Do you commit sin? Jesus says “no” unless you don’t (yet) KNOW the truth

Freedom from sin

Do you commit sin? What if I told you that Jesus has really removed ALL your sin from you? You are free!

My dear friend. I pray you are well this cold, rainy Wednesday morning. Please know that you are greatly loved today by our Lord Jesus. His love has nothing to do with our actions or behaviors! He IS love and he gives himself to all freely and abundantly.  Scripture even goes as far to say we have “all received” his grace.  Ponder John 1:16 if you need encouragement today.

For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace John 1:16 NASB

I haven’t written in a while because or loving Father and Lord Jesus has been taking me extremely deep in the Word. It is so deep I dare not share much of it as it’s far beyond our wildest imagination in a GOOD way, but he is also doing a lot of deep burning of unbelief that I have.  The breaking of strongholds in my natural mind are painful at times and very messy from the outside, but when they break free I am more free in that area. Today I want to share something with you about something that is very heavy on my heart today.  I see so many people (myself included) in deep spiritual bondage (too) much of the time.

Friend, I want you to know how FREE you are today.  RIGHT NOW as you are reading this!

This message is directed to those who believe we are still under any part of the Old Covenant law or Ten commandments. It is also for those who don’t yet believe the words of Jesus in John 8:34 when he said the sobering words of “he who commits sin is a SLAVE of sin“.  I am sure they are one in the same.

Let me ask you. “Do you commit sin?”

If you do, according to Jesus, you are a slave of sin.

Think about that. According to Jesus what is the ONLY way you can NOT be a slave of sin?

Don’t “commit” any.

Are you able to do that?  What does it really mean to “commit” sin?

If you don’t know how to do that, ask the Lord to reveal the powerful truth to you.

Friend, may the Lord reveal to you what the word “commits” means. It is MUCH different than “having” sin. Here is the Greek word for “commit”.  Please spend some time looking over the possible meanings and then listen to what your heart says “commit” means.

Now, compare that word with the Greek word for “have” as in “have sin” or to “be with sin” as John says in 1 John 1:8.

I pray you see the difference.  It is very small difference, but it the result is the very difference between LIFE and DEATH.

It is the very difference between being in a bank when some robbers come in to rob it and YOU BEING THE ROBBER YOURSELF!  One you are “committing” the robbery (sin) and the other one you are in the same bank “with” the robbers (sin).  When the police or “the law” arrives and is enforced, you will be treated VERY DIFFERENTLY depending on which one you are.  One you are treated as guilty and the other you are declared innocent. 

Please choose wisely my friend. 

Please choose to believe the very words of Jesus.  Sadly, many don’t and because they believe they are guilt, they will be declared “guilty”.  We are even taught on Sunday that we are guilty.  Sadly, this is a big source of where we are taught we are guilty.  Well, it’s time to show them we are not guilty according to Jesus.  Jesus says because of HIM we are not, but if we don’t accept what he says and think we are he will treat us as guilty.  Let’s avoid that dark road of law and God’s wrath and just simply believe him, shall we?

Let’s review.  This is very important.

“Committing” (Strong’s #4160) is YOU being the robber, but “having” (Strong’s #2192) is you lying on the floor while they shoot up the place and steal the money. The difference between these two seem tiny, but they are the very difference between LIFE and DEATH, Old Covenant and NEW!

So, please spend some time thinking about whether you “carry sin” with you in your spiritually dead body or if you yourself commit or “cause” sins. Friend, this TRUTH from Jesus is very powerful when it hits us because Jesus says the only sin left is the UNBELIEF that he removed ALL SIN of ALL PEOPLE for ALL TIME!  Please think about John 16:9. 

When the meaning of that HITS you, living waters will flow from within as you will realize JESUS really did set you FREE from ALL your sins past, present and future. Any “sins” you still feel you see are no longer yours because of him. They have been (spiritually) circumcized away from your true being of spirit and soul and quarantined in your dead body (which is under law and will die!).

In God’s eyes, ALL your “sins” are already GONE because “we no longer recognize NO ONE according to the flesh” which is our external man including our (spiritually) dead body. See 2 Corinthians 5:16 We don’t even recognize Jesus “according to the flesh”. He is NO longer a fleshly human. He is God himself, and also an enormously beautiful and powerful spiritual man that has ALL things inside his body. And you are in him as part of his body. Think about that. “In him, there is NO sin”. 1 John 3:5. How can their be sin in you if you are in him and in him there is NO sin?

According to Jesus, the only possible sin is unbelief of the truth that he took away ALL sin.  He simply calls this “unbelief” or “works of the flesh or outer man”.  This “unbelief” only exists in our external man who is in our natural (spiritually) dead bodies.  Even this “sin” he removes as he reveals more of the truth to us from within and we no longer live in external unbelief under law.  It will be FULLY removed from us in EXPERIENCE when our natural bodies die and we see Jesus face to face.  Then, OUR TRUE LIFE will be FULLY released which is HIM!  See Colossians 3:4 my friend and ask him about the “true circumcision” of the heart or inner man in Romans 2:25-29 and Colossians 2:8-15.  It’s awesome as you will see the miracle God did inside us in the spiritual realm!   He built a “firewall” between our true being of “inner man” and our false, dead being of our “outer man”.

Now, the TRUTH is KNOWN to you.  You are completely FREE from ALL sin because of Jesus.  If you still “see” sin (as behaviors you don’t like) simply ask him to remove them and then LIVE by always looking at him and rest in his Word.  He will never remove some behaviors as that is part of the “death of Jesus that we carry around in the body so that life can be manifested in the body”.  2 Corinthians 4:10.  This is “our contribution” to his death.

May these precious words from him feed us life today.



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