you AND ALL OF US ready to come out. It will start small and continue to manifest more and more until the WHOLE WORLD has been unveiled. WOW! This is the end as the Bible tells us. HIS ENTIRE BODY will BE UNVEILED in the “WORLD”! He will have slayed the powers of darkness (lies) with the sword of the mouth of his body (us speaking truth)! He requires NOTHING from you or I except an open heart which he will also give as we get to know him better. We can all continue to dig into his his love letter with this NEW WINESKIN and true spiritual understanding and he will explain (from within) how much he loves you! He is love and true love gives but doesn’t expect to receive. He needs nothing from us. He KNOWS there is NOTHING we have for him that he needs. He does not like sacrifices or offerings. He just wants to share his live with and through us. He first reveals himself “to” us. Then, we see he is working “in” us. The most powerful thing is when we see him as us! Don’t worry if this is difficult to believe. It is impossible for our outer man to believe it. Christ must show this from within and unveil our minds to these amazing realities. Once you do see the magnitude of his love and then begin to receive his love and he shows who you really are, YOU WILL GIVE IT AWAY! This will draw others to you and his love will DUPLICATE itself as it always does. I believe it really will overtake the world. The darkness has to flee when the light and truth is unveiled. Boy, these are such exciting times for us to be living in.

What about God’s wrath? Isn’t he mad at unbelievers?

God is not angry at ANYONE. If he is, then Jesus did not complete his task as his sacrifice or blood was not sufficent. This is a lie because his blood was sufficient and MORE than sufficient! To be fair, God does have an angry side, but not at people. He hates self-righteous works because he knows their works will kill them. Man’s works are cursed and under the law of sin and death. God does not want us to experience this and that is why he reveals we must come out from all law based thinking and living. Only HIS works (life) will save man. See, he doesn’t want them to “die” (experience separation in their minds) because he loves them so much. When we try to work for our salvation in any way, this is unbelief or unrighteousness. He is very angry at UNRIGHTEOUSNESS or not believing that the blood totally cleansed you. This unbelief will put us under law (his wrath) and thus, we are trying to earn our own salvation or righteousness. The LAW always administers death which is the WRATH of God! This is self righteousness. Adam or the natural man is always under God’s wrath via the law and is the source of all self-righteousness. God hates this ALWAYS, even after you “believe”. Everyone’s old man in Adam is under God’s wrath (law) will try to earn his own righteousness because he does not see or know God and does not believe. He has no faith and never will have any. Really, the believer or inner man (true self) always believes, but it is the flesh or outer man who doesn’t believe. God will kill this outer man who will administer God’s wrath via condemnation, if we allow him to. Simply remove all law based living and thinking. This is what the outer man uses to administer God’s wrath. Thus, we have a choice which one we will follow and which “fruit” we will partake of. I hope you will not believe the flesh (outer man) and operate in unbelief which will feed you God’s wrath. This is what Hebrews talks about in various places. They were new believers but would go back under the law by believing the flesh or outer man. God calls this an EVIL heart when you no longer 100% trust the blood but instead go to works of the law. The outer man does have an EVIL heart. Thats why he must and will die. We keep him alive by believing a lie or not believing the true gospel.

Take care, brethren, that there not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God Heb 3:12

The only way it is possible to fall way and have an “evil, unbelieving heart” is by not accepting the righteousness of God simply by faith and thus attempting to earn your own by works. This is coming under law (rules to live by) and this is the true meaning of “disobedience” under the new covenant is simple – UNBELIEF! Actions have NOTHING to do with obedience anymore, but that that is how man can know truth faith in another person or ourselves. God see’s and knows our heart so he knows true faith, but man can not. Man must look at actions. This is what James is talking about in this verse:

You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only. James 2:24

Please don’t think this verse says we need to do something to be justified or forgiven! That is not true.

What this is saying is this. The only way “you” (as a man) can see that another man that is justified is by seeing their works. You (as a human) can not see faith directly. It’s in the heart behind the veil. We can only see the “fruits” of the faith or the “works” in the natural realm where we consciously exist. God see’s the heart and doesn’t need to see works like man does to know he is justified. True faith will ALWAYS manifest in works or doing something. This is CHRIST himself doing it and HE IS always 100% RELIABLE every time! Do you see the difference between seeing this from the natural (man) perspective of “doing” and seeing it from the TRUE perspective of Christ where HE does it? When you do, you will be so overjoyed, you will share or help anyone who comes near that he wants to help in or through you. He does it! Even write emails to people who may not even want them. 🙂 Faith is very risky and so is love.

