God’s Reality

God's reality

Ever wonder what God sees?

Ever wonder what things must look like through God’s eyes?

According to his divine attributes, he is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present.

The last attribute is one that greatly boggles my mind – his “Omni” or all-presence.  This means he is present everywhere that exists, all at the same time.

This not only means he is present at all spaces that exist, but he is also present at all TIMES that exist.  All at once.

Ponder this a bit.  (In my often not-so-humble opinion) It’s deep and very powerful.

It means that God is not only at the same exact location and time that you are at right now, but he is also RIGHT NOW present at the moment of your birth.  He is also there when you graduated high school or college and got married.  Or whatever event comes to mind to you from whatever important time you recall.

He is there right now.

That is a hard thing to grasp from our finite and linear human minds.  Our natural human minds are under law and wrapped in darkness.  Thus we (in our human body) occupy and experience only a tiny fraction of the universe’s space which is connected to a tiny fraction of the universes time.

We can only be in the “now” and can’t be in two separate, physical places at once, can we?  Time, events and space appears to us single-file in a linear sequence.  We are born into a body and we experience each moment of time in an order with one being right after each other until we die.

But, not with God.

For him ALL these “separate” spaces and times are all one, single whole.

For him, they are all “here” and “now”.

God is present in all spaces and all times that exist all at once with no separation

I believe this is one of the MOST important things to understand if we truly want to see how much God loves us and see the powerful things he reveals in his Word.

I think one of the biggest ways we misunderstand God is to believe The Bible is a linear book where events appear in “single-file” or linear format and that the “front” is the beginning and the “back” is the end.  We can also miss his powerful message if we believe that his Word is not “eternal” and is only for a “specific age” (although parts of it are).  It is an ETERNAL book and the words are SPIRITUAL and not natural, is it not?  His Word is for all ages, times and spaces, isn’t it?  They are not confined to any time sequence or order that we are familiar with.

So, could we be MISSING God’s message greatly by believing his book from a natural, linear perspective?

I strongly believe we are because this is one of the most powerful things he showed me that changed my ENTIRE view of his Word.  And him.  He is so beautiful now.  Before I was often afraid of him.

So, does the end of a chapter or verse mean that God must do the next thing?

Or does God alone decide the order of all things?

God alone decides when something will occur, doesn’t he?  He often institutes a spiritual event that sometimes appears as “judgment”.  “Judgments” are not always bad either.   Many are very good!  (I would argue that ALL of God’s judgments are very good!)   “Judgment” is really only “making a decision”.  We all make judgments each and every day and most of them are very good!

So, the next time you read God’s Word, remember that Genesis doesn’t necessarily come “first” and Revelation “last”.  Nor does verse “1” have to occur before verse “12”.

God is “one” (single, whole).  He makes “all things happen it its time”.

Could seeing this powerful truth help to bring our understand, view, and awe of him to new levels?

Could maybe the reason he says we already are fully cleansed, righteous and holy because he is already there with us at the end of time?

Is it possible that WE are the ones who are wrong and simply do not see or know who WE really are? 

Ponder these most-powerful verses: Acts 10:15, 11:9, Romans 14:14, 1 Timothy 4:4, Titus 1:15.

I am convinced this is one of the secrets to the true freedom in God and knowing who you really are.

God bless you and let me know if I can help you in any way.