God Astounds Me (Part 1)

Freedom in truth

Is it possible that God is MUCH closer than we realize?


“God” absolutely continues to astound me.

I hope you will allow me to share a glimpse of the powerful experiences he has been allowing me to experience the past three years.  Let’s face it.  Life is hard and is full of pain and heartaches. I certainly have my share.  I still have them, but in-between them I experience very high, mountain-top experiences that tell me “it is ok, I am taking care of all things for you”.  It’s all I need to hear to rest.

Do you want to see more of God and his amazing beauty and glory in your everyday, pain-and-trial-filled life?

It happens nearly every morning when I get up out of bed and go to my computer and simply ponder his written Word or an “idea” I can’t let go of. The living Word soon begins to speak and appear within to reveal something beyond wonder and imagination. It is so exciting, like an infinite jig-saw puzzle that he is putting the pieces together within me from a hidden, unending realm or world.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

I know it does when I read these words and try to imagine what I would think if I were not experiencing it myself.

I have no agenda, no purpose each time.  It’s not something I feel I “have to” or “should” do.  But that is how I used to feel before 3 years ago.  I constantly was attempting to “squeeze God” into my daily schedule.

Now, I can’t get enough of him.   There isn’t enough time in a day often.  These days I have to find time to “squeeze my schedule into his time”.

I believe you don’t even have to be “religious” or even give him a name if you don’t want to.  I believe if you are an honest truth-seeker in your heart, he will reveal himself to you in a powerful and personally intimate way.  I, personally, know at least one of his “names” as Jesus Christ, but even he had a mysterious “father” and even he himself had a “God” over and above him to whom he was “obedient”.  1 Cor 11:3, John 20:17, Eph 1:17

You can simply call him “love” if you want.  That is what he says is his very “essence”.  1 John 4:8.  This does not change who he isIf you ponder his attributes of being “all-knowing” and “all-powerful” and “everywhere” you soon realize as soon as you try to name, “define” or confine him in any way you have already missed a large part of him.  I am beginning to understand the only true way to see and know is to experience him within and through your being.

So, after I wake, I just sit and read and start an inner dialog with the infinite and almighty “God” (we do have to call him something to discuss him, don’t we?). I truly am 100% convinced he is one with us all and many (if not all) of the thoughts we believe come from ourselves are really him speaking. His voice really is a “still, small voice” that sounds just like your very own “thoughts”.

Let me share what he just spoke to me about 5 minutes ago.

I have been spending much time in Genesis. Hundreds of hours pondering, writing, drawing, journaling, asking and listening. Often the answers just “appear” while I am doing something unrelated. Often cleaning my house or dishes while looking out the window at the snow or birds. “BAM” it comes. Sometimes I may not recognize it and continue just thinking it is “internal chatter” but more often than not, I do since I pay closer attention now to and for “him”. I try to immediately go and write them down and sometimes it can take hours to do so. It’s hard to get an idea sometimes of deeper spiritual things so I often end up using a simple screenshot program to make a basic illustration. A picture really IS worth a thousand words.

We can write and write and write. And you probably know that I DO! But, if we can sometimes see an “image” or picture of it, we can see what is going on. This is why he sent his Son into our hearts. He is the perfect image of God the father and once our inner man or heart “sees him”, we also SEE THE FATHER! This is the “BAM” that I have when he is revealing to me the truth and revealing the father to me. It really is what we call a VERY POWERFUL “ah-ha” moment or a “revelation”. You don’t have to be “religious” to have this. All people do as he is inside all people.

Having problems believing Christ is inside all people?

I struggled with this for quite a long time when the powerful light first came on inside.

Ask yourself some simple questions.  After all, God is truth and truth is very simple, yet very profound, isn’t “it”?

Tell me of one place where God does not exist.  Ok, have your answer?

Now, read John 10:30 and the end of Colossians 3:11.

“I and the Father are one.”  John 10:30

a renewal in which there is no distinction between Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and freeman, but Christ is all, and in all Col 3:11

Do you see those extremely small and powerful words at the end of Col 3:11?   Christ “is all” and “in all”.  Wow.

Now, tell me one place where Christ doesn’t exist?  If he (the son) is not inside an “unbeliever”, then we have just proven this verse and all others like it as untrue, haven’t we?  The highest form of truth is that Christ (the Son) is inside ALL people and ALL things.  It even goes so far as to say he IS “all” (things)!  Ponder Romans 10:12, 1 Cor 12:13, Gal 3:21, Eph 1:23 and the end of Col 3:11.   Could our God be too small?  Could we be missing the true God as  revealed in God’s Word?  Maybe we need to take some big steps back and truly begin to realize and see who Jesus Christ the Son really is…  Was he just a human man?  Or was he the full “Son” (soul) of God himself who contains ALL of creation (including us!) within himself that was plunged into darkness and “made sin”?   2 Cor 5:21

You have to, no “GET TO” decide that for yourself in your own heart.  No one else can make that choice for you.  Lets not give them that much power over you and your future (and present!).

I was watching a documentary on Steven Hawking’s recently when he first was working on his theories of black holes in the 70’s and he often had these powerful experiences. He described them the same way I do and feels the same way. It’s a powerful flash of the outer world of our daily experience MEETING the truth of the hidden, mysterious and unending realm of God and the Spirit. One doesn’t have to be “religious” to have these. As a matter of fact, the more “religious” you are, the more the chances are that you WON’T have them.

“Religion” is a set of actions or rituals that our OUTER MAN does to try to get closer to God.