However, if we think we are adding any righteousness by doing something, we are disobedient and are under the law as we are operating or living in the flesh. This is very serious and God warns us very strongly that we can NOT go back to the Old covenant of sacrifices. There was ONE sacrifice for ALL time and that is it! We must not fall away from the faith by coming back under the law for righteousness. Look at these verses:

For in the case of those who have once been enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit, 5 and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, 6 and then have fallen away, it is impossible to renew them again to repentance, since they again crucify to themselves the Son of God and put Him to open shame. Heb 6:4-6

It is very important Pastors and teachers that we don’t put ourselves or the “flock” back under any law. There remains but ONE sin and this UNBELIEF in the blood and going back under the law and works. God has even stronger warnings if we wilfully insist on going back under the law and living in the sin of unbelief. This is the true meaning of obedience under the new covenant of Grace – never go back to the law or trying to earn any part of your salvation. This will put us back under God’s wrath. We must trust him to manifest in the physical realm the works or fruit.

For if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, 27 but a terrifying expectation of judgment and the fury of a fire which will consume the adversaries. 28 Anyone who has set aside the Law of Moses dies without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. 29 How much severer punishment do you think he will deserve who has trampled under foot the Son of God, and has regarded as unclean the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and has insulted the Spirit of grace? 30 For we know Him who said, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.” And again, “The Lord will judge His people.” 31 It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Heb 10:26

I am telling you Pastors, teachers and leaders of others. We MUST STOP TEACHING LAW! God’s SPIRIT will completely fulfill the much better and PERFECT law, God’s law INSIDE them! This WILL manifest through the outer man as Christ shuts him up and “kills” him. They WON’T BE ABLE TO RESIST it once they really see and hear Jesus inside. Will we still SIN as behaviors? OF COURSE, but REMEMBER we are NO LONGER UNDER any law that defines sin as BEHAVIOR! If we were, even the “good” things we did that were not Christ doing them, WOULD BE SIN! Do you see this? I hope you do, because behaviors are no longer a transgression! We ALL WILL “sin” as behaviors (as the written law and pure law in fallen man’s conscience defines) and that will NEVER STOP while in a mortal body! But, we are NO LONGER UNDER any law where behaviors are defined as sin. That law was completely contrary to us and was NAILED to the CROSS for all mankind! Thus, it is NOT OUR JOB to do anything about “behaviors” we don’t like in ourselves or others. It’s the job of God’s Spirit (CHRIST) inside us and them to change anything he wants. If he wants to leave a certain negative behavior in a person, he WILL DO THAT! He knows how much flesh (darkness) he needs to remain “alive” in order to keep us humble and from being self righteous. He also uses the flesh (darkness) to keep a person in the dark until it is their time to receive their salvation. It depends on HIS plan for us. Also, the deeper and more powerful way he wants to use us, the more death (flesh) we must carry around. Paul told us that “because of the depth of the revelations he had, he was give a “thorn” in the flesh. This kept him humble and from being conceited. God and God alone decides what stays and what goes. It’s all about LIFE and DEATH. His way is so opposite ours. He sets it up so that the MORE death we experience in the body, the MORE LIFE we can manifest! The people who are most humble are those who have been through the most horrible things in life. They have experienced the most death. We play NO part in that process other than the vessel who carries death and life around, darkness and light. We just trust him and live in the moment.

When we are disobedient and come under the law, this is the unbelief of the flesh and it’s very subtle whether you are a “believer” or an “unbeliever”. We all still have the same “flesh” as before we believed. We really are a mixture of “believer” and “unbeliever after we experience new birth and this will stay the same until we die and leave these bodies. It is only the outer, natural man who is the unbeliever. Our true, inner man is a 100% believer, because he is married to Christ and IS Christ! God does not fix our outer man (flesh) or try to reform it. He knows it’s dead and simply needs to be buried in the ground. In the meantime, he only breathes HIS life through the dead flesh or mortal body. See Rom 8. That way we know it is him and HIS life and not our dead works. If it were ANY of the outer man, he would BOAST or take some credit. God will have NONE of that. It isn’t good for us. Check out these most amazing verses as they summarize much of what I am saying. He is talking about how Christ, the living Word is inside everyone and he divides the inner man from the outer man.

