Christ is The End of Double Vision

One eye in Christ

Do we have one eye or two?

Friends and brethren,

The Father continues to show me miraculous signs.  I have been continuing to write them down as they appear in my daily experience.  I would love to go into them in detail, but this format is not conducive to that.

Let me tell you that I believe yesterday was my own personal “execution on the cross”.  My natural body is still alive, but everything points to my spiritual execution.  I was very afraid approaching it, but I knew it was coming. The Lord gave me many signs.

I was “executed” by two well-dressed men in nicely pressed business suites who shined like Angels. They were very polite, respectful and “matter of fact”.  I am convinced they were from God.

Once I passed partially through the “death”, I realized that even though I was going to die, somehow, I was going to live.  Even live much more than I ever have.  When it was done, it was a glorious experience full of much light, hope and joy.  I felt as though one of the few remaining connections to the “old man” was severed.

I was thinking about the experience on the way home from the client.  I had on my mind things about how God works in “doubles” and then brings them together in a single “image” of Christ.  One side is law and one side is grace.  The merging together is…well, you guessed it.


It’s passing down into the “Jordan” which is death itself.  When you pass down, you see two of everything.  When you emerge, you see ONE.


He is the merging of the two realms.  He and he alone brings together the double vision.  He connects the old and the new in a hidden part of us that we know nothing about.  It’s all his work and all his glory.

In the time before yesterday, really for the last 10 years, God has been taking away all the things in my life that I trust in and put before him.  My marriage/wife, my children, my job, my worldly things I cherished, my “Church” I attended, my finances, and so much more.  Whatever I trusted in with my natural eyes and mind ahead of him was on the chopping block until he appears.

Boy is it painful at times.

But, remember, after the “morning” comes the light.  You can’t have that unless you first go through the darkness of the night when the scary animals are out.

Now, the funny thing is that I still have my children and many of these other things in my physical possession, but spiritually, the father has removed them from me.  I now realize they are his and Christ alone is my sustenance.  I am to feed solely on Christ and let the father be my children’s parent through me in whatever way he wants to.  I am just part of his “hands”.  This is very hard to do.  Impossible for me.

That’s why he does it for us.  During the night.

When you wake up, there is “mourning” for a while, but then the light (dawn) comes, amazing peace and joy rises in your heart.  This happens every time my friend.  You just have to wait for it.  Peter told us this.  Please ponder this verse carefully.  It’s exactly what I am referring to.

So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts 2 Peter 1:19

Powerful, isn’t it?

In my earthly work, so much has been changing the past 2-3 years, and a LOT in the past 2-3 months.  For, much of what I do to earn a living, the desire has been going away.  I heard him say that he is removing my “people-pleasing” flesh.  This is the true circumcision.

The cutting away of the false outer man from the true inner man.  Removing all things we trust in that are of self and not him.

Still, I clung to my “clients” and “billable hours” for my sustenance while trying to “trust God” at the same time.

Do you see how I wanted two things at the same time?  One of me and one of him?

Guess which one will win?

I had “double vision” again.  I was seeing both law (my plan via self effort based on fear of loss) and God’s plan that is very mysterious, very scary, and comes from within.  “You know not where it comes from”.  Luke 13:27.  I can personally attest to this.

Back to yesterday and the manifestation of my own cross.

I have one large client that I still depend on for 1/3 to 1/2 of my income.   Can you see where this is going already?

Recently they told me they were going to hire another firm for their IT work.  (I am a single person operation)  I sensed my heart was not in the work much of the time and that there was a MUCH GREATER calling for me than sitting in an office.  My heart want’s to share the powerful truth of God’s Word to people.  I want help them see Christ so they can be free! I simply didn’t know how to do it.  I mean do it and “stay alive”.  I sensed these things, but didn’t have the courage to take a step.  So, I kept waiting as my “time had not yet come”.

I was seeing both God’s plan inside and my own plan externally.

This is two plans.

Double vision.  One will go.

God took care of that.  Let me tell you some amazing things that happened.

First, he revealed to me (from within) a month ago that a change was about to happen.  Next, the name of the company that was being hired started with a “G” and had the word “Flesh” in it.

I kid you not!

Two days ago I joked with a friend that “if the sky is dark tomorrow” don’t blame me.