It is impossible however as God says the outer man who is the “flesh” is 100% spiritually DEAD (under law) and can NEVER believe or please him.  See Romans 7 but specifically Romans 7:25 and Romans 8:6-7  True belief and true faith only comes from our inner man who is Christ the Son.  Only faith pleases God.  Religion doesn’t.  This is why 100% of everyone’s outer, natural man of “flesh” WILL die regardless of their religious activities or beliefs.  The truth is that “religion” only serves to put a boundary between us and God. Study the gospel accounts when Jesus encountered the most religious and “pious” people around – the Pharisees.  How did he talk to them?  How did he treat them?

“Religion” strengthens the outer man and that blocks us from hearing from the TRUTH himself who is with our inner man. “Religion” always says “I must work harder” or “try harder” or “clean up my act”. None of that works. All things from God in this body must come as a gift. We can do nothing to try to earn them. It’s so simple we miss it. I know I did for the first 42 years of my life. It all changed 3 years ago, in a FLASH one night while reading a book and asking simple questions in my mind. I found he really will answer. I just can’t try to earn it. I just ask, wait and listen. This truly is the “one needful thing”. Luke 10:42.

However, this “asking, waiting, and simply listening” is counter-intuitive to all we know and have been taught since we have been born into these natural bodies in this world system. That’s right. That’s why it is so hard for us to receive from him. We are constantly trained by this world that we need to earn it. We need to “put forth more effort” and “try harder”. “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again, right?”. This entire world system is contrary to the true ways of God. It starts to train us from birth in all ways opposing God. That is why it makes us blind as it is under the law itself always trying to “avoid death” by “working its way closer to God”.

It so simple my friend.  So simple, that we walk right by it in our ever so busy and noisy lives.  We have to first slow down.

We don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to receive powerful understanding from God. Just surrender at his feet, ask him, and expect him to answer within your thoughts or life circumstances. It will happen. It happens over and over for me, especially after periods of darkness. But, we must forget ALL we know and have been taught by religion about God. We must constantly be pouring into our minds and hearts his written Word while asking him “what does that really mean?”. I can’t stress enough about FORGETTING ALL WE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT BY FORMAL RELIGION about God. Even the “Christian” religion. Especially the Christian one.

It’s ok, if you don’t want to. He is the one who ultimately decides when you are ready and we don’t. I didn’t “make a decision” 3 years ago to “suddenly find God” after calling myself a “christian” for the 8 years prior. He did it. He orchestrated all the events and put the book into my hands that he would use for me personally to wake me up inside. (Please notice the book didn’t do it, it was the very LIVING truth that he imparted to me in and through the written words.  This “living truth” is his Son!) I am so grateful to him for that. My life has NEVER been the same since my own internal “awakening” (as I call it) and never will be. I believe I have truly “crossed over the Jordan with Joshua (Jesus)”.

It is my hope to share this with as many as he allows me to and if they haven’t yet “crossed the Jordan” in their experience, then may they too have the same powerful life-changing event.  There still is ongoing darkness and the same trials of this “life” (death), but he then uses those to take you even deeper with himself.  It is really beyond words, but I keep trying.

Just know that religion (doing to try to get to God) is part of the outer man and it actually blocks us from seeing (worshipping) him in truth which (who) is in our hearts. John 4:24 I hope you will find him in a pure and unhindered way. That is how he appears.  And it’s always when and how you don’t expect it. If you are expecting him and feel you have “done something” to “find him” then you won’t see him. He will not appear when you feel you have controlled the situation in any way, no matter how outwardly “religious” or socially accepted it seems.

He is the one who decides. He appears when he wants to. When you are at rest and not expecting him. Your heart (the ground) is prepared and waiting for “the rain”. That is ripe time for the fruit to appear within and overflow in your heart and life. When it does, you will KNOW IT my friend. Nothing or no one will be able to convince you otherwise nor stop you from walking in what you hear. It will be like finding out you just won the 100 million dollar lottery yourself but others try to convince you it’s not true.  You will see unbelief everywhere in the formalized religious mindset of the flesh.

You will suddenly and constantly hear “that’s not…”  or “that can’t be…” or “that isn’t…” and if that doesn’t work, the words change in an effort to try to get you off the truth but instead try to get you to defend yourself or your credentials.  You then hear “you don’t….”  or “you aren’t…”, etc.

Do you see and hear all the negatives of unbelief?   That is what the law does to us and the outer religious mindset.  I have one too and fall under his “deception” at times when he makes me forget who I am.  Did you know the true meaning of “deceive” like in Genesis 3:13 is to “cause one to forget“?   The Serpent actually caused “the woman” to forget who she was.  When that occurred, she ate the fruit.  This “forgetfulness” is a very strong spiritual power that our outer man of the flesh is under 100%.  This is what continues to feed him death.

But, praise God that in Christ all the TRUE answers and promises are “YES” and “AMEN”!  2 Cor 1:20

You will KNOW better inside and will get ready to receive the “money” of your “lottery” (inheritance).  This is true faith and the TRUE spiritual “money” which appears to us as life from within.  This true life is power, peace, joy and love that feeds you in ways we can’t begin to imagine.

I pray you experience this in some way today.

I am absolutely convinced this is “the revelation (unveiling) of Jesus Christ”.  Rev 1:1

He is revealed first within us in our minds.  We have the very mind of Christ, don’t we?  1 Cor 2:16

After all, that is where the Kingdom of God truly is, isn’t it?  Luke 17:21.

God bless and may something in these words feed you his life today.