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    Bible “types and shadows” are one of the most powerful things a person can begin to see. The reason is because it means that God has truly pierced the veil of their natural man’s mind and heart to reveal the hidden things in the true realms of the Spirit.

    Another way to think of them is simply as a “sign” that points to something else. The “sign” is NOT that item, but merely tells you where the actual substance is. The Bible says the “true substance” is Jesus, the son of God who is a living spiritual man in union with the father. He is the living Word and all the “words” in the book called the Bible merely point to him. As we study the written word, the living Word will reveal himself inside us in a powerful way.

    Check out this post where I write about this most-powerful truth. Once a person begins to see what God is REALLY saying, I believe they have crossed over from the revealed to the unrevealed. Life will never be the same for them.

    Don’t miss God’s sign – FOOD AHEAD! (Key to unlocking the Bible)

    Please share any thoughts you have on any of these.

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