God Astounds Me (Part 2)

Is God telling us more in all the numbers he uses to organize all his Word?

Is God telling us more in all the numbers he uses to organize all his Word?

This is a follow-up to “Part 1” I wrote on Monday.  This is what I sat down to share initially when the FIRE spoke within, but was so excited I never got to it.

That happens often.

I consider this the “meat” of what I wanted to share, but once I saw it, I was so in awe of God I wanted to sit and enjoy him with you first.  Sometimes I ramble on and on when that occurs.  Please forgive me for that.

I am astounded by his Word, both versions – written and living.  I have found the Written Word merely points to the living Word who is a spiritual man and God’s Son.   Then, Jesus the Living Word speaks to our hearts and reveals what the written means.  And it’s ALL good… for everyone.

What exactly is the “Written Word” or the book we call “the Bible”?

Is the written Word or the “Bible” as we call it, merely a religious text of “do’s and don’ts”?

You know, to “keep God happy with us”?

Or is it a book of immutable truth from the hidden, infinite realms we can not see in our natural, spiritually darkened bodies?

Is it to reveal to us what already is so we can see and walk in it?  Or is it a “how to live” manual so we can try to please God and make truth “real” by our own efforts?

I am 100% convinced it isn’t a religious text like we have been taught.  It’s NOT a “how to” live or “what to do” manual.

It’s a book of who we are, but simply don’t yet know.  It’s a book that points to and reveals the TRUE, yet still hidden LIFE inside us! 

But that’s not all.  This may shock some people, but I am also 100% convinced that it is also a book of absolute and irrevocable scientific facts or LAWS.  The problem is that not all the “sciences” have yet appeared.  But they will.  (Please know I am a very scientific person in my natural outer man.  I have a degree from the University of Wisconsin in Computer science and math.  I spend all my day solving complex and abstract computer and Information technology problems.  I also believe that ALL of the Bible is fully reconcilable.  He has been proving this to me very powerfully!)

Please allow me to give you a small “hint” of what I am saying.  If  you study his written Word and ponder these things, I pray he will reveal these things to you and you will be in awe of his enormous beauty and plan.

Of which our current “universe” is but a small SPECK of his “family” whom he loves dearly.

But, first you must know that the Bible is NOT a natural book like the others.  It is a spiritual book of which everything in it refers or points to the HIDDEN things of the endless spiritual realms.  None of it refers to the natural and physical Earth we now know.   That will be totally remade in God’s Holy and purifying fire.  It lacks is TRUE form…or substance… all the way from Genesis 1:2.

So, let’s forget the natural and all we have been taught and open our minds and imaginations when reading his Word.  Let’s become “as children” so we can “enter the kingdom” where “anything is possible”… even right now.

Is God revealing something very special of the spiritual realm in the “numbers” he uses?

Look at the first 14 verses of Genesis.  Pay close attention to the numbers.  The “numbers” are VERY important.

Each one is a sign that points to something in the hidden and TRUE realm of the spirit.

It all comes together in union in “1”.

It all divides (under law) in “2” and becomes darkness.

The light and truth are revealed in “3” and married together while also being “separated from the lies in “4”.

Under “5” each of them are “called” and given a name which reveals their true (life’s) purpose.

“6” is when God speaks man’s natural, separated nature into being which separates him from God in his conscious daily existence.

“7” is when that separation begins to appear in mans experience.

In “8” the separation is given a name and man experiences the first darkness and “morning” in his separation from God.

“9” is an “upside down 6” which is the death of “6” or natural man when he begins to have reconnection with God via his spiritual body.  It is the beginning of the appearance of the marriage that occurred in “3”.

“10” is a calling of the two different types of “bodies” with further distinguishes them from each other.  One is spiritual and one is natural.

“11” is God telling the spiritual body or “Earth” to get ready to begin reproducing herself.  That’s right!  In the original words, the Earth is a female.  Kind of brings new “light” to the old saying of “mother earth”, doesn’t it?  The future “fruits of the marriage” between God and man are being revealed.

“12” is the beginning of maturity when the spiritual body of “Earth” starts reproducing herself via its union with God (her husband).  It’s time to celebrate the appearance of the wedding that occurred in “3” when she married her man – God.

“13” is more darkness and “morning” as we can only see the “light” if we have “darkness” to contrast it against, can’t we?  Thus the light always shines after the darkness in the “morning”, doesn’t it?  Could this be “morning sickness”?

This is also a special time of…

Celebrating what occurred in “12” when she started her maturity and God took her in marriage.

It was a very special UNION between God and his bride that produced spiritual offspring (fruit).  God has a unique name for this day.  It’s not like the others.

“THE” Third day.  Genesis 1:13, John 2:1-11

Notice this day is special?  Both the days up to this point were just “a” first day and “a” second day.  Now, we have “THE” Third day.

Why is this day so special?

Well, there is a WEDDING on this day! 

The bride marries her husband – God.   See John 2:1-11, Isaiah 62:1-5.  Notice it is “the third day” there too?  All the days mentioned in John 1 were just a “day”.  This one is special. There is only ONE of them.  The bride who IS “mankind” and “the Earth” and “the body” is ready to marry her husband, Jesus.  This is THE day of GREAT celebration my friend!  It’s a huge party and all will be invited. I am not sure that all will come, however.  The initial ones invited are simply too busy. Luke 14:16-24, Matt 22:1-9.  But, this will make room for all to be invited to this wonderful feast and celebration.

There are many more “numbers” of God that are signs and pointers to things in the true and hidden realm of the spirit.  How about taking these ideas and comparing these numbers in other books?

I have been so enjoying these powerful truths of the real meanings of “numbers” in books such as Joshua, Daniel, the 4 “gospels” of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Romans and especially Revelation.    God is so wonderfully complex and enormously beautiful.  He wrapped worlds inside of worlds and bound up entire infinite realms inside of a human body.  Only he can do that.

Man, truly is a miracle.

Enjoy the feast as he reveals these things to you.

God bless.