Would the TRUE Gospel Please Stand Up

Are you believing a true or a FALSE Gospel?

Are you believing the true Gospel?

Did you know that religion and religious tradition often teaches us to NOT believe the truth found clearly in scripture?  At least that is what Jesus said many times.  Mark 7:13, Titus 1:14, Mark 7:9, Mark 7:3, Matthew 15:6 NASB

Could we still be missing the simple and plain truth found in scripture because of the religious traditions handed down to us?

Recently, I heard a local radio show host coming down hard on people for teaching a “watered down gospel” that does not make people feel really bad by telling them they are dirty, rotten, sinners.  This made me feel very sad and then angry because all my time spent in the Word and alone with the Lord speaks to me otherwise.  I believe that not only does scripture teach us otherwise, but people will also be very  confused about the LOVE of God if we first tell them they are sinners and “now that they believe” suddenly they are not.  What?  My belief made God NOT ANGRY!  Am I that powerful?  We also have to ask ourselves – “is confusion and condemnation is from God?” We know it is not.  In addition, I strongly hear the thoughts that we are to “not to call unholy that which God made Holy“.  Acts 10:15, 11:9, Romans 14:14

Do we not agree that Hebrews 9:26 says that “Christ appeared once to put away sin“? Do we not believe that his second appearance will have NO REFERENCE TO SIN like Hebrews 9:28 clearly seems to say?  Or are we allowing our natural, religious mind to separate us into “believers” and “unbelievers”?  I know it is very tempting to make ourselves feel good at the expense of others, but is that the truth found in scripture?

From the overwhelming evidence in scripture and the solid and unwavering truth of the New Covenant, I have to conclude that the idea of “anyone still being a “sinner” totally negates the work of Christ at the cross”!  A person can only be a “sinner” if Christ did not die on the cross and take them into death with him!   If this is the case, then ALL of us are still sinners! We are ALL still under the Old Covenant of law or the ministry of death via condemnation.  2 Corinthians 3:7  Praise God we know this isn’t true! Praise God that the cross was an ALL OR NOTHING DEAL for the whole World or the entire body of ADAM, not just parts of him!  The cross didn’t just apply to Adam’s “eye” or “arm” and left leg.  Christ took ALL of Adam with him to the cross.  Does this mean they are all experiencing his eternal life right now?  No, it doesn’t.  Let me explain as this is very good!  I hope the rest of the Church sees this very soon so they stop ministering the Old Covenant of Law (and commandments) which is the “ministry of Death”.

If this is true, why do we insist on still being “sinners” or beating others up by telling them they are dirty, rotten, sinners?

Unfortunately, because a person is still blinded by the veil of law-based thinking and they don’t yet see the glory of the new and TRUE covenant.  I spent the first 8 years of my new birth experience in blinders and still battle law-based thinking or “legalism”.  It’s Old Covenant, law-based thinking but it goes much deeper and further back than that.  The Law and law-based thinking was driven into the conscience of all humans when Adam took the law into our bodies from the garden.  This is when all humanity gained an “evil conscience” because it was now fully aware of God’s perfect standard that the law requires.  We became condemned in our own hearts and minds because we now know we are not perfect.  There is ONE person the Law will not condemn – God himself.  Only he can perfectly fulfill the law and only he will NOT be condemned.  This is why God said you will “die” if you eat (live by) the law.  That is what the law does.  It produced death in us and separates us from the life of God in our minds and hearts.  It makes us “sinners“.

based definition of man which is not God’s perfect and ultimate will or he wouldn’t have told Adam to “not eat of that tree”.  God gave the Israelites the Law to simply show them that they were already under law internally from the Garden and thus already condemned to death.  That is the sole purpose of the law – to reveal our default position of condemnation.  It is NOT to make us think we can EVER do anything to fulfill it.  That is what the self-righteous Pharisees thought they could do, so Jesus had to greatly magnify the law upon his arrival so they would see they were toast.  They did NOT like this at all and thus, wanted to kill him.  That is what self-righteousness in any of us does to Christ and the truth. It gets angry and wants to avoid or destroy the truth because it wants to give self credit or glory.

