Finding Jesus in the Old Testament (within)

I pray this Friday is finding you resting in his grace and love.

I have been through hell the past 3-6 months.  Been totally lost in darkness, chaos and confusion.  Had little to no desire to search for him or read his Word.  Fear crept in and was (and still is) controlling me.

Friend, I don’t know if you have ever been in a similar spot, but if you have, you know the torment and turmoil one can go through when all the things he has trusted in are crumbling all around you.

I don’t know how I will make my next house payment as business has ground to a halt.  I don’t know how I will restore the connection to my teenager.  I don’t know how to get reconnected.  But, I do know that our loving father does and I am asking him daily to help me with these things.  He must do them as I can’t.  “I” am only dead weight and my ways are of the flesh which are under the “letter of the law” and only seem to kill me 2 Corinthians 3:6.  I find my ways are all dead ends.

In short, I believe I have “lost Jesus” who is life.  John 14:6.  Simon Peter’s answer in John 6:68 is upon my heart often as I beg him to please finish the work inside soon.

Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life John 6:68

So, the past few days I find myself centering around 2 Corinthians 3:6 specifically, “the letter kills”.

What is “the letter” that kills?

Who is the one who has the “power of death”?  Something for you to ponder.

When I am lost in darkness and confusion, I seem to always go back to “the beginning” to try to remember the “foundation”.  Where did it all start?  Who is to blame?  Am I somehow to blame for the “fall of man” and the darkness inside me?

This puts me back usually in Genesis 1-3 and especially chapter 3.  Today, however, I find myself very attracted to the verse in Isaiah Chapter 45 verse 23.

“I have sworn by Myself,
The word has gone forth from My mouth in righteousness
And will not turn back,
That to Me every knee will bow, every tongue will swear allegiance Isaiah 45:23 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

This verse struck me because it brought me to Philippians 2:10.

so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth Philippians 2:10

Are these not speaking of the same thing?  In my mind they have to be or truth can change.

I like to compare the original words of scripture to rule out any issues of translation.  I believe that each word is like a specific “decimal” number in math with a specific value and meaning from God.  If one letter is different, it is a different word and has a different purpose.  This is just like people, some of which may look the same, but we are all different.  No two are the same.

So, here are the words for Isaiah 45:23 in the original scripture languages using the WLC codex .  I like this codex because they also believe that each word can ALWAYS mean only one thing. This is  because God’s words are eternal and outside of all time, situations and circumstances are they not?

Isaiah 45:23 in original words

Isaiah 45:23 in original words

The specific words in their literal interpretation say:

in-me I-swore he-went-forth righteousness word and.not he-shall-turn-back that she-shall-bow every-of – knee she-shall-swear every-of tongue Is 45:23 in original exact words

The single word “he-went-forth” struck me.

It’s very fortunate that it is a single Hebrew word because then we can find out where else this single word appears.  It is this word which is Strong’s 3318.

Original word for "he-went-forth" in Isaiah 45:23

Original word for “he-went-forth” in Isaiah 45:23

This word means “to appear” or “go forth” and it appears 17 times in the Old Testament in these verses:


Now, if we go back to Philippians 2:10 and meditate on it can we not concluded that the “he” that went forth (in the Old Testament verses above) is Jesus or the “name of Jesus”?

That is what I conclude, but please make your own conclusions based on what you hear and see.  If I am missing something from scripture, please let me know.

The righteous “Word” of “me” God is speaking of in Isaiah 45:23 must be the “Name of Jesus”.  If it is not, then somehow either the Old Testament or New Testament is not truth, or truth has changed.  I personally conclude that God is ONE and he IS truth and he never changes.  This is something we can bank upon as an “anchor of hope”.

So, then I ask if this word “he-went-forth” is actually the name of Jesus in disguise, I want to see where else “he-went-forth” in the old testament.  The first one I found was amazing to me.

From that land he went forth into Assyria, and built Nineveh and Rehoboth-Ir and Calah Genesis 10:11

Who is this speaking of?  Who is the “he” that “went-forth”?

It says “he-went-forth Asshur” in Genesis 10:11.  Consider the word “Ass” as in “Donkey”.

Did Jesus ever appear on a Donkey (ass)?  John 12:14, Matthew 21:7

Also, one of the cities he build was “Nineveh”.  It’s not just the single word “Nineveh”, but it has the word “with” connected to it.  Technically, the (spiritual) city he built is called “with-Nineveh”.  Ponder this with the name of God “with” us.

Also, do you see the word “nine” attached to it?

What is the hour of Jesus death on the cross?  Matthew 27:45

What is the day man was created?

Could the number “nine” be an upside-down (dead) 6?  Could the death of Jesus on the cross at the “9th” hour be the death of ALL mankind from the 6th day?

Check out what Paul says in 2 Cor 5:14, Romans 6:8, 1 Cor 15:22.  Did all people die when Christ died?

Could one of the spiritual cities Jesus built be “Nineveh” where the people “repented in sack-cloth”?  Jonah 3:5-6

I don’t know about you, but I believe every single letter of every single word of God fits perfectly together into a single, fully-cohesive truth.  I believe he will fully reconcile the entire old Testament and the new as ONE single new, whole testament.  All will be fully reconciled, one and perfectly “whole”.

Could we be seeing the beginning of this now both hidden and revealed in his Word?

God bless you my friend and may you find yourself trusting in him fully today.