Genesis 1 Creation Account Visual and Gifts from God

Good afternoon dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Genesis 1 creation

Let’s see what a visual of Genesis 1 looks like

The Lord has been taking me very deep into the creation of man and the Genesis 1 creation account.  We have been spending 6-10 hours a day going deep into the original words of creation between Genesis 1-3 and 5-9.  He has been revealing such powerful and amazing things that I have never before seen.  I am so grateful for this.

Still, I don’t yet see the picture as a single image.

I know this is by design from God.

It has to be “given” to me as a gift and I must have been “working” or “striving” too hard for it.  However, he has given me such tremendous gifts I can’t wait to share them with you from our time together.  They are so amazing that many will be impossible to believe or even see without him giving them to you.

I have been hearing him tell me this.  “Onto us a child is born, but a son is given“.  This has been speaking to me over and over.

I can’t work my way to receive a “son” – a new idea, understanding or anything that is true.  “Truth” can not be created, it has to be given.  Truth is only in the Son and he is already complete and whole!

Thus, the only way to obtain truth is to receive it as a gift.  What I receive from him is truth and is his one and only Son.  What I work for myself is called a child (not a “son”) and children eventually grow old and die.  A “son” is eternal and forever.  The “son” is the truth.

Start peeking through the Old Testament and watch when the patriarch’s have children.  Some are children of the flesh and we can see when it says: “he lay with her” and she bore a child.  This is a child of the flesh or man’s self effort.

Then, watch what happens when a righteous person is born.

They just suddenly appear.   No talk of the flesh.  Amazing when you see it.

This IMHO is God telling us that we can’t work for true things, only the things that are of the flesh can we work for and “earn”.  The true things (the son) of God must be given from him as a gift.

So, I dig deep for hours and hours, think and ask the Lord what this means.   He is so gracious and reveals deep and powerful things.

But, then when I get tired it stops.

I have to lay it down then and go to “rest”.  This could entail me going back to my natural work in the “darkness” until I hear him again.  He will let us know when he has more for us, we just have to sit at his feet and wait.  He will speak again.  It is so amazing to hear.

I want to share with you the drawing that he helped me make in Genesis 1.  Of course, I did the drawing, which is why it’s not the best quality, but he gave the ideas and layout.

I hope this will help us begin to understand what is happening in Genesis 1 in the spiritual creation of this current world.  Remember, this is the highest level of view which is from God himself, so this is the spiritual view and is very big and high level.  As we get to Genesis 2-3 we go down into lower levels and realms of darkness where things are “formed” instead of “created”.  They are only created, birthed or “bara” (Strong’s #1254) once by the Most High God but they can be “made”, “remade”, “reformed” or “asah” (Strong’s #6213) many times over and over by lower “names” of God.  Very few things are “birthed” or “bara”, but many, many things are made or remade or “asah”.  This is very fascinating as God is revealing truth (that doesn’t change) Vs. darkness (that does change).

It’s also a good idea to review Genesis 5:1-2 as it’s related too.  This is where I am currently at, trying to draw some diagrams of creation step by step so we can get a better picture of what really happened.  I am finding this is very difficult to because of the dualistic view of natural man.  I have to wait on the Lord.

Let me share some amazing things that God revealed to me:

  • The “serpent” was actually created in day 5 and is mighty and powerful!  The word to describe him is the same word that Almighty God uses to describe himself at times.  It is also interesting to note that man would not have known he was “naked” unless the serpent revealed this to him via his wife.  Man could never get to know Jesus unless he first knew he was “naked” (under law).
  • Pay attention to the name used for God in the different chapters and different people/characters. I believe this is a HUGE and deep clue as to what is really going on.
  • The original word for “the man” (Strong’s #120) is different than the original word for “Adam” (Strong’s #121).  Also, “Eve” is different than “the woman”.  My friend, this revelation is going to blow the lid off traditions we have been taught. I am working on a Genesis 2 drawing now that shows us this.  Wait till you see who “Adam” was actually married to.  It’s scandalous!
  • When God said “let us make man” he said that man would have certain powers but the man that was actually created did NOT have those full powers.  This is a GOOD thing because he told man to “bring the creation into bondage” and “trample down” them (bring them under law).  I have found this “man” is NOT us as you will hopefully, soon see.  But, we have been brought into bondage under law (death) by him.  This was by the very command of the almighty God, the father of Jesus!
  • Noah had more power over the Earth than this originally created/revealed spiritual man.  Noah is a type (picture of) Christ who would eventually complete the first man who was incomplete and under law.  He would gather the “animals” (that is us!) into his “Arc” or his body and bring them through the floods to the new world.  Awesome picture of God saving the righteous at the end of time.  Personally, I am 100% certain that God will save all people in the end, all of us will also “die” and lose our outer man.  The believers of this age will be in Noah’s arc as his “family”.  The unbelievers are the 3 types of “animals”!

Well, I could probably write and share forever on these things.  God’s plan is so hidden, mysterious, and wonderful.  It’s a glorious plan to save all of us “animals” but he only reveals that from the “hidden” Son within us.  The outer man will always see the law-based version of separation and destruction.  I pray God will open the (inner) and true eyes of all to see this.

Enjoy and I hope this helps and encourages you as to what is happening in Genesis 1.  I hope to share the amazing and DRASTIC change that occurs in Genesis 2-3+ soon.  I pray the Lord is speaking to you from within today and your soul is finding rest in him.

God bless,


Genesis 1 creation

Step by step diagram of Genesis 1 spiritual creation


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