As mentioned already, the Law is not of faith and it is the natural state of man’s conscious existence (conscience or heart) after Adam’s sin.  Christ changed ALL this and EVERYTHING at the cross!  All things we thought we knew under the Old Covenant of Law were TURNED UPSIDE DOWN!  Once the true and New Covenant was put into effect two thousand years ago at the cross, God calls law-based thinking an evil, unbelieving heart because the New Covenant takes faith to see.  Only faith pleases God and the law or self-righteous, Old Covenant thinking does NOT please God.  This self-righteous thinking he calls an “evil heart”.  Galatians 3:12, Hebrews 11:6, Hebrews 3:12, Jeremiah 7:24, Hebrews 12:25, Hebrews 12:15

This “evil heart” or fallen conscience became that way for all humans when the law became implanted into it after Adam ate from the tree of “Knowledge of Good and Evil”.  Genesis 3:11, Romans 2:15  Now, do you see why God told Adam to not “eat the law” or “knowledge” of good and evil or he WILL DIE!  Under the Law everyone except God himself is a sinner and must DIE!  Only God can fulfill the perfect requirements forever that the law demands.  If we are under law, then everyone is a sinner and Jesus did NOT take away the sins of the world!  We have to begin to see that calling yourself or another a sinner is the very thinking of the natural mind who is still under law.  Thus, the natural, fallen mind always believes he is a bad, “sinner” and does not see the true Gospel nor the work of Christ at the cross.  This mind will also beat up and condemn both self and others as being “sinners” too.  It has to because it is under law and condemnation and that is what it feeds to others too.  Only the Spirit of Christ can reveal the truth of the New Covenant to this person that he really is the “Savior of the World” and he really was the “Lamb of God who took away the sins of the World“.  Natural man does not need us to remind him of his wrongs.  He already knows as his conscience is under law and is always condemning him or her anytime they are not perfect, which is all the time! 

The natural, unbelieving mind under condemnation needs to hear the truth of what Christ HAS done for them out of his love for them at the cross.  They need to know he has NOTHING TO DO to earn or even receive it!  Just KNOW it NOW and start living it!  The religious mind will get upset at this because man has added all kinds of religious “rituals” such as a saying the “sinners prayer” and the such.  None of this is required because true salvation does NOT happen in the realm of the soul!  It’s all in the person’s spirit behind a veil where they have NO access to.  Anyone who thinks otherwise, is simply not understanding or believing what scripture plainly says and is under religious bondage.  They want to do something because this is what the natural, religious mind always wants – to do something to earn it’s salvation

Scripture is very clear it’s a TOTAL gift from start to finish and you do NOTHING but enjoy it!  If you struggle with this idea, please read this entire article and think about the truths and scripture behind them.  I am very confident that you too will be set free from the religious bondage we have come under.  That is what my hearts desire is. To set the captives free!  There are so many Christians and non-Christians who are in deep religious bondage due to false teachings.  They could be free in an instant but they have been taught to FEAR false doctrine.  Fear is another strong religious bondage.  God is truly breaking these chains these days!

IMHO this is where we should be spending ALL our time and effort.  This is the freedom all are longing to live. 

It takes much more faith to believe the truth found in scriptures than it does to believe man is still a sinner!  The truth says that God has done EVERYTHING for ALL MANKIND from START TO FINISH and it is DONE!

I had to sit down and share with the radio host the powerful truth about the New Covenant and what Christ has done for ALL of us.  I believe they this and I believe they have a heart for God, but sometimes we need reminders.  I know I do and that’s why I write so much.  It is most often for ME.  Also, there are so many powerful scripture verses that current modern Christianity totally skips over because they say things that are TOO BIG and TOO GLORIOUS for us to believe.  I believe it’s time we stop believing what others tell us they mean and ask God to show us DIRECTLY what these verses mean.  This includes me!  I hope you will seriously spend some time thinking about what I say and pondering the scripture verses and any others the Holy Spirit leads you to.  My friend, this will feed you life if you are brave enough to do this, but God’s ways will destroy the wisdom of man in many things we have been taught for a long time.