Therefore let us be diligent to enter that rest, so that no one will fall, through following the same example of disobedience. 12 For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart. 13 And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. Heb 4:11-13

All our hearts, both believer and unbeliever are laid bare right in front of him in the true realm of the spirit. He can do whatever he wants with our hearts and our souls because our “hearts” or life source envelopes our entire soul and body. Plus HE was given them at the cross! He owns them (us) now and they are not ours but his. We are not our own. We are slaves to righteousness (Christ) and that’s very good! He’s the BEST master anyone could EVER HAVE! He is the very source of life that keeps our body alive and he is hidden inside it. This is why the very powers of darkness can’t see him because he is wrapped in light that the darkness can’t see or comprehend. It’s awesome as again, he works from the inside covertly.

Ok, if Christ is truly inside of all creation including the hearts and souls of every man, how does man get “faith” and experience new birth?

Check out this next verse as it reveals how this happens.

For indeed we have had good news preached to us, just as they also; but the word they heard did not profit them, because it was not united by faith in those who heard. Heb 4:2

Do you see what we have that they DIDN’T?

Give up?

They did not yet have the poured out Spirit of CHRIST inside their hearts like we do now after the cross!

They had no “catcher” inside their heart to catch the ball when it was tossed to them.

Remember, God plays BOTH SIDES of this covenant, his and MAN’S. When we say “man’s side” we don’t mean Jesus the man. We mean Jesus the SPIRIT or HOLY SPIRIT! Jesus had to be INSIDE the spirit realm IN everyone’s heart to play “catcher” while his father drew a person into the “game” and threw the ball of the spoken Word! Jesus catches the “ball” of faith for you inside and the father lines up the players and throws the ball! See, most don’t see what Jesus meant when he said “when the son of man be lifted up, he draw ALL to himself!” This is not just all believers, or just all mankind, but ALL OF CREATION! All of this current darkened creation INCLUDING THE VERY POWERS OF DARKNESS themselves were placed inside the VAST, AMAZING and AWESOME redeeming Spirit of Christ who is one with the father. Remember, the father is all life that exists. This will blow your mind, but now you may see how Christ is secretly inside ALL life! He is even inside Satan himself. Satan doesn’t know it and neither do we until he shows us this and we begin to “believe” and live his life out from this hidden place.

At the cross, even the “gentiles” or unbeliever was brought into Christ and “brought near”. It did not matter if they “believed”. “Believing” as we define it is the outer man. Man can truly only be aware of his outer man. Christ is the one who is in charge of the heart as it’s on the other side of the veil. Ok, let’s look at the Gentiles or unbelievers again.

So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household  Eph 2:19

He is not just talking to “saints” or “believers” here or he wouldn’t say “with” the saints! Do you see what I am saying? He is talking to all the “gentiles” who are a symbol of ALL UNBELIEVERS! ALL are “insiders” now under this powerful new covenant God did for man. This is so powerful and will change the whole world when we see it. Please, my good friend, ask God to reveal what he is referring to here. We know this as the “new covenant of Grace”, but who exactly is “Isreal” and “Judah” under the new covenant of Grace?

For if that first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no occasion sought for a second. 8 For finding fault with them, He says,

“Behold, days are coming, says the Lord, When I will effect a new covenant With the house of Israel and with the house of Judah; 9 Not like the covenant which I made with their fathers On the day when I took them by the hand To lead them out of the land of Egypt; For they did not continue in My covenant, And I did not care for them, says the Lord. 10 “For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel After those days, says the Lord: I will put My laws into their minds, And I will write them on their hearts. And I will be their God, And they shall be My people. 11 “And they shall not teach everyone his fellow citizen, And everyone his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ For all will know Me, From the least to the greatest of them. 12 “For I will be merciful to their iniquities, And I will remember their sins no more.” Heb 8:8-12

Please, please take some time asking our loving father who is “Israel” and who is “Judah” under the new covenant of grace (in the true realm of the Spirit) where GOD DOES THE WORK! The one that we know of in the Old Testament was but a shadow of the real one. The real one is spiritual and the false one was physical and Earthly. The real one is the New Covenant of GRACE and the FALSE one is under the OLD covenant of law. I solumnly tell you they represent two large groups of people and when God reveals this to us, it will BUST DOWN the gates of Hell! We will all celebrate together. We don’t have to do ANYTHING! NOTHING! HE DOES IT ALL! But, who exactly does he do it for? Who is “Israel” and “Judah”? Ask God, he will show you from within. Don’t ask anyone else, thats the outer man. He doesn’t believe anything and just follows others. The truth will come from his written or spoken Word and will be confirmed by Christ himself inside you. It will blow you away.

