The Holy Spirit HAS BEEN poured out on the Nations

Have you ever been told that once a person “believes in Jesus” that the Holy Spirit will come and live inside that person?

Doesn’t this cause us to also believe that our own actions are causing God to do something?

Is that the way God works?  Or is it the other way around?

What does scripture say?  Do we cause the Holy Spirit to act or does God?

Let’s look at Acts 10:45 in the original words and see.

Acts 10 is when “Peter” is called to go to visit “Cornelius”.  Who is “Cornelius”?

Isn’t that a funny name?  Do you ever pay attention to the names?  Are they part of the “calling” of God’s chosen?

Also, please remember that God deals with groups of people via a single person.  For example, in this case “corn-elious” (seed of “corn”) represents the nations, all of them.  God doesn’t deal with just parts, but the whole.  Otherwise, he would be showing favoritism or “recognizing the individual” which he doesn’t do.

With this in mind, is God just dealing with the family of “Cornelious” or is he dealing with ALL NATIONS on EARTH via that name?


Please read the original words carefully and notice that it says the Holy spirit HAS BEEN poured out.  There are many Christians who do not know this.  They are still waiting for the Holy Spirit to be poured out or are trying many methods to make it occur.

It has already occurred, but their heart is still living under the Old Testament and as a result, they are not able to receive the Holy Spirit.

Think of Holy Spirit as Gods “free WI-fi” and our hearts are the “receiver”.  We can’t receive his amazing and true “Internet” unless we first have a receiver and it is turned on and properly configured.

Do you want to receive his Holy Spirit?

Just ask him to help prepare you.  “He” will.  He and she is a gracious and loving God.

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