How can we tell if a person is speaking the TRUE Gospel or if it is veiled by the deceptive religious traditions of man (according to Mark 7:13)?

One concept to discuss or ask is “Who died with Christ at the cross?”

Unfortunately, most people, including Bible teachers and pastors who follow the natural traditions of religious man will not agree with what scripture teaches. Some of these are very entrenched foundational teachings or “doctrines” of almost ALL flavors of Christianity itself. The amazing truth of who died with Christ (at the cross) according to God’s Word is this:

For the love of Christ controls us, having concluded this, that one died for ALL, therefore ALL died 2 Corinthians 5:14

Most know that Christ died for “the sins” or “wrong behaviors” of all mankind but this isn’t the FULL truth.  Anytime something isn’t the “full” truth it is not the truth at all!  The full or REAL truth that scripture teaches says that ALL mankind died WITH  Christ!  This “death” with Christ at the cross has nothing to do with a person’s “beliefs” and was totally outside of anything we would call “human will” or decision. 

Unfortunately, natural man also believes that the human will,  human faith, or human action is what saves him.  This is not true.  If it did, we would ALL BE IN BIG TROUBLE!  These are all in the NATURAL realm of the SOUL and not in the true realm of man’s Spirit where Christ is.

True faith is man’s heart or spirit-man (WHO IS CHRIST HIMSELF!) behind the veil separating man’s soul and spirit.  Man has NO access or ability to influence him via his human will or efforts!

Man’s natural or soulish “will” and these occur in his natural understanding which is in the soul realm.

However, and this is VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND, the death at the cross was a spiritual death that was much deeper and completely hidden in man’s spirit or “heart”.  Man, who lives out of his soul every moment will not know this occurred while in natural bodies of “death”. Before the cross, all mankind or “Adam” was in a state of being spiritual and naturally DEAD and SEPARATED totally from God.  This is the state that was brought into “death” with Jesus.

“Death” or separation from God itself was brought into death!

In other words, God killed DEATH for ALL MANKIND!

This is very difficult for us to understand in our current soul-realm existence/experience, but basically “death itself DIED” for ALL people and all times.  God calls our initial state of “death” natural life.  So, never forget that “natural” life = “death”.  Do you know what the Bible teaches that happens when death itself dies?  I already told you, so I gave it away.  🙂  This is so critical and awesome to see how the things of God work.

Let’s see what happens when death itself dies.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit John 12:24

However, the spiritual is NOT first, but the natural; THEN the spiritual 1 Cor 15:46

This is so powerful to understand because we have ALL believed that death is the end.  This could not be further from the TRUTH!  In the false realm of the “shadow” or physical realm where we consciously still live while in the natural, dead body – death is the end of the physical man.  However, in the TRUE realm of the Spirit, DEATH IS THE BEGINNING!  The truth is UPSIDE-DOWN from what we know naturally.  Such are the ways of God compared to mans.  When Death dies, LIFE SPRINGS FORTH!  This is what Jesus was referring to in John 12:24 above.  He HAD TO DIE so his LIFE could be poured out for ALL MANKIND!  Look at the very powerful verse below.

You fool! That which you sow does not come to life unless it dies 1 Corinthians 15:36

We Die FIRST in our Natural LIFE then we LIVE Eternally

Friends, this is SO IMPORTANT that we understand Gods TRUE plan for ALL mankind is that we ALL experience “deathfirst BEFORE (eternal) life. Our first life is called “natural life” and that is how God “sowed” us in the “ground” of the dust of the Earth.  Natural life is comparatively short lived and is really what God calls “death” or separation from him as it is a “veiled” life where we can’t see or know him at all.  This separation happens only in our own minds because the power of death in the natural body veils us from God and creates spiritual blindness or “ignorance”.  Ephesians 4:18 NASB  Also, if you think about it, there is no place where God does not exist.  However, God makes this natural life or “death” VERY BELIEVABLE because the natural body does die so this makes us totally believe death is total destruction or the end.  It’s NOT!  It’s only the END OF THE PHYSICAL, NATURAL MAN!  Friend, when natural man dies, new birth manifests.  All natural man died spiritually at the cross, now we are just waiting for God to manifest the LIFE of Christ in each person.  Now, do we see why God always talks about the “pains until childbirth” during Old Testament judgments?  He is giving us a POWERFUL clues and they are ALL OVER THE OLD TESTAMENT!