If this all did happen at the cross, why couldn’t the powers of darkness or man see or understand any of this?

I did already touch upon this, but let’s talk some more. We have to go back to John 1:9. “The light (truth & life) shines IN THE DARKNESS and the darkness does NOT comprehend it”. Nothing wrapped in darkness (that includes all mankind and all the powers of darkness including Satan) can see or comprehend the light. NONE of us including the powers of darkness could see what Jesus did as we are all wrapped in darkness unable to see the light. Our conscious existence or “soul” plus all darkness are on the OTHER side of the veil or firmament that separates the “above” of Heaven from the “below” of Earth in Genesis 1. However, all of man’s hearts are in Christ and he can do whatever he wants with them. He WON them from the enemy and HE owns them now! The very powers of darkness didn’t even know what happened, but it does say they were paraded through the streets in a shameful victory as a result.

Remember, they are wrapped in “darkness” and are blinded from the heavenly realm of Jesus just like we are blinded to the spiritual realm of Earth. They had no idea (nor do we) how AMAZINGLY BIG GOD is! They didn’t even know the very life inside of them and man was GOD HIMSELF who is ONE with Christ and his redemptive work! HE WORKS FROM WITHIN! It’s a secret, covert operation… a “mystery”! He took their ENTIRE REALM and placed it in himself and they (and we had NO IDEA!) They were darkened from the higher Heavenly realm and can see the lower Earthly spiritual realm. We can’t even see that (yet). We certainly could not see the work of Christ as we are even further darkened than they are (from the truth) as we don’t even have the ability to see what they see. We are double blinded. But, it DID happen. All of Creation was placed into the regenerative (eternal life giving) spirit of Christ at the cross. No human saw it or knew it until something amazing happened…

Thus, when we began to “experience” this salvation, the spoken Word went inside us and met the LIVING Word (the spirit of Christ) in our hearts. Our “experience” is our outer, natural man. However, truth and life is in the inner man with Christ and is Christ. Their is a veil that separates our soul or conscious existence (outer man) from our spirit man (inner man) in Heaven with Christ now. When the spoken word outside meeds the living Word inside, the veil begins to get removed and we “hear” from our Spirit man who is ONE with Christ! We experience NEW BIRTH as we begin to hear directly from Christ and begin to receive HIS LIFE! This is experiencing SALVATION and it’s ONGOING while in this body. As the “Word” works from both directions, our “mind is renewed” as we begin to connect more and more with our true mind of the inner man (Christ). The only strongholds that exists are in our natural body/brain of the outer man who is still in darkness. Wow, I hope the Lord shows this to one person who is reading this. They are going to have their socks knocked off and probably won’t be able to sleep. It will be very good though.

So, if we go back to Heb 4:2 and we can see the difference between the OT faithful and us. The OT faithful patriarch’s did not yet have the Holy Spirit (Christ) the way mankind did AFTER the cross, so they didn’t have the “catcher” inside to catch the ball of faith when they heard the spoken Word. Thus, it did not profit them. God plays both parts and his Spirit was not yet poured out inside man’s hearts to receive the outer spoken Word and give his inner faith. Man simply exists on the other side of the veil and is really “along for the ride”. Man is a vessel containing Christ but he’s more like the caboose being pulled by the million engines of Christ on the track of God.

So, what does this mean for someone who has not yet experienced the new birth?

It is tremendously GOOD! We can tell them the AMAZING NEWS that ALL are forgiven for anything they need to be forgiven for. If they were NEVER under law, then WE DON’T PUT THEM UNDER IT FIRST and CONDEMN THEM! That only CONF– USES THEM even more and they will NOT receive Christ. Christ is the end of the law for those that believe and ALL HEARTS do believe. It’s just the outer man who doesn’t. He just needs to be shut up is all. That’s what the Word does to the outer man. It shuts him up because he is under law. Thus, we never bring an unbeliever under condemnation to save them or ANY TIME! There is NO CONDEMNATION (GUILT) IN CHRIST! NEVER! The only thing they need to know is they are forgiven completely and they are greatly loved. They have free life waiting INSIDE THEM ready to BURST OUT! Time to get to know your new father and brother as they show you this life! They and we WELCOME YOU TO THE FAMILY!

There is something we all need to be reminded of often, however.

Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him. Rom 5:9

Again, we must never come back under the law. Our outer man is under the law and he is dead spiritually and will die physically. He is an unbelieving OT Jew who is now an “outsider” under Grace because he is blinded yet and doesn’t believe. (Btw, I have to say that the TRUE JEW under the New Covenant is the BELIEVER and he is an “insider” now. Do you see this in our new man of “inner man” vs. “outer man”?) Now, we can’t save our unbelieving outer man who is under law and neither will God. Anything under law must die. This outer man (natural man) will try to bring us back under law always though and that is where we need to be very dilligent. We have to remind each other to never come under any law or any rules to live by or try to change yourself. Just be yourself living from within and let God change anything he wants to. That is his job. Yours is to rest at his feet and let him love you as you stare into his beautiful eyes. If you try to change yourself, you will experience God’s wrath, but even then he loves you. He is just saying “stop trying and go back to resting and trusting” and you come back into peace. Walking in the Spirit really is constantly going back to rest when the flesh convinces us to “try”. It doesn’t matter how righteous that deed appears, if it ministers condemnation, it’s wrath and we need to stop and go back to rest.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying we should fight positive change! By all means, embrace it and thank the Lord! It is him making good “fruit” appear. Just don’t try to make it happen or strive. We must constantly go back to a place of rest and the Lord will show us what that is for EACH person. Everyone has an individual walk that he has mapped out. We must not BECOME God for them and tell them what to do. We just keep encouraging, loving and pointing back to God. If need be, we correct in love too. God will lead us too just like them. He will show us what we need and what he wants to do in the moment. It’s so freeing to live this way. And he’s right there in our thoughts. I think he wrote MOST of this letter because it KEEPS coming out for hours now.

Now, let’s go back to the original verse that amazed me.

for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation. Rom 10:10

Now, look at this verse and think of what we talked about with the inner man and outer man. Our inner man or true heart is not reachable by man and Christ is our faith in our hearts. Our outer man controls our mouth or actually is our “mouth” for the spirit man. I see this is a two part process. The first is righteousness, which all men have (or will have) in their hearts. Once this occurs and it is Christ doing it from the Spirit realm, then the outer man just needs to receive this powerful truth. This is because they just don’t know it yet as it hasn’t reached their outer man or “mouth”. The outer man is the “MOUTH” of the inner man or “HEART”!

“Confession” is AGREEING WITH THE TRUTH OF WHAT GOD SAYS in our HEARTS (or written Word!) Confession is the connection of the two, the inner man and the outer man. Confession is NOT admitting your sins. That is the Old Covenant of law which is God’s wrath via death. True confession under the New Covenant is when our “mouth” or outer man agrees with the heart or truth of Christ in our inner man. This will happen to everyone at Gods appointed time as the outer man decays and dies. I know this is hard to swallow, but Christ truly has saved ALL PEOPLE and their true hearts (Christ) do believe. It is IMPOSSIBLE for their spirit man to NOT believe and resist Christ when he captured the entire creation at the cross. He’s too beautiful and irresistable. As the outer man experiences hardships, trials and tribulations he gets worn down and weakened we begin to hear Christ inside. This is his confession or testimony. The outer man is like the hard shell around a kernal of corn that cracks when planted in the ground and life will spring forth from within. The trials and tribulations (God’s Holy Fire) of this life is the “heat” that warms up and cracks the outer shell. Also, the written and spoken Word of God ‘waters’ the ground and makes the life within spring forth. Gods amazing plan is so different than ours. We must die first in order to live.

Thus, all men are forgiven and declared righteous and holy (separated) but not all are (yet) experiencing that forgiveness because that has NOT yet worked its way out of the spirit man (Heart) into the outer man where the “MOUTH” will confess! Our heart controls what comes out of our mouth and not vice versa. The Spirit realm controls the natural and God our loving father and Jesus our brother is in charge of all of it!

Isn’t this so awesome and amazing?

I guess I had something to say.


It is very exciting to share what we believe God has been revealing about this powerful topic.  It is going to sound like blasphemy, but we believe once we see the truth it will give us much more reverence and AWE of God.  What we found comes directly from scripture and are in the verses that are often not taught or skipped over.  Have you ever heard the response “we can’t know or understand the things of God” when asking about a specific verse or question?  That is technically correct as “we” can’t in our humanity, but Jesus inside us will reveal them to us if we ask him to.  We believe the truth that he reveals to us will blow the DOORS off what has been taught to us.  We hope to have the full writing online soon.