I stopped laughing when I came up from my basement office yesterday at 12:21pm and it was pitch black outside due to a very dark storm overhead.  Fear started to creep in.  There were 3-4 other amazing “incidents” that told me something big was happening.

I emailed the client hoping to get some idea of what to expect when meeting the firm that will replace you and you will lose 1/3 to 1/2 of your income. The client said “David” is a very nice guy and you can help him learn our systems.

Ok, so I thought “David” is a nice person.  Suddenly, I remembered how the prior week the Lord revealed to me that the name of the nation who inhabits our spiritual “land” (body) right now are the Philistines.  (See what God says to Abraham in Genesis 15:13-14.  He tells him his descendants won’t inhabit the “land” until 4 generations have gone by. We are not in our true spiritual bodies or “land” right now.  We are citizens of Heaven and not Earth right now!)

Big gulp.

“David” was the one who slew the Philistine giant and beheaded him. But, he was also a shepherd of the sheep, so the last part gave me some comfort.

I got in my car and headed south and the sun started to peak out of the sky and light up the sky in the south.  This gave me great hope.  Honestly, my heart knew that everything was going to turn out well, but this is more from my human experience.

When I got to the client, I met “David” and his other partner.  They were very attractive people dressed very well.  Very kind, business-like and courteous.

It was a glorious execution.

Afterward, and today, somehow.  I still live, yet MUCH more so!  I feel much more free inside.  The Lord is destroying my double vision through my own cross.  He is removing one of my two “eyes” and giving me a single “eye”.

Ok, so what really is an “eye”?

I mean the true, hidden, spiritual meaning.  The one God doesn’t reveal directly or externally.  Christ has to show us the TRUE meaning that is hidden from “view”.

Ever wonder why humans have two eyes?  (Remember, in the revealed Word of God, there is two of virtually everything!) If somehow our human eyes aren’t properly working together, we will see double.  They have to come together as one.

Could this be a powerful spiritual truth?

YES!  Time to pay attention… if you want to see Christ.

He is revealing these things to us in our own human body.  One “eye” see’s law and the other “eye” see’s grace.  When properly aligned, they see Christ and truth!  Now, I am not talking about our literal human eyes.  They are the two minds or hearts that we have as a human.  Our outer man see’s law while our inner man will see Christ if he has been reborn.

Thus, God has revealed to me that our TRUE being who is our inner spirit-man only has one eye.  Our “eye” in the true meaning of the spirit is our heart or inner spirit man.  Our spirit-man or “eye” reveals truth to our body.  Look at and ponder these verses.

BEHOLD, HE IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. So it is to be. Amen Rev 1:7

How many “eyes” is the father saying will see him?

All of them.

How many “eyes” does each person have?


My friend, if the Lord reveals this to you, your heart will celebrate.  Every person’s heart, spirit or true inner being WILL SEE CHRIST!  “Seeing” him is salvation!

That is why Luke 3:6 says the most powerful statement that we don’t see from our blindness.


Friends, when this occurs, ALL will be saved!  God is not talking about our physical, external set of TWO eyes.  He is talking about our ONE spiritual “eye” which is our true heart or spirit man.

Look into this and ask the Lord.  He will reveal this to you.

As I sat down to today to work, I heard “the eye is the lamp of the body”.  Ok, Lord, I do recall that verse so I am excited to see what you want to show me (knowing that he has already been showing me we really have one “eye”).  So, here is the verse:

The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light  Matt 6:22  NASB

Now, look at that verse.  Pay close attention to what it is really saying.  How many “eyes”?


“The” eye and your “eye”.  One.

Beautiful Lord.

“Dig deeper” I heard…. “what does ‘if your eye is clear’ mean”?

Great question.  So, I checked out a more literal translation.  The next step is to check the actual words used for this phrase.



Look at the King James.  This is what it actually says.

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light Matt 6:22 KJV

I sat slayed in the Spirit yet again.

Christ is saying if we have ONE eye (only see spiritual truths) and not the “two eyes” of the outer man (double vision), then the body is FULL OF LIGHT!  Christ and Christ alone can merge the eye of law with the eye of grace so you will see…


And be full of light.

It’s a simple road.    Directly through the cross where we learn to trust him in all we do.

I pray the Spirit makes these things visible for you and you are fed Christ inside.

God bless

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