Have you noticed?

These are things that took me by surprise when I first noticed them. Have you noticed?

Is God our "minds eye"?

Is God our “minds eye” who allows us to truly “see” spiritual truth?


Have you noticed that “darkness” already existed in the second verse of the entire bible?

The word is “choshek” and here is the Strong’s entry for it.

H2822 choshek kho-shek’
from H2821; the dark; hence (literally) darkness; figuratively, misery, destruction, death, ignorance, sorrow, wickedness.
KJV: dark(-ness), night, obscurity.

Have you noticed that in Isaiah 45:7 that the Lord tells us he is the one who created the darkness? Do you ever wonder when it was created?

Have you noticed that in Genesis 2:10 it says a river flowed out of Eden to water the Garden. How could this garden be in Eden?

Have you noticed that there are 3 separate and different words used in original language when mentioning the garden in Genesis 2? There is “the garden”, “a garden” and “garden of Eden”. Could the garden be divided in some way?

Have you noticed that the Lord God put the man into the garden twice? Once in Genesis 2:8 and once in Genesis 2:15. Have you noticed that the words used in Genesis 2:8 are “the man he had formed” whereas in Genesis 2:15 it is just “the man”? Could these be possibly describing two different types or parts of man?

Have you noticed that of the 4 “rivers” mentioned in Genesis 2, the first three are “named” whereas the last one, the 4th isn’t? It just “is”. Could this be related to the 4 kingdoms of Daniel? The “4th kingdom” was different from the first three.

Have you noticed that in Genesis 1:26 God says let us make man whereas in Genesis 1:27 God himself creates man?

Have you noticed in Genesis 1:27 that there is a “him” and a “them” that is created? Have you noticed the “him” is made in God’s image and the “them” is made “male and female”?

Have you noticed that the word “nephesh” (see below) used in Genesis 2:7 translated as “soul” is also translated as “dead”, “abhorrence”, “loathing” and “distress” at times? Have you noticed that the verse could actually be translated as: “Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living dead creature”

Living "dead" creature?

Living “dead” creature?

Have you noticed that the original Hebrew word used for the formed being called “woman” in Genesis 2:22 is totally different from the one used for “the woman” in Genesis 3:1 (and the rest of Genesis 3)? (Have you noticed the verse number in Genesis “2” above?) Have you noticed that this original word used for “the woman” in Genesis 3 (which is below and appears 103 times in the OT) is very closely related to the word that means “the fire offering”? Does this make you think of Mark 9:49?

Is the "woman" our natural (soul) life that is an offering to God?  (Romans 12:1)

Is the “woman” our natural (soul) life that is an offering to God? (Romans 12:1)

Have you noticed that the Lord God says in Genesis 3:22 that the man would “stretch out his hand” to eat from the tree of life but the woman simply “took from its fruit” in Genesis 3:6? Does she somehow have different (or even easier) access to the fruit of the tree of law?

Have you noticed that the “great sea monster(s)” that God created in Genesis 1:21 is translated as “serpent” in the original language?


H8577 tanniyn tan-neen’

or tanniym (Ezek. 29:3) {tan-neem’};

intensive from the same as H8565; a marine or land monster, i.e. sea-serpent or jackal.

KJV: dragon, sea-monster, serpent, whale.

Have you noticed that man’s food in Genesis 1:29 is herb-bearing seeds and trees with fruit-yielding seeds? Then, have you noticed that in verse 30 God gave the “green plant” for food to the animals who were the “beasts of the earth”, the “fowl/birds of the air” and every moving/creeping animal on the land? Now, have you noticed in Genesis 9:3 what specific food God told Noah he had already given him?

Have you noticed what or who God is saying Noah really is?

Have you noticed that Gods name changes from “God” in Genesis 1 to “Lord God” in Genesis 2:5 and Genesis 3 and finally to simply “Lord” in Genesis 4? Have you noticed then his name is intermingle mostly between “Lord” and “God” with the name “God” used mostly around the righteous ones (Noah, Abraham, etc.)? For example, compare Genesis 6-9 when “God” is speaking to Noah vs. “the Lord”.

Have you noticed a pattern between the chapter numbers and the things that are happening? Have you noticed that chapters 3, 6, 9 and 12 are very special chapters throughout the Bible? Could these numbers and chapters have special spiritual meaning? Could they be related to the hours of Jesus death?

Could the entire Old Testament be about the very BODY OF CHRIST who is spiritual “Israel”?

Have you noticed that there are two separate original words when describing “Adam” in Genesis 1-5? Have you noticed that one is the original Hebrew word “Adam” (which is Strong’s 120) and the second is the actual name “Adam” which is Strong’s 121? Also, have you noticed that the name “Adam” (Strong’s 121) is always coupled with “his wife” (who has no name) and that the word “Adam” (Strong’s 120) is the one coupled with a wife named “Eve”? Compare original words of Genesis 3:20, 21 and 4:1, 4:25.

Have you noticed that when “the man’s” (Strong’s 120) wife “Eve” gave birth that she “conceived” first in Genesis 4:1 (same for Cain’s wife in Genesis 4:17) however the wife of “Adam” (Strong’s 121) did not “conceive” first in Genesis 4:25?

Have you noticed that “Adam’s” (Strong’s 121) wife calls God “God” but “the man’s” (Strong’s 120) wife “Eve” calls him “Lord”? Compare Genesis 4:1 and 4:25.

This leads me to this question.

How perfect and precise is God’s Word?

In other words, if there is a difference that exists between two things no matter how small, does God have to use a different Word for each of them? Would he be telling the truth if he referred to two different things with the very same word? What if God is revealing the hidden things in the very specific “Word” he uses to reference them? Shouldn’t the same thing have the exact same word “pointing” to it?

Perhaps these are some pretty amazing things to notice?

Are these just “strange occurrences” or are we onto something hidden, spiritual, very big and beautiful?

Have you noticed?