Is God revealing himself through the actual scripture NUMBERS themselves?

gods numbers

Is there a very special and HIDDEN spiritual and mathematical truth in the number “3”?

Dear friends and honest God and truth seekers everywhere,

There is something absolutely astonishing that hopefully will be coming soon to a “thought near you”.

It will blow your mind, amaze and astound you.

It asks and powerfully reveals the shocking truth behind this question:

Are many truths about God hidden deeply inside the mathematical laws and revealed in the scripture “numbers” themselves?

I have been seeing it for months now but the past few weeks have been extremely intense.  It is so big, I can’t yet fully unpack nor explain it.  Some days of mine are filled with 10+ hours of intense original scripture study, deep reflection, writing and drawing out what I am seeing.

Yes, my friends and family think I have gone “wacko” and “off the deep end”.  Some days I think I have too.

At the same time, I keep getting more and more astonished at what I see but its hard to describe.  I hope that will change soon and I can begin to share foundational principles.  I haven’t even been able to work many days as it’s totally consuming me.  I think at just the right time that God says, he will allow me to explain and share it with you.  But first he gives me the ability to explain and teach it.

“It” involves “numbers”  in the Bible and their true meaning.

Were they put in there for no reason at all?  Does God do anything without a reason?

I don’t believe so.  I believe and now KNOW personally they are there for a very specific, precise and powerful reason.

This is what I have been seeing.  And it can be proven using mathematical principles we all have been taught since children.

Could there be a deep and powerful yet still HIDDEN truth about why his entire written Word called “The Bible” is split into “Books” which contain chapters represented by numbers which contain verses separated by numbers and even individual words?

Whew!  Sorry for that run on.  I really tried to shorten it.

Based on what I have been seeing, the answer is YES!  And if he shows this to you the entire WORLD will be in dramatic change as we know it.

The key to seeing all of this personally is understanding a couple of spiritual principles that can not be violated.

First, God’s entire “law” or set of rules for all things is perfect and can NOT be violated.  Not even God himself can’t violate it because he is always TRUE to himself.  It’s just like we can’t divide 1 by 1 and get 0. Or add 2 and 2 and get 6.

Second, his law is one single whole that contains no division or separation.  His law not only includes all spiritual law or laws we can’t see, but also includes all natural laws some of which we can see.  By “see” I mean at least see the effects of.  (We can’t “see gravity” itself, but we can see ourselves fall when we trip and know it was gravity that caused us to fall.)  Thus, all parts of earthly law such as natural laws of gravity, life and death and mathematical and scientific laws are all part of his one single, whole law.

None of them can be violated without experiencing the result that HE setup beforehand.  None of them can be broken either.  This includes all laws of science and math (and all natural laws) that man has found and thus are “proven” to him.

How does this relate to the Bible and God’s written Word?

Excellent question!

This is the very awe-inspiring secret I hope he allows me to start to share soon.  This is totally revolutionary my friend and is going to “bust open the GATES OF HELL”!

In essence, we are discovering that God’s hidden SPIRITUAL laws we read about in the Bible are all part of the SAME one, single “LAW” that also contains all natural laws of science and math, etc.

What does this mean to you personally in your normal, everyday life?


Once you see how God’s written Word (the Bible) really works and how each “word” and each LETTER is part of a HUGE mathematical spiritual “database” (based on his immutable, unbreakable LAW) of his entire plan for creation, you will be absolutely floored!

I still am.

Every day!  Can you tell I am so excited by all the “!” in my writing?  I peer into it and ponder it and he pieces more of it together.  And I tell him how astonishing and beautiful he is even though I still can’t see him with my natural, human eyes.

It’s like Math itself comes alive in a small way for me.  This is one way he speaks to me.  However, I really see that HE is the one behind all math and science and all laws that exist whether revealed or hidden.

Dear friend, I hope to share more in the coming days.  I am still working on more of the “framework” because it is so complex and yet I don’t know how to fully simplify it yet.  I know he will reveal it if it’s supposed to happen.  Otherwise, I, alone will just confuse you and I don’t want to do that.  I hope to bring you clarity and reveal true life that has been hidden for so long.

In the meantime, here are some background truths you can start to look into and think about if you are searching for deeper truth, meaning of life and want to see more of God himself.

Truth 1: Each of God’s written words (and even each letter of the word) have a precise and unchanging numeric mathematical value.

This one powerful truth is what I am convinced will start to reveal God to the normal, everyday non-religious person.

This means that each original letter that God used to make a word of scripture (the Bible) has a precise and specific number value assigned to it.

Each of those letters that make up that word can be added up to find the specific number value of that entire word.  The words themselves can then be added up to find the precise spiritual number value of that entire sentence.  It continues.  Sentence values can be added to find chapters, etc.  Even entire books have a precise and unchanging number value.

What does that mean?

This is uncovering that hidden in the mathematical LAWS that God himself created is a way to “piece together” and see what God is really saying and doing.  It is adding the “true substance” to the form.  Once a person starts to see this, they will start to see and understand that GOD IS REAL!  They will not know “him” yet, but they will at least see the amazing phenomena behind laws and scripture itself.

This is where I think I come in.  I can help put these together and “connect” the religious truths we have been taught since children with the hidden, unchanging spiritual truths God is now revealing in the “numbers”.

Back to “Truth 1”.

Although the idea of “numerical value of scripture words” has been around in various formats for decades, we are just now beginning to understand the MUCH larger meaning of this.  God is actually revealing a part of himself in normal “math” that we all know and “trust”!  One person has written about this amazing phenomena on this site.  What he discovers by deeply and intensely analyzing the entire Bible’s hidden numbers will absolutely astonish you once you see it!

For example, every word or phrase in the Bible that has to do with Satan or anything he does is a multiple of 180.  You can read about that here.

Everything to do with the birth of Jesus is a multiple of 111.  (I know the reason for that one!)

“Life” is always a multiple of 24!

It goes ON and ON.

He discovered this and fed all the original scripture word values into a super-computer and analyzed them.  Please check it out yourselves.  He even had the mind-boggling results checked and challenged by universities math departments and some of the top mathematical minds of today.

Some of the material he writes is kind of “higher end statistical math” but I believe anyone can get the “jist” of it if they think about it and ask questions.  I stumbled upon his site and work because I too have been seeing the higher spiritual principles that he refers to.

I Strongly Believe things are MUCH more POSITIVE than that site

I can’t wholeheartedly endorse his site or his teachings.  But, there is tremendous value there.  For example, sometimes things are not explained on a level that the “average, everyday” person can understand.  Second, his theology is of a person under law (and sin) and this will feed condemnation to all who take it all in without deeper knowledge of scriptural truth.  I hope to be done with condemnation of myself and others.  I have done that LONG enough and it’s time to put my focus solely on LIFE in “our new man” – Jesus Christ.

That is what I hope to accomplish in the coming days and months and beyond.  God willing.

Friend, I am so looking forward to taking you on this powerful journey of discovering God in the normal, everyday life by giving you permission to use your normal, rational scientific mind WITH scripture.

Wait till you see how the Bible REALLY works and what it is REALLY saying is true and happening RIGHT now all around us that we simply can’t see.  It’s ALL very, very, VERY GOOD!

God bless you today.