In the meantime, here is a teaser.  Check these verses out below.  This is right after Moses received the  Ten commandments on Mt. Sinai.

Then Moses went up with Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel, and they saw the God of Israel; and under His feet there appeared to be a pavement of sapphire, as clear as the sky itself.  Yet He did not stretch out His hand against the nobles of the sons of Israel; and they saw God, and they ate and drank.  Exodus 24:9-11

This clearly says they saw the “God of Israel”.   Whoever they saw it was the one that Israel served and worshipped that they called their God.  Was this the father of Jesus, the ONE true God?  That is what we have been taught.  However, there is ONE huge problem with this.   Actually, there are many, but here is one big one we can share now.  Jesus told us this himself.

No one has seen the Father except the one who is from God; only he has seen the Father. John 6:46

Whoever they saw it was NOT the father of Jesus who is the creator of everything, the one true God.  Whoever is the “God of Israel” it is not the father of Jesus.  We have much more to share… This is amazing what the Bible says about this topic.

Hope to share it soon.

Have a great night.


You can’t be in the building called Church or with a devout well-studied Christian for very long without hearing “a sinner saved by grace” or “God can’t look on sin”. You will hear how man has broken God’s perfect standards and must be punished by death. I am not saying there is not some truth here, but there is the most amazing TWIST that man does not yet fully see and God (who IS Love!) is revealing to us these days. This is a truth that the everyday “working” man needs to hear. It will amaze and astound him when he does finally hear it.

Do we “Sin”?

Yes, but it is bigger than we realize.  True “sin” is unbelief of the truth that Jesus TOOK away all the sins of the world!  John 16:9

By default, we are under the old covenant of law and can not see this powerful truth.  God’s spirit simply has to help us see it.  This is the TRUE effect of “sin” or spiritual blindness – not being able to SEE the TRUE reality.  This spiritual blindess is the reason why we behave in ways that are sometimes called “sin”.  They are not the TRUE sin, however which is SPIRITUAL and totally outside of behavior.

First, let’s think about who God is from a non-biblical or logical, scientific thought. God is all that exists.  He is the whole pie and everything else is but a slice of it.  In math he would be the number one on the right side of the equation where we would be adding or subtracting fractions.  Everything would always add up to one.  God IS ONE! God is everywhere and there is no place that he is not. Christianity calls this “omnipresence”. Our everyday common sense or logical minds will confirm these things. Let’s forget all the religious jargon and thoughts we have been taught and simply use common sense.  God is very logical and scientific.  All of that is a part of him.

Are we in agreement so far?  I hope so.

Now, lets look to the Bible to ask ourselves how “sin” is defined. Usually it is defined as breaking or “transgressing” God’s perfect law. When a person does this, they are operating in “darkness” or “outside the will of God”. Self-righteous, religious man will condemn this person for these “evil” actions and behaviors.  Earthly or natural law will punish them. This really is by God’s law as under his perfect law, man is condemned for sin, any sin. Condemnation is the administering of guilt and shame for sin or separation from God via what God calls “death”.

So, let’s closely examine this whole idea of “operating outside the will of God” or in “darkness”. Let me ask you this. Didn’t we already determine that God is everywhere? If God is everywhere as we agreed, how can we operate outside his will or in “darkness” unless God allowed it to occur? Could the very forces of “evil” and “darkness” be but a servant to God himself tasked to carry out the dark side of his love?

Or do we believe that somehow Satan and his minions are stronger than God and darkness is stronger than light? Have we ever turned on a light and the room stayed pitch dark? I haven’t. It’s impossible. There is more to “sin” than we know – that man can see in his natural, blinded state.

What about free will?  Doesn’t man have the freedom to make any choice he wants?  To either love or reject God?

Yes and no.  Man can make any choice he wants in the darkness, but once Jesus turns the light on inside him, he can no longer pretend he is in the dark!

God and God alone decides when man “sees” the truth, when the lights come on inside man’s heart.  Man can not have any say in this deep part of him he knows nothing about.