Look at this powerful set of verses that reinforces what I am saying.

 For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God. 20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope 21 that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. 22 For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.  8:19-22 NASB

My friend, there is NO ONE left out of “the WHOLE CREATION”!  The entire creation is suffering these “pains of childbirth” because it was subjected to “death” first.  God has an awesome reason.  See verse 20 above.  It’s all IN HOPE!

My friend, at the cross, Jesus destroyed death entirely for all people, all things, and all time.  It was an eternal redemption as I will talk about shortly.  Now, we are just waiting eagerly for the son’s of God to be revealed!  That is the purpose of this current age – to give faith to the body of Christ.  They alone will receive this knowledge or “faith” ahead of the rest.  When Christ reveals who they are to the world, this is when the awesome victory over death (that occurred at the cross for ALL of CREATION) will be fully manifest or revealed.  Jesus will have fully manifested or revealed to the ENTIRE WORLD the swallowing up of ALL death with his LIFE!  This is so powerful and so amazing, and scripture confirms this over and over.  If we don’t see it, we need to allow ourselves to have a bigger picture and forget what man teaches us.

Are you believing the TRUE Gospel?

There are two versions of this “new birth” and two versions of the Gospel.  The true Gospel says that the new birth in Christ happens behind a veil in our true person or inner spirit man in a hidden part of us that we can not affect or impact.  Only Christ has access to this inner man.  Our Soul or everyday life can NOT affect the inner man at all!  Thus, we can’t see the new birth or affect it but will begin to receive the effects of it as it works it’s way outward.  Scripture says this happened to all of mankind’s spirit or inner man at the cross 2000 years ago as they were “made to drink of ONE spirit – Christ“.  Check out this powerful verse:

For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit 1 Corinthians 12:13

Want more proof?  I love these verses that take MY soul and human WILL OUT OF THE salvation process totally!  I will fail myself every time.  I want Christ to do it for me, and HE HAS!  But, not only for me.  He really is the “SAVIOR OF THE WORLD!”  Those verses ARE NOT A LIE!

Here is what happened at the cross.  ALL of CREATION including ALL of mankind was placed into Christ.

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me John 12:32

Please study the original Greek word “helkó” we translate as “draw” in John 12:32.  See below. It means DRAG, not “draw”.  This is God’s very sovereign power to “drag” ANYTHING he wants to!  NOTHING could have stopped this from happening.  Man has watered this down word to “draw” due to deception and unbelief.  It DID happen, not “might”.  Also, the word “all men” really means ALL THINGS as in ALL CREATION.  God was reconciling ALL things of the old creation to himself.  I talk about this in a little bit.  Here is the Greek word we water down and translate to “draw” vs. “drag”.

helkó: to drag

Original Word: ἑλκύω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: helkó
Phonetic Spelling: (hel-koo’-o)
Short Definition: I drag, draw, pull, persuade
Definition: I drag, draw, pull, persuade, unsheathe.

The Simple and POWERFUL TRUE Gospel

The bare-bones, powerful and simple truth is that ALL of the OLD fallen, darkened creation was placed into Christ as God himself was reconciling all things.

namely, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and He has committed to us the word of reconciliation 2 Corinthians 5:19

God himself is doing this reconciling work all in the hidden realm of the spirit.  He placed the reconciliation or finished work of Christ into ALL things.  See Colossians 3:11 below.

a renewal in which there is no distinction between Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and freeman, but Christ is all, and in all  Colossians 3:11

Most don’t yet believe that Christ is in ALL things because of the cross.  By “most” I mean the very people we are relying on each Sunday to tell us what the Bible means!  What scripture teaches us that happened at the cross has nothing to do with a person’s beliefs.  It goes MUCH deeper than that.

