Are you free?

Are you “free”?

This is simple yet very profound. Let’s ask again “Are you free?”

Spend some time thing about this. Is there anything in your being, life or existence that is keeping you from feeling FREE and experiencing full FREEDOM?

If, like me sometimes, you feel there is something that is keeping you from being totally free then I hope you will hear this. Think about these words that Jesus said in John 8:32:

and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

Ok look at these simple yet LIFE-FREEING words and answer a couple simple questions.

What will make you free?

Answer: The truth.

How does one create or obtain the truth? What must one DO to obtain “truth”?

Trick question??? NOPE! God does not trick us. The answer is RIGHT there!

Answer: He does NOTHING! He just KNOWS it ! What does it mean when someone suddenly “knows” something? He just believes it or receives it!

The lie that we have believed TOO LONG is that we have to “DO” SOMETHING to make truth happen. We don’t! That was done by God and IS GOD. HE IS TRUTH and we do NOTHING to make it or change it. It’s impossible for man to impact or change truth.  He can only receive it.  If he believes otherwise, he is blinded by pride and arrogance. Only God alone is truth.


We can only “know” the truth. We can only finally “SEE” it and recieve it personally but it ALREADY full existed BEFORE we received it personally as our experience. This is what we call human “belief” or receiving the truth in our soul and living it. It already fully existed before we did this and is unchangeable.

Please ponder this today and this week and when you do, ask yourself “Am I already free?”

When you know the truth of this answer, it WILL FREE YOU!  IMMEDIATELY!

God bless and have a great day.

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