Also, remember that God never left even in the darkness!  He can’t. It’s impossible. He is present EVERYWHERE, even IN THE darkness and he can override the darkness at ANY point he chooses.  Any choice that we make in the darkness, he can easily at any time turn on the light and we will immediately see and choose truth. We are only blinded temporarily so we can’t see or know he is there. This was by HIS doing and if we say we originate the “sin” it would not be true because he put us in this place where it is allowed to occur – the dark.  When we see this, we will quickly realize there is NO such thing as “free will” (as often taught). The Bible tells us this in MANY places but unfortunately our own blindness blocks us from seeing it. We are so blind (without God) that we can’t even see we are in the dark. However, he will shine the light of truth if we will but ask him to.  We will see and rejoice.

Let’s look at another definition of sin that we are often taught and I already mentioned. “Sin is breaking or transgressing God’s perfect law”. I completely agree with this, but do we really know what this means? God’s perfect law is like a chain and if you break one law one time, the whole chain is broken. Thus, who is the ONLY ONE who doesn’t ever break God’s perfect law?

GOD HIMSELF! It requires a PERFECT man or GOD HIMSELF to do it!

Please think about this. If we want to be under this very strict and perfect definiton, it is impossible for man by himself to not sin. Man without God can do nothing but sin. We don’t get to pick and choose what we classify as sin and what we don’t.  We don’t get to point to things that others do that we don’t.  Everything that man does on his own is sin no matter how good or righteous it appears. He could even preach a sermon or help an old lady accross the street, but if it is not God’s perfect will, it is sin! Do you really want to be under this perfect and strict definition of “sin”? If you do, that is your choice, but lets not feed others death by putting them under it. Let’s set them free by helping them see and experience this very powerful truth!  Because of what God did in Christ at the cross for ALL MANKIND, THEY ARE FREE!  COMPLETELY!    They really are just as free as those of us who already know this and “believe”, they just don’t know they are free!  There is nothing they have to do to make it happen, it’s already been done.  Let’s tell them so they may believe it!  Run, be free.  There never were any chains around your neck.

Wait!  How did they get free from being a “sinner” and from the bondage of “sin”?

Let’s say hi to Jesus Christ. He was God himself in a human body. He knows the horrible condition we (All of ADAM’s body) were in because he set all the rules and all the players report directly to him. He has a good and perfect reason for the condition we were in. He has to be the one to set is free! He played the game called the (perfect) “law” and got a perfect score for all mankind, not just those that “believe”. This is the only score that win’s the game. The self-righteous among us have to know that the only way to not sin is to be as perfect as God himself! Impossible for man. When he got the perfect score in the game of “law” we were all set free. He free’d all mankind whether they “believe” or “not”.  Not only did we get set free from all sin, but we were set free from the very definition of law that kept man in complete BONDAGE to lies.

I will be fair here and also say that we can’t even receive this powerful truth until he shows it to us personally.  But it starts with us telling others from the outside and that meets him in our heart and we finally “believe” or really “receive” or “experience” this powerful truth.  Hence my purpose here!  He reveals this first from his written and spoken Word (truth) and then confirms it with us from the INSIDE.  This is all according to his perfect plan for each and every person that ever lived. This has NOTHING to do with saying a “sinners prayer”, changing your behavior or doing “right” and avoiding “wrong”.  That is all man’s will and man’s efforts.  (I am not saying that is wrong to do those things.  You are FREE!) As a matter of fact, he has been telling us plainly in his Word that man’s will plays NO PART in our freedom. We simply couldn’t see it (and still can’t) due to our own blindess. He fixed a HUGE problem we didn’t even know we had and most still don’t. I do hope he will show us this for the first time and really be free.

who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God. John 1:13

But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works, otherwise grace is no longer grace Rom 11:6

So, God set us all free from this thing called “sin” by beating the game of “law” that demanded a perfect score.  All of Adam was rescued from outside the garden, not just parts of him. There was nothing we could do as our own will played no part. If we are blind, how will we begin to know this personally? Once again, his son Jesus takes care of that too.

There was the true Light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man (John 1:9)

Jesus is not only ALL truth that exists wherever it exists, Jesus is also the true light or true understanding of the truth. Unless God shows us what he did for all mankind, setting them ALL free, no one will even know what happened. They simply don’t even know the extent of their blindness.  We didn’t even know “what we didn’t know”. It is the very job of Jesus to shine the light of this powerful truth and how he fixed it, into our hearts. It’s his and our wonderful pleasure to give the true “good news” or the “Gospel”. It’s all done and finished for everyone. We just need to receive the news and immediately live accordingly.  No prayers to say, no works to be done.  Just thank him! The war is over and has been for a long time. We just haven’t been notified yet. We can put our weapons down and go home to be with our FAMILY!

