And He Clings in Woman of him (Gen 2:24)

One (beautiful) flesh?

Genesis 2:24 is an interesting verse.  Some believe it is talking about sex between a man and his wife.

What if that is true, but on a MUCH different level?

A molecular or meta-physical level.   The level of the actual sperm and the egg.

Life exists on many levels, not just our level that we see everyday, right?  Jesus told us he is THE life.   John 14:6

Does this not include life at all levels, including the metaphysical level?

Let’s look at the verse.

Is this referring to the sperm and the egg to create one individual?

What if from a spiritual (God’s) perspective, this is the creation of one single individual by the joining of sperm inside of an egg?

How would this change our view of this verse?   Would this then be true for us as a single individual?

What if “And-he” = sperm and “woman-of-him” = egg (body)?  They join to become flesh “one” (achd) or “one flesh”, a single human being.

If we knew that God himself has joined (married) our very mind and body, would this make him much more relevant and closer to us in our everyday lives?