Could man be wrong? (Or even worse!?!)

Should we be changing God's "signs"?

Should we be changing God’s “signs”?

Mankind has done some GREAT things, hasn’t he?

He has also done some “not so great things”.

One thing that man has done is taken Gods original words of living truth or “signs” as I like to call them and tried to assign meaning to them for us in our own native language.

This is AWESOME or how would we ever know what God was saying at all?

The original words God gave us were in Hebrew for the Old Testament and Greek for the new (with some other smaller exceptions).

I suspect that sometimes man was correct and sometimes he wasn’t.  Sometimes he simply couldn’t see the bigger picture God was revealing.  I know I often can’t until he unveils it in my minds eye and I have that powerful “ah-ha” moment I share so often.

Maybe he even saw the truth but didn’t believe it?

Or even worse… Maybe some other men had darker motives and they may have wanted to keep the truth from us for whatever ever reason?

Whatever the motive was, should we simply accept what man says based on “blind faith”?  Or should we dig deeper to see if God meant something else?  Do you think God rewards those who dig deep into his words in an effort to know him better?

Let’s look at some verses and compare what man said in the translation vs. what the original word was (as best as man can ascertain).

Look at this verse where the Lord is speaking to Cain:

If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it.” Genesis 4:7

This is man’s best idea of what God was saying here.

Now, let’s look at the original Words of Genesis 4:7 in the “Westminster Leningrad Codex” which is a version of displaying the original Words.  Kind of like a “font” or “style”.

What did God really say to us in Genesis 4:7?

What did God really say to us in Genesis 4:7?

If you look at the verse at the top, you can see the closest English translation.  The closest representation of the original words God gave us are at the bottom.  Below them is the closest meaning of that single word in English.

Now, Hebrew reads from the right to the left opposite from English.  I use a wonderful and FREE program called “Interlinear Scripture Analyzer” or simply “ISA” from that will automatically put the words in reverse order for easy readability.  (I highly recommend all serious truth-seekers get a copy of this!)

Here is a trick I have learned (actually God revealed it to me) on how to BYPASS the translations of man and get a truer meaning of what God is saying.  What we can do is read the “closest actual meaning of the words in English” below from left to right like we normally do.  It’s a good idea to read the regularly translated English verse at the top a couple times first so you have a decent “foundation” to build from.  Then, study the bottom meanings and “fill in the gaps”.  It’s astonishing what you will “see”.

So, do you see some differences in the original Words compared to what man translated?

The word that was translated as “at the door” actually means “to the portal”.   Do you see the last words?

They are translated in English normally as “thou shalt rule over him”.  However, the original words are much closer to “you are ruling in him“.

Quite a difference, isn’t it?

You would think this is an isolated incident, but I find this occurs in nearly EVERY verse!  I can understand part of this in order to make God’s Word understandable, but we don’t want to lose or miss his meaning, do we?  Check this out yourself and download a copy of the ISA program at this link.

It really makes me wonder if we truly understand Gods Word that he gave us.  Could there be MUCH more to it than “meets the eye”?

Here is another example that is even more disconcerting.  Look at Psalm 49:2

Both low and high,
Rich and poor together Psalm 49:2

Do you know that the words “high” or “low” do NOT EVEN APPEAR in the original words?

Look at the actual words that are there:

Psalms 49:2

Is man “making things up” as he goes along?

In my mind, this is true blaspheme!  It clearly says “son’s of Adam” and “sons of man” instead of “low and high”.  Look at how this was butchered on

Shouldn’t we just be translating the actual word that appears instead of what we think or want it to mean?

In the future, I will post more examples as I find them.  If you find some yourself, please share them.

Hope you have a great weekend.