This my friend is TRULY GOOD NEWS!

So, God came to reveal to us the extent of our blindness and our inability to not “sin” according to the perfect standards he has (his perfect law). We had to know that the true (spiritual) law requires 100% forever perfection and he was the only one who could do it!  I am not talking about the law of Moses as that is but a “shadow” of the true law of the Spirit or God’s law.  His law demanded 100% forever perfection – it had to be done perfectly each time with no mistakes, EVER! One mistake and the whole thing is broken. Man can never do that.  You have to BE God to not sin as it’s an ALL or nothing deal.

Do you see that man is always either 100% ALL SIN or 100% NEVER SIN !?! 

My friend, there is NO middle ground.  Jesus came to tell us that because of what he did for us, man has NO sin.  That is the true and powerful meaning of these next verses:

Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God 1 John 3:9

No one who abides in Him sins; no one who sins has seen Him or knows Him 1 John 3:6

We know that no one who is born of God sins; but He who was born of God keeps him, and the evil one does not touch him.  1 John 5:8

When a person believes the above verses it shows that Jesus has already given them new birth inside them!  All sins are gone.  He took away ALL sin for all time!  Sure, man can still believe he originates sin, but that would be believing a lie.  It would be the ONE remaining sin of unbelief that will still condemn us.  Jesus told us about in John 16:8-9.

“And He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment; concerning sin, because they do not believe in Me”  John 16:8-9 (and John 8:44-45)

I am telling you this powerful truth.  There is only ONE sin that God still says exists – not believing that Jesus took away ALL our “sins” The Bible just calls this “unbelief” and the opposite is “belief” or “faith”.  There are NO SINS as behaviors anymore.

Thus, according to God’s 100% absolutely perfect law, here are the ONLY two “states” a person can be in with no mixing:

1) You either believe this simple yet very profound truth that ALL sins for ALL TIME for EVERYONE are gone (ESPECIALLY yours!).


2) You are 100% sinful and everything you do is sin!

There is NO MIDDLE ground with God.  Light never mixes with darkness, good never mixes with evil.  It’s ALL or NOTHING.  Please choose the 100% sinless existence that God says.  If you are even able to choose this, an amazing thing has occurred.  God had granted you the faith to believe it and you are counted VERY fortunate!  Thank our wonderful father for what he has done and check out all the awesome promises you have coming in his love letter to you.

Now, if you are part of number 2, let me give you some GREAT news!  Your check has arrived, the war is over!  YOU ARE FREE and GOD SAYS it is TIME YOU KNOW YOU are REALLY part of NUMBER 1!  Time to know the truth and come OUT OF THE DARKNESS and live your real life found only in knowing this.

Remember, this is because God is the only one who does NOT “sin” according to the true and perfect law (whether you are a believer or not) and his son Jesus came and perfectly fulfilled the law for ALL mankind! True belief or simply receiving this powerful truth happens in our hearts or spirit-man and only God controls that. Man has NO access to his spirit as it’s in an entirely different realm from man’s actions and behaviors are.

This should give all of us GREAT peace whatever we believe about sin and God himself because we will soon see that whatever God says is true and he WILL enforce that.  He says man is completely free from sin.  The blood erased all sin.  There no longer exists any separation between us and God, ever!   He will see to it that we will know this from inside when HE decides it is our time. It truly is a father-son “inside job”. Check these powerful truths out:

And the testimony is this, that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son 1 John 5:11

who gave Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony given at the proper time 1 Tim 2:6

The REAL truth is very simple, yet VERY powerful and requires you to do NOTHING but rest and trust God to care for you.  There NEVER exists a time when God is not with you no matter what your human mind may tell you.  This is only because our human body and BRAIN is still spiritually “dead” or in darkness.  It can’t (yet) receive or see God.  He will replace that with a brand new spiritual body and brain one day that will FULLY see and be able to experience him directly.  This gives me great peace.  I remind myself often that God is in full sovereign control of every infinite molecule and atom that exists and nothing occurs that is outside his will.  Everything he allows into your life both “good” and “bad” is intended for our good.  We can’t see it now, but we will one day.

So, I guess you will have to decide if sin is real or not.  Does it really matter if God shows you how FREE you are right this moment?  Do we really want to argue about how the check got in our mailbox or should we just CASH it and begin ENJOYING it !?!  I say let’s go have a party and thank him!

I hope God will reveal to us our true freedom that we have and can begin to enjoy right now.