We must never forget that we have no ability to affect to our spirit-man, only God does.

This is where the TRUE Gospel and new birth takes place and when it does, it works its way out to our soul and then body.  When it reaches our soul this is when we begin to “receive” it and begin to enjoy it.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to know that our soul does NOT come first.  Our Soul follows our spirit-man behind the veil.  Just as it HAD to follow Adam into death, it also HAS to follow Christ into life!

However, natural man teaches a Gospel that requires the soul or “man’s will” to believe FIRST and then the spirit man is reborn.  This is not true nor supported by scripture.  Man’s soul is the CABOOSE on the train while man’s spirit is a car behind the engine.  God himself is the engine and Jesus is the train’s conductor completely in charge!  Man’s soul will ALWAYS follow God who is pulling man’s spirit and soul.  Man is simply along for the ride!  Scripture confirms that man’s soul (will) does NOT play any part of the new birth process.

who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God John 1:13

So then it does not depend on the man who wills or the man who runs, but on God who has mercy  Romans 9:16

Man’s will or efforts play NO part in the new birth.  It’s all Christ in the hidden realm of the spirit working in our inner man or “heart”.  Christ is our faith as he gives us HIS faith.

fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God  Hebrews 12:2

Jesus both authors or creates our faith in our hearts and then finishes it in our soul as it works it’s way outward.

Thus, God does it ALL from start to finish. The Bible tells us this over and over yet natural man does NOT believe it. Most teachers today are still believing their natural mind and not the truth found in God’s Word. It’s TIME WE KNOW THE TRUTH and CELEBRATE! ALL OF US!

Man is this good and it doesn’t matter what you believe because it applies to you ANYWAY! However, once you understand it, then and only then can you finally EXPERIENCE it. I want ALL the people I know to experience it. You could start right now by simply believing what I am saying and you are no longer in the state of death or separation from God.

So, do you believe the religious and false Gospel of natural man that says you must do something to be with God? Or do you believe what God’s Word really says that Christ has taken ALL of (spiritually dead and separated from God) mankind into death with him?

I am telling you friends that the truth is SO good, TOO GOOD that we can’t believe it. Christ took ALL of dead mankind into death with him and it died. Now, life is ready to spring forth as soon as he shows you this. It will be as simple as finally figuring out a math problem you didn’t know the answer to. The answer was always there, you just couldn’t “see it”. This is SO MUCH BIGGER! You WILL LIVE eternally, even RIGHT now!

Here are more verses that we are taught NOT to believe in Churches all over.

For as in Adam ALL die, so also in Christ ALL will be made alive 1 Cor 15:22


But EACH IN HIS TURN: Christ, the firstfruits; then, when he comes, those who belong to him 1 Cor 15:23

Friends, the above verses are not tricky or complex. God does NOT play those mind games like religious man does. God tells you plainly and simply. That verse really does mean what it says. All of mankind belongs to Christ as he is the “second Adam” and he purchased all of man from the blinding death of the Enemy at the cross by perfectly fulfilling the law for EVERYONE! He took ALL of mankind into the Holy of Holies or Heaven. He is AS you right now in front of God! You simply may not know this, but NOW YOU DO!

I truly believe God is making these amazing scripture come through before our very eyes right now.  Many of us are FINALLY seeing the TRUE Gospel and it is so incredible and gives him so much glory!

And on this mountain He will swallow up the covering which is over all peoples, Even the veil which is stretched over all nations Isaiah 25:7

Please think deeply about these things and forget what man has taught you even (ESPECIALLY!) inside the Church building.  The real Church is NOT a building, it’s Christ’s body. It does not matter what belief or religion or NON-Religion you are. These things are TRUE for you right now because man does NOT affect truth he can only RECEIVE and ENJOY it. God has put 100 billion dollars in your bank account 2000 years ago. Now, you know its there.

Let’s stop trying to be religious by earning it and simply go enjoy it!  Time to write some checks